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#Shopping ♪ Pawn Shop Shopping at Sanoya! A 94-year second-hand boutiques near JR Otsuka, a retro city!

#Shopping ♪ Pawn Shop Shopping at Sanoya! A 94-year second-hand boutiques near JR Otsuka, a retro city!

- Tokyo Toshima Otsuka -

Tokyo's JR Yamanote Line
The only "all electric" street car is still running through this town.
 (Shitamachi, a town that business people lived here for living in ancient times)
Stores retain the flavor of the Showa Period; delicious restaurants from generation to generation;
 "antique" convenience store are there.
Only a step away from the commercial center of North Ikebukuro.
But it is full of Japanese-style scene!
No doubt a retro town "Otsuka."

You might see pink boards of the pawn shops everywhere on the street!
Here we go!!
A well-known leading pawn shop in Japan

Get rid of your subjective impression to pawn shop!
You know what the business of pawn shop is trustful in Japan!
SANOYA is one of the trusted brand!
Having 94-year history, 
a wealth of experience of brand business!
A forefront in Japan!

Sanoya has 9 stores
Main store, Ekimae store (in front of the station), jewelry J & B, Sanoya J & B, Boutique J & B, Bargain Hall, in front of Depotvent station, and LV Monogram Hall PLUS!

Are you ready?

[Sanoya information]
Address: 3-33-9 Kita-otsuka, Toshima, Tokyo (Main Store)
Open Hours: 9:30 - 19:30 (Closed every Sunday)
Tel: 03-3949-8111

Official Site (Japanese)

▲ JR Otsuka Station North exit

Okay! Let's start our journey here!
Otsuka Station
Just one stop from Ikebukuro on JR Yamanote Line.
 The station is a previously rare wooden building.
After the recent reconstruction,
it is now a facility of 12-story building on top of Otsuka Station!

Besides the north exit of the station....

▲ Otsuka shopping street

Retaining the atmosphere of the shopping street
Shops have been here for a long time like restaurant, ramen shops, laundry as well as clinics, etc.
In this street, full of Japanese style,
those pink board sign attracting our attention much!
Oh!!! That is one of the stores of SANOYA here!

Sanoya is a "pawn shop."

Otsuka Shopping street has over 100-year of history
The shops here in the past mainly for the businessman working on the capital money!
Time flies, and now it has become a used shop selling second-hand goods!
Not only a favorite shop of locals but also many foreign visitors!

In Tokyo, among the many famous pawn shop.
Sanoya has a 94-year of history with a good reputation and professionalism rooted in Otsuka.
Quality and grade of differentiation is very detailed.
 A rich variety and quantity of goods can be found.
A variety of branded bags, wallets, watches, second-hand clothing, groceries and other necessities.

▲ Foreign visitors like to visit Sanoya

It is not common to see sign in foreign language in Otsuka!
But here not only English, Korean, Chinese, but also Thai sign of Sanoya!
From the shopping street of Otsuka to the depth of uptown area!
But why so many foreign visitors come and visit?

▲ by brand / category specialized stores

According to the brand category / Bag / Clothing / Watches / jewelry / vintage items, etc.
Sanoya has a long experience and a wealth of commodities holdings
Nine stores are ready for everyone in different interest!

One of the most representative of the diversity and professionalism of Sanoya is
 [LV Monogram Hall plus] 

▲ LV Monogram Hall PLUS

Located 1F of a residential basement of a building in Otsuka
Go downstairs 
Let's imagine .... all the LVs...

▲ LV Monogram Hall PLUS 

Oh My gosh!!!!
Most of them are Monogram series!
Even a LV shop has no such large amount of goods huh!!
Here's rating from N (new / unused goods) to the C-class 
A detailed classification!

Of course staffs are there to help you with gloves on!
No worry!!!
Try and see whatever you want here!

▲ To foreign visitors ...

News are very updated among foreign visitors!

Free WiFi and tax-free service!!!
VISA, UnionPay, credit cards are welcome!
Greetings in various languages!
Free drinks!
Pretty welcome foreign visitors!

▲ handmade service ^^

Handmade FREE battery charge spot!!!
FREE candies and drinks!
Indeed a popular and friendly store!

Don't be surprised of the quality of goods!

94 years of tradition history!
Simply the most quantity of LV items here!
From basic models to a variety of popular models, 
limited edition, and Monogram models can be found here!

Okay! Let's get into the Monogram's world!

▲ Description of Product Level 

Sanoya goods are basically divided into 5 levels

From N to S level are the levels of the (unused) excellent merchandise
A to C are the Second Hand from Good to Poor condition

Identification of the goods in Sanoya is very strict.
Needless to say the quality of goods from high-grade
Even the B-level merchandise in Sanoya, it would be rated a higher level.
Why? Because there is a rich quantity of goods!
It is easier to do a more detailed segmentation!

▲ Same model in different price 

At a glance, the status, price level of goods are clearly written on the label
Even the B level goods are also differences in price
The reason is...

▲ Detailed product status descriptions

Although it is hard to determine the different with the naked eye,
condition are accurately described on the label of the product.
"Used shoulder straps / angular wear / perfume residue"
Therefore, these result in the different of price!
How detailed to consumer!!!
Guarantee of trust!

▲ Monogram Parade

All are Monogram!
No boring the whole day!

▲ We cannot forget to mention this Monogram?

Lining up according to size, year and condition!

▲ Unchangeable popularity Monsouris

the most popular among the Monogram backpack series

▲ Bag type that is Favorited by both male and female.

Its practical and convenient design won high popularity .
"Nile" messenger bag
Variety of size and price are very attractive too~

▲ Luxury Tourer

"Veagas" series suitcase prepared for the luxury travelers!
Wanna have one!

Not only bag 
but also Monogram purse and hand-carry bags are available!

▲ Various wallet

A "Zippy Wallet" on the bag
convenient and practical

▲ Limited Edition Goods

Illustration is added on the basic pattern!
It became the limited goods!
You definitely cannot find the new one in an official store!

▲ Rare unique models

We are totally surprised!
A monogram football made for the World Cup in France in 1998!
Not a football shaped bag, 
it is a real football!!
It is unique collective for LV fans huh!

▲ High level Monogram

Monogram has become popular in the public!
That is why the production of these luxury models 
have become a high level of collection, 
even if you like Hermes or Chanel!

And there are some LV models for young people!

▲ Shiny Rock it!

Sparkling Monogram!
Designed for young people today!
Limited models of A level
(125, 000 yen + tax)

▲ If you are LV fans, you don't wanna miss it!

You'd better arrange your schedule of your Tokyo travel,
visiting here for some LV items.
Maybe go to the official store to buy new items can get a high level of satisfaction.
But what if you wanna get some high quality of used items in a reasonable price,
also you might have chance to find some limited edition items,
this is the place you wouldn't wanna miss.
Get your favorite LV then!
Another level of satisfaction!

After visiting the world of Monogram!
Let's see other stores!

▲ Sano House J & B

Here are a variety of brand of handbags and various small items
Damier, Epi series of LV products
Of course Chanel and Hermes items as well!
Here you are!

▲ Sanoya J & B store

Oh! A rich assortment of items!
Especially vintage item of the 80's.
You know what many foreign visitors come to look for Chanel's items too!

▲ Hermes by type

 Hermes Platinum Series!
Can you feel the history of Sanoya?
Can't afford?
No worry!
Let's take a look at the wallet counter! lol

▲ Oh? Even this!

Models which are hard to find everywhere!
Just ask the staff here in Sanoya!

Appreciate the language knowledge of staffs here!
Easy and enjoyable shopping at Sanoya!

▲ Reasonable price + tax-free!

The red numbers on the price tag is the price including tax.
But if foreign visitors, you just look at the number in parentheses!

Purchase of 10, 001 yen of more, then you can have refund of the 8% of the consumption tax.
Don't forget to bring with you your passport!

Trusted brand of this classic store
Experience a different "quality" of shopping time in pawn shop in Japan!

JR Otsuka Station
An old-style blend street
A 94-year history of store

If you come to Tokyo,
and have chance taking JR Yamanote line,
just stop by Otsuka then!

[Sanoya information]
Address: 3-33-9 Kita-otsuka, Toshima, Tokyo (Main Store)
Open Hours: 9:30 - 19:30 (Closed every Sunday)
Tel: 03-3949-8111

Official Site (Japanese)


  1. Hi, I would like to ask you if all those luxury products are real authentic? Original brand??? comes with dust bag, card, serial number ... etc?!

    Or they are replica AAA? or maybe it's genuine leather but not original brand???

    Are all used second hand items?? or there is new/unused?

    If it's original authentic items, do you have online website? do you have international shipment?

    What about the prices???


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