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# Okinawa Travel ♪ Let's come to HAPiNAHA, an entertainment facility at Kokusai-dori Street

# Okinawa Travel ♪ Let's come to HAPiNAHA, an entertainment facility at Kokusai-dori Street 

An entertainment facility at Kokusai-dori street  

A variety of specialty of Okinawa can be found here!
Hand-on experience,interesting haunted house experience and
Interesting performance at Yoshimoto Kogyou comedy theater!
Fresh seafood grill of Okinawa
Of course the TAX FREE counter!

All-in-one Entertainment place in HAPiNAHA!

It is originally the Mitsukoshi Department Store!!
Renewal opening in February 2015.
Come on!! Let's discover HAPiNAHA with JAPANKURU!!! 

OPEN 10: 00 ~ 22: 00
2F Restaurant 11:00 - 23:00
3F Weekdays 14:00 ~  Saturday, Sunday and holidays 13:00 ~
4F-6F  11: 00 ~ 21: 55  (Last admission)
TEL 098-862-5111

Address: 2-2-30 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa 900-0013

▲ it is like Shinjuku in Okinawa- Kokusai-dori Street

Dining and shopping 
The main sightseeing spot in Okinawa
Let's check the location of HAPiNAHA!

▲  "HAPiNAHA" at Okinawa Kokusai-dori 

From Mitsukoshi transformed into HAPiNAHA

HAPiNAHA floor plan
1F - Happy Sweets Street: hand-made pastry shop experience / specialty
- HAPPY GOURMET Marche: Okinawa islands specialty, ingredients, fruit, gifts, etc.
- Pokemon (Pikachu) Stores

2F - Happy Kirakira Paradise: Cosmetics / groceries
- Suntory The Premium OCEAN GRILL: Restaurants
3F - Yoshimoto Okinawa kagetsu: the Yoshimoto Kogyo comedy theater
4F -6F - Okinawa OMORO Haunted House: by the Yoshimoto Kogyo operations

1F Happy Sweet Street

▲ HAPiNAHA 1F   Happy Sweets Street

Not only a variety of snacks snack
Also you can participate hand-on experience. 
Let see...

Experience 1. BAKAUKE CIRCUS

▲ 1F Happy Sweets Street's BAKAUKE CIRCUS

Here, you can experience making crackers!
BAKAUKE a beloved brand of rice crackers in Japan.
You can enjoy with family here!!

▲ Original baked crackers!

After finish making the original crackers,
you can do the packing as well!!!
Let's make it a present!!

Time required: about 20-30 minutes
One per person: 1, 201 yen (tax included)
Age: 5 years or over

▲ A variety of flavors 
BAKAUKE crackers

Instead of making one by your own, 
you can just experience the seasoning part of the baked crackers.

You can pick 3 flavors from cream, cheese, natto, curry or beef tongue flavors.
Adding and mixing the powder to create your own crackers!

▲ BAKAUKE seasoning

Shake and mix!!!


Handmade gift set is done!

 fee: 1,000 yen (tax included)
Time: 10 minutes

▲ BAKAUKE Limited flavors

Wanna try the limited flavor of HAPiNAHA?
There are two flavors:  Pineapple and pork soba
Two in a set 501 yen (tax included)

▲ BAKAUKE and another famous rice crackers 

Rice of this rice crackers is originally from the Niigata!
Crunchy!! Cool!!

EXPERIENCE 2: Morinaga Candy Shop

▲ Japan's leading snack manufacturer Morinaga!

Do you remember the HI-CHEW we have introduced before!!
It is Morinaga too!!

To recall your memory, 
you can check this

Not just a picture
it is a picture used for the package of the HI-CHEW we gonna make!

Wash your hands, put on cap, gloves and apron!!
Let's start!!!
The packaging experience of HI-CHEW here!

To make the original HI-CHEW
This cute character KTOYO will help us!!!

Oh! Thanks for carrying our picture!

It is done!!!!

▲ KitKat is popular too!!!

EXPERIENCE 3:  Happy Baby Star ★ OKINAWA

▲ Baby Star

Baby Star's famous mascot
Let's see their collaboration!!

▲ 8 packs in ONE

There are a variety of popular Baby Star inside

▲ Various flavors of Baby Star 

Not only the limited product of HAPiNAHA
But also products of each area

Cafe space!
Let' take a break and enjoy Baby Star here!

▲ Add topping
Try the original Baby Star

This uncle is the shopkeeper here!!!
He is the fan of Namie Amuro, who is original from Okinawa too^^

New topping every week by this funny uncle!!!
Mix and match^^

EXPERIENCE 4: Morinaga Ice cream shop

Morinaga x ice cream

Decorating ice cream with chocolate sticker and chocolate.
Then, on top is the fresh fruit from Okinawa!
Nice combination!

▲ Ottotto chocolate ice cream mix
601 yen (tax included)

You can add the black honey sauce as much as you want!
Sweet and enjoyable!

Of course, there are also other items for souvenir. 
Bring some for your friends!

▲Wanna get some collection from Okinawa?

Like limited desserts from Ishigaki island
Of course there are a large collection of original desserts of the Okinawa Islands here in HAPiNAHA!!
What a convenient shopping spot!

▲ HAPiNAHA limited snacks

Awamori balls - dark chocolate wrapped Okinawa awamori
Dessert for adults 
Let's enjoy!

▲ Salt crackers hurorantan
181 yen each (tax included)

Salty crackers have sliced almond on top. 
All are handmade.
You are supposed to feel the sincerity.
It is quite popular in Japan!

1F Happy Gourmet Marche
(Special products, ingredients, fruit, and gifts of Okinawa islands etc.)

▲ Deliciousness of  Okinawa

A rich assortment of products
Fruit stores, Okinawa Awamori liquor stores, Natto stores, Okinawa specialty stores
Okinawa ingredients, Pengin Deli Cafe

Get anything you want here!!!!

▲ Area for foreign tourists in the store

A counter with all the items that foreign tourists like!
Red bean cake, Ryukakusan throat drops, and all kinds of dry food.
Excellent quality for foreign visitors

▲ Natto counter

Many different types of natto of Okinawa Islands
and canned fishes
Wow!!! New discovery!!!

▲ Many kind of salt

Thousand Days salt, brown sugar added, a wide variety of salts, etc.
You know what? There is profession of salt.

Speaking of Okinawa, 
we can't not have a taste of Citrus depressa (Shikuwasa)
Cool and fresh taste of choice!

Daily food of Okinawa 
You might get some for your friends and family.
Noted: the famous corned beef hash and SPAM ham

OPEN HOUR: 10::00~22:00 (Last order 21:00)

Restaurant originally from Ishigaki Island
Here, you can taste not only the light soba noodles of Okinawa
but also the other types of noodles and soup here!


It is said that it is a themed restaurant!
<Having a happy meal with your beloved>

It is a nice choice to have lunch here!
Of course, don't miss the spicy sauce!

Organic food in Okinawa
Let's pick some of them!

▲ Okinawa soba + a tea spoon of chili sauce

We have bought 5 bottles of the chili sauce!
If you like spicy food, you don't wanna miss it!

EXPERIENCE 5: Chuko My Blend Store

It is located next to PENGIN DELI
Japan's first awamori blend shop <Chuko>
Original blend can be made from 5 awamori original sake.
Let's have a [Awamori DIY]

But you have to control yourself huh!
The whole workshop is 2000yen (Tax included)

Be careful!
Just one matches better?

Let's taste the real Awamori here!

It is a good place to take break here!
Take a sit and have your own awamori!
Wow!!! A taste of the Okinawa trip!

▲ 5 kinds of Awamori
You know what ?  Amamori is made of Thai rice.

Pick 5 types of Awamori of 3-12 years, and unknown year as well.

▲ A nice shopkeeper ~

He's a native Okinawa
Thanks for telling us the behind stories of awamori and 
of course some of his hangover episode

1F Pokemon (Pikachu) Stores

Oh!!! The official store of Pokemon (Pikachu) is open in HAPiNAHA.
Oh!!!! the Pikachu wearing traditional Okinawa shirt KARIYUSHI is so cute. 
Limited product!!

Oh my gosh!!! So cute!!!
Pikachu pattern is printed in the traditional Okinawa shirt KARIYUSHI too!!!!

2F  Tax Refund Counter
Foreign visitors can' t miss it !!!

foreign tourists only!!!

[General merchandise]
Purchasing 10,001yen or more (not including tax)
* Clothes, bags, shoes, watches, jewelry, etc.

[Consumption goods]
Purchasing 5,001yen ~ 500,000 yen  (not including tax) 
* Food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals

*Handling fee of 1.1% charged is required! 

 Tax Return counter is located next to a variety of groceries and cosmetics shops
Happy Kirakira! Paradise

2F Happy Kirakira! Paradise

The store is in all pink!!!
Most girls will be excited huh!!

Sailor Moon and a number of cartoon packaging cosmetics
Of course, there are Hello Kitty and one piece, popular character from all over the world can be found here!

Best of all, 
we have come to the counter of the cosmetics!!
Of course staffs are ready to help you!

▲ Let's turn to Okinawa beauty

Are you ready???

▲ Yoshimoto counter

Japan's largest firm of comedians: Yoshimoto Kogyo
There are items of their comedians, and talent artists!

3F Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu 
A theater operated by Yoshimoto.
Performances, shows and musicals can be seen here!

On weekdays, comedies combined with major performing arts of Okinawa. 
Weekends and holidays, Okinawa styled new comedies
Especially, it is available to see the performance of the first-class comedian group [Garage sale]
Because they are originally from Okinawa.
No doubt they are very popular here!

Since we went there during weekdays,
we could only be able to watch the performance shows.
Most of them are in Okinawa style. 
What a funny show!!!

▲ Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagetsu Ticket Gate

Weekday performances - Okinawa Concert
Three shows per day (each show is about 70 minutes)
Reserved fee:  2000 yen (tax included)
Originally fee:  2500 yen (tax included)

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays - Okinawa new comedy
Three shows per day (each show is about 75 minutes)
Reserved fee: 2500 yen (tax included)
Originally fee:  3000 yen (tax included)

Next, today's climax!
Haunted House!!!!
By the way, 
it is operated by Yoshimoto comedian firm. 

Okinawa Omoro Haunted House 
Literally, it means Okinawa Interesting Haunted House
Only in HAPiNAHA!!!

[OPEN HOUR] 11:00 - 21:55 (Last admission)
[Age] 6 year-old or more
[Time] 35 minutes
[Number of participate] Eight people per group (Take the elevator upstairs)
[Fare] Adult  1,200 yen / Student 1,000 yen (tax included) 

Who visited the haunted house??
Okinawa local students
Cute and active!!!!

this is a haunt house welcoming foreign visitors. 
A friendly facility!!!

It is a story about humans and MAJIJUN, monster. 

Oh!!! How scary in the darkness!!
Oh gosh!!!

Are we surrounded by mirrors???
Oh!! Something weird!!!

Since the background of the story is Mitsukoshi Department Store. 
You can see mannequin are so scary!!!!

Oh!! The girls in the same group screamed so loud. 

Humans or mannequins?

Gotta do some magic???

This the battle we gotta fight for!!!

Have a memory shot with MAJIMUN!!!
It is over lol

Okay!! Let's have seafood grill for dinner!
2F Suntory the Premium Malt's Ocean Grill
Besides the local food of Okinawa, 
Fresh ingredients from fishing port and market all over Japan.

Suntory the Premium Malt's Ocean Grill

If you have no idea where to eat, just come to 2F of HAPiNAHA. 

OPEN HOUR 11:00-23:00
Last order: 22:30 (16:00-17:00 closed)
Seat: 220 seats
English meal is available!

Let's enjoy the sunset from the Okinawa Sea!

Let's enjoy barbecue at the seaside.

Awesome Oysters!
Oyster Master of Japan Association 
(Only 13 people in Japan)

Don't miss the chance!

▲ Seafood BBQ Package

Today our main course!
Let's have a few more dishes!

▲ Beer!!!!

Wow!! How big is the glass!
Wow!!  same as two glasses in general!
Perfect combination of seafood and beer.
Wow!!! We are in Okinawa!!

A name full of excitement!

Come to Okinawa Kokusai-dori,
take a visit at HAPiNAHA!!!

Workshops, shows, performances
and feel the local life here!!!

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