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# Cosmetics ♪ CANMAKE Summer Must-have Item in Okinawa

# Cosmetics ♪ CANMAKE Summer Must-have Item in Okinawa 

Summer is coming! !
Of course, 
we gotta visit beach huh!!!

In the blue sky and beautiful sea, 
every lady, of course gotta stay beautiful.
Glad that we have 3 MUST-HAVE items of CANMAKE for this summer!

Under the shining sun, 
let's care and protect our skin well!!!
Check it out then!!

@ ANA International Manza Beach Hotel

(Left) Mermaid Skin Gel UV 700 yen (not including tax)
(Middle) Cheek & Bronzer- 2 colors 750 yen each (not including tax)
(Right) Frosty-mat Snow Powder 850 yen (not including tax)

These three are for the makeup base, 
which helps to make your skin to look moist and healthy.

The two biggest enemy to the skin is "dryness" and "strong sunlight."
In summer, make up is very easy to get worn out. 
so it is very important to keep the skin moist.
So glad that we bought these three items of CANMAKE to Okinawa 
for the protection.

Summer in Okinawa,
we enjoyed activities in the sea, 
sightseeing and shopping. 
So let's experience a nice and brand new trip with CANMAKE!

it is Okinawa??? is Hawaii!!!!!

How beautiful is the view of the sea!!!
The view seen on the book!!!!
Just dive into the sea then!

Wow!!! It is very closed to all kinds of colorful fishes and turtles!!
Life is beautiful!!!

@ Diving in Blue Cave, Okinawa

Here it is Okinawa!
This time we experienced snorkeling.
Relatively only simple equipment is required!
Just keep safety, special skills is not required!
Anyone can come and experience!

In this blue seabed, a variety of tropical organisms welcome us
"strange guests" to the sea lol

@ diving with whale sharks in Okinawa

Wow!!! The largest fish on the planet!
Look at the mouth! Wow!!! Quite big!
Have you been scared?
Although it is big in side, it is very friendly!

Let's us finishing the journey in the sea and get back to the land 
to continue the exciting summer!

Strong UV in the hot summer!!
How to protect the skin and keep the beautiful makeup at the same time!
No worry!!!
We have prepared the items of CANMAKE!!
Let's take a look!!


① Mermaid Skin Gel UV 700 yen (not including tax)

anti-UV sunscreen (SPF 50+ PA ++++)
Even in the intense ultraviolet light in Okinawa, this probably gives our skin adequate protection.

You know what why makeup is easily to be worn out in summer?
Because of the bright sunlight and high humidity!

The Mermaid Skin Gel UV of SPF 50+
Not just as simple UV
It contains more than 85% of the cosmetic liquid ingredients
super moist texture super and good adhesion ability
Protect your skin from the heat and keep your skin fresh!
Easy absorption and easy to be washed away!

Here is a reminder about UV in the summer!
Applying once is not enough actually!
In order to stay away from UV and avoid skin to be damaged,
applying regularly for protection!

General care is necessary always!

▲ Can you see the moisture?
Wow!!!! Absorbed by the skin effectively!!!

Let see the comparison.
See what is the different after applying and not applying!!
Don't be surprised lol

Before and After

Can you see the result apparently?
Not only the absorbing moist, 
but also control the color tone of the skin!


② Cheek & Bronzer - 2 colors 750 yen each (not including tax)

Blush and shadow
How convenient!

Yes!!! Blush is a must!! huh!!!
It helps making you to have a healthy face color!

Of course!!
A lovely shadow is important too!!
A little color to create three-dimensional color shape!!

But you gotta be careful the position to be applied!
Let us show you some tips for reference!

▲ Apply the lovely shadow from eyebrows to the tip of the nose, of course on both sides ~

Yes!!! Don't forget both sides!
It helps to make your nose looks higher and your face looks three-dimensional!

And the blush!!!
Just smile and apply on the center of the cheek!!
Can you feel the dynamic spirit?

▲ Built-in soft brush

No need to prepare brush ourselves!
There is one in the set of the case!
A fabulous effect!

▲ three-dimensional contour beauty!

It is totally different from the makeup with only foundation.
Do you feel impressed about the light and dark shadow??

Be careful the quantity to be applied!!


③ Frosty-mat Snow Powder 850 yen (not including tax)

A sincere masterpiece of CANMAKE this summer!
Frosty-mat Snow Powder

As temperature rises, body temperature will also rise.
Then, evaporation happens in the skin.
That is why skin is getting drier!

No doubt, everyone is familiar with oil-absorbing paper for facial oil.
But now this powder is definitely better than oil-absorbing paper!
What an interesting product!

Just apply on the face when you feel oil is being to come out!
Wow!! Magical effect!!!

It is definitely a good product in summer!!!
Of course with the sunblock 
Now that summer is a good product, of course not less sunscreen effect.
SPF27 PA ++++ i
How thoughtful!

▲ Gently applying powder on the face

Comparing to the general absorbing oil paper,
this powder looks more stylish and portable. 
Don't miss it this summer!


 COLORFUL NAILS  (seven colors) 360 yen each (not including tax)

In this hot summer, 
let say Hello to the shiny nails!

CANMAKE's nail polish is rich in color!
Wow!!! They have colors for summer!!

Pearl and glitter 
Simple tone colors
Just pick your favorite for this summer!

▲ Glitter nail polish

(Left) No. 81 Gold Flash
(Middle) No. 79 Chandelier Jewel
(Right) No. 80 Berry Sherbet

Speaking of Japan's summer,
no doubt it is firework.
Wanna go to see gorgeous firework?
Pearl and glitter is needed!

Let us give you some tips to 
make a simple but gorgeous nail!

It is very simple!
Pick a light color like the pearl series as the base
and then the glitter one on the top.
Of course, 
try not to concentrate the glitter at the same place!!
Applying it averagely.

For beauty....

▲ Simple tone color as base

First, applying the new pearl color as base.
(3 colors: pink, yellow, light blue)

Each one is very elegant and lovely
No. 83 Pink Dragée
No. 84 Citron Purée
No. 85 Icing Mint

Can you feel the shiny of the pearl color?
Pretty with the glitter huh!!

Isn't it hard to be washed out???
No worry!!
Just use the usual resurrection water to wet the cotton!
That is it!



Having this you can remove the polish and glitter!!!

Actually, to tear off!!!
Let see!!

▲ The first step to have pretty nail...

How simple!
Don't remember to apply the base.

▲ Base -> color nail polish -> glitter nail polish

Just 3 steps!!!

Then no worry of over eye-catching of the glitter nail polish!

Okay !!
It is showtime!!!

Base -> color nail polish -> glitter nail polish
3 layers!!
Shouldn't be hard to remove??
No worry !!! Just tear it off!!!
That is it!!

▲ 4 glitters x 3 simple tone colors

How attractive!!
Base color of Pink, blue, and yellow
coupled with four glitter colors

Wow!!! Nail show!!

▲ Glitter nails

With the shiny nails,
wear yukata to enjoy summer in Japan
especially fireworks!!

Of course with a complete summer makeup!

▲ Summer Beauty + shiny nail

Okay!! That is all for the must have item in Japan this summer!!

Not only protect skin from sun in this hot hot summer,
but also to retain the beauty!

Delicate skin management and UV treatment
Those are the most important part to retain the beauty!

Of course!! 
Mix and match with fashions!

▲ Sightseeing and shopping spot in Naha, Okinawa

Having the 3 must have items!!
no worry to play around in Okinawa then!!!

No worry of extra face oil!!!
Keep fresh and cool!

▲ Cool air in summer   lol

Haunted house in summer is popular in Japan huh!
But glad that instead of scary, it is interesting!!

Eat eat eat 
Shop Shop Shop!!!

Oh!!! Bitter gourd! Specialty of Okinawa
 Local dish- fried with eggs and spams

Sun, Sand, Sea...
No worry anymore!!

Hot hot summer! CANMAKE helps retaining our beauty!

 UV gel to help protect our skin from strong sunlight
Blush + shadow helps you to create three-dimensional facial shape^^
Also, powder to keep your skin dried!
Of course, CANMAKE is our good helper!!!

Where to buy?
san-a naha main place 1F
(Located at the shopping mall of Naha, in Tokyu hands too)

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