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# Okinawa Travel ♪ Original T-shirt DONE in 1-minute at COSMIC T-SHIRT Shop

# Okinawa Travel ♪ Original T-shirt  DONE in 1-minute at COSMIC T-SHIRT Shop

@ ANA International Manza Beach Hotel

Hey! Let's get back to our Okinawa Trip done last month!!!

Have you realized our original T-shirt on the last article?
Hey! Come to Okinawa to make the unique and original T-SHIRT in the world!

Kokusai-dori Street in Okinawa!

Located in Naha, a 1.6 km-long street north to the Okinawa city hall (Kencho-mae Exit)!
Have been achieving a rapid development today after the ruins of World War Ⅱ!
Since it is about 1 mile-long, it is also called "The Miracle Mile."
Now, it has become the most bustling place in Okinawa and the busiest street in Naha!

If you have rental car, you may enjoy easy parking!
If you use public transportation, 
you can take the Okinawa Monorail and get off at Kencho-mae Exit!

There are 10 stores on the Kokusai-dori Street!
We were totally attracted by its logo!!

Taking pictures, doing sightseeing, shopping, 
all go together to create a great memory!!!

But actually, wanna get something like souvenir to make it an unforgettable trip!!

A variety of colors and patterns have already made us dazzled !
Oh!!!! We can't stop being attracted!!

The banner [DONE in 1-minute] keep showing off to us!!! lol
Okay!!! Let's get in!!!

Even the cute doggies will be curious and confused huh!!!
Can you see the front line???
(All are dolls and stuffed toys lol)

Japanese hiragana, katakana, kanji, as well as English alphabet
What a great impact of a variety of patterns and text!!!
No wonder people would confused!!!

I ♥卓球 = I love table tennis 
やればできる子です = Do your best!! You will be fine!
あほでなにが悪いんや = Yes! I am stupid! So.

All are interesting!!

It is said that many students visit during school tour!
We saw numbers of high school students when we were there!
They made a dozen pieces, maybe for something team activity huh!!!

(Left) Diet! Starting tomorrow
(Right)  Sorry for making mistake!

All are cute!
Even if you don't understand the meaning, 
all are colorful and cute!!
Of course, it would be more interesting if you know the meaning of the words!

Okinawa spiritual decoration  (Shisa)
It is cute in illustration!

Wait!! It is like the Anpanman we knew!! Something different huh!

The original text printed on the T-SHIRT were out of our imagination.

(Middle) I am thinking something erotic!
(Right) It is my life. None of your business!

(Left) Bird girl
(In) I am good boy
(Right) Wanted

Entertainment for ourselves; thereby, for everybody around!~
Cool slogan of this shop!!

▲ We especially like this one!!
"It is my life. None of your business!"

Process of ordering an Original T-SHIRT!!

1. Select a design
- Choose from about 300 kinds of text and illustrations

2. Select a T-SHIRT
- Mesh, polo shirts, T-SHIRT, long sleeves, raglan shirt, retro version, etc. 
 (Price varies)
* Retro T-SHIRT 2, 480 yen (tax included)
* There is something called "KARI POLO" , using material of Okinawa "KARIYUSHI" 3, 500 yen (tax included)

-T-SHIRT color:   26 kinds of colors
-T-SHIR size : XS, S, M, L, XL

* T-SHIRT and Hawaiian shirts for your doggies: 
 sizes from XS ~ XXL

▲ text is translated into various languages!!!
Easy for foreign visitors to choose a meaningful text!

Of course, there are also words of clubs, community and activities!
Soul of judo, kendo, table tennis, hockey etc. 
Good choice for uniform huh!!


Oh! Can you feel the Japan spirit?

▲ Even it is a logo; it is more likely Okinawa-style like SHI-SAR ~

▲ Many kinds of SHI-SAR ! !

You can pick a logo with different colors!

▲ After selecting text and graphics -

We gotta pick the yellow to present Okinawa!
And pink text!!

▲ Printing time ~!

How simple!
Choosing a lovely red heart, coupled with the words of Okinawa, Shisa and sea turtles.

Wait for a while!!
That's it!

[I love Okinawa] is done!!!
What do you think?
2480 yen (tax included)

Let's fully enjoy Okinawa!

Just 1-min, your original T-shirt will be done with your selected pattern and words!
It isn't a great idea to make one with same members of the trip!!
What a great memory for travel!


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