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# Hokkaido Trip in Summer ♪ 4 days 3 nights Road Trip to Sapporo and Otaru DAY 4 SPECIAL "Furano and Biei" !!!!

# Hokkaido Trip in Summer ♪ 4 days 3 nights Road Trip to Sapporo and Otaru  
 DAY 4 SPECIAL "Furano and Biei" !!!!

A road trip to Hokkaido in the early June
Fulfilling four days, it is hard to express everything in words
so we are here to share with you all the photos!!!

You can check the overview of our trip here↓

Day 1 of our trip↓

Day 2 of our trip↓

Day 3 of our trip ↓

Day 4:  Hello, beautiful Hokkaido!!!

Oh!!! It is our last day of the pleasant road trip!
Let's flashback the past 3 days.
Ride on a rental car and go whatever we want!!!

▲ Sapporo First breakfast

Soup Curry, Genghis Khan, as well as crab and seafood rice bowl
Let's enjoy the delicious breakfast!!

Hotel Dormy Inn Premium Sapporo

▲ Soup Curry

If you haven't taste soup curry yet, you have a last chance here!
That is why we choose to stay in Dormy Inn Premium Hotel~

While having a delicious breakfast, recall all the pieces of Hokkaido we have come across this time.
Our flight would be in the afternoon.
So what should we do at the last spot of our road trip!

Wanna have a visit to places like Furano and Biei!!!
Any places near Sapporo??

Of course! Yes!

 Recalled the last night

At Susukino street, Sapporo
The most joyful street in Sapporo!
Can you see the NIKKA's board!
That's the most famous spot among tourists!!

It's different to the of landscape of Shinjuku. 

Just 10-min walk from Dormy Inn Premium Hotel

# Recalled the last night
Kirin Beer Garden
One of the 3 beer garden in Hokkaido

Wanna drink a refreshing beer in Hokkaido!
Wanna eat delicious crab, fresh vegetables and seafood in Hokkaido!
Wanna taste the Genghis Khan in Hokkaido!

Don't hesitate!
Let's go! Kirin Beer Garden!

# Recalled the last night

Open-air hot spring bath in Otaru Dormy Inn Premium Hotel.
How relaxing!  

You know what?
Most of the shops are closed after 17:00 in Otaru. 
So what to do after that?

You might choose to take a relaxing bath at the hotel 
visit the canal  and enjoy this beautiful scene!

Otaru is closed to the New Chitose Airport too!!!
How convenient!

# Recalled the last day

Otaru Canal
Kept giving us different impression in different seasons and different time.
No wonder it attracted many photographers to come to take a perfect shot!

Just thinking to develop this shipping canal in the past, 
now it has become a beautiful sightseeing spots!!!

# On the way to the airport

Although we don't have enough time to visit Biei and Furano in this trip,
we would like to provide you some useful information!

On the way from Sapporo to New Chitose Airport
We found a good place to be able to enjoy the nature of Hokkaido!

Thanks for the our local Hokkaido's friends for the accompany all the time these days.
And here is his recommendation!!
So-called "Take-ana"
By the way, 
our friend's name is
Kazutoshi Takeishi ^^
So, "Take-ana" means Mr. Takeishi's recommended spot!

He was born and grown in Hokkaido.
In order to spread the charm f Hokkaido,
he started photography!
Most weekends, he'd like to drive to every corner of Hokkaido 
to take all the beautiful photos and upload to SNS.
it is so sad that sharing place was limited until now!
If you are interested, feel free to check out his facebook!!!

▲PHOTO by Kazutoshi Takeishi 

▲PHOTO by Kazutoshi Takeishi 

▲PHOTO by Kazutoshi Takeishi 

▲PHOTO by Kazutoshi Takeishi 

▲PHOTO by Kazutoshi Takeishi 

Bye! Mr. Takeishi ^^

Thanks for giving us a ride to airport!!
It was a fulfilled and pleasant journey!!!
See you next time!!!

# Hokkaido road trip with rental car 

If you want to visit Sapporo/ Otaru or more places?
You might get some idea from the above map to check out most of the 
sightseeing spots!

Plan that we recommend to the ones who have driver's license and 
want to have a road trip by rental car

Please check!!

START (New Chitose Airport)
Furano (lavender)
Biei (Rural landscape, Blue pond, etc.)
Asahikawa (zoo, ramen)
Abashiri (prison)
Shiretoko (World Heritage)
Kushiro (wetlands)
Tomamu (Hoshino Resort)
Finish (New Chitose Airport)

# Rental car travel

Go farther to see more
Highly recommend to friends who like driving and traveling!
(Photo taken at the widen Biei)

# Furano

July is the blooming season of lavender in Furano.
Just once a year!!
Don't miss the chance then!
Especially, FARM TOMITA 
the most famous lavender fields.
Come to have an ice cream and take a photo with a large purple at the back!

# Furano / Santa's beard

The ice cream on top looks like Santa's beard, huh?
The most famous ice cream in melon!
Both visual and taste are perfect!

 You can find the shop in Otaru, too!
On the opposite side of the canal.

# Biei, blue pond

Officially, it has become the built-in desktop background of Apple's laptop.
Are you familiar with it?
Many professional photographers come to take a pictures!

Mr. Takeishi comes every year too!!
So don't miss it!!!

# Asahikawa

Speaking of Asahikawa, no wonder it is ramen!!
Also, Asahiyama Zoo!!!
Don't miss the penguin show!!!

[Asahiyama Zoo]
Address: Kuranuma, Higashi-asahikawa-cho, Asahikawa, Hokkaido
Open Hour (summer):  Late April ~ mid October  9:30 ~ 17:15 (admission until  16:00)
Mid-October ~ early November 9:30 - 16:30 (admission until 16:00)
(Winter) Mid-November ~ early April 10:30 - 15:30 (admission until 15:00)
Tickets: Adults (high school students or above) 720 yen / child (Junior school students or below) free

# Abashiri

If you are interested, 
take a visit to Abashiri Prison Museum!

# Ice Wizard (Clione)

East of Hokkaido, Japan
Looking for some lovely precious marine life

# Shiretoko

In the Hokkaido's indigenous languages, it means  "End of the Land"
In such a cold environment of native forest
Feel the greatness of nature!
(World Heritage)

4-day trip in Hokkaido is going to an end
What do you think?
We are envy about the life of Mr. Takeishi!
We have decided to come back to Hokkaido again!

Cold winter! Cool summer!
Snows and all the delicious dishes!!

It is a little bit far from Tokyo though!
But just about an hour flight!!
Anyway, we gotta come back soon!!!

We gotta end our road trip of Hokkaido here!
Spring, autumn and winter of Hokkaido!!
our journey continues!!!

▲ Oh!!! It is great place recommended by Mr. Takeishi! 
It is located near New Chitose Airport.

The last shoot of your Hokkaido Road Trip!
There you are!!!!

We love Hokkaido!!

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