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# Gourmet ♪ From Hokkaido to Okinawa! Bring Coooby around from Tokyo to taste all the gourmet in Japan!

# Gourmet ♪ From Hokkaido to Okinawa! Bring Coooby around from Tokyo to taste all the gourmet in Japan!

There are a lot of Japanese cuisine!
We always have trouble of choosing what to eat!!!
Too many good choices lol
This time JAPANKURU is coming to have a special featuring of gourmet!
Hope to give you a reference!

Of course, in order to not feel lonely,
we bring the Tokyo Little Monster "Coooby" together 
to travel around, to eat around, to experience the fashion!
Non-stop running and running...

Let's get started!!!
Our gourmet trip in Japan!

▲ Japan's leading gourmet 

Sushi has already reaching the quality of this level!
In such a variety of high brands place, Ginza,
this is the first common sushi store opened here!

Store Name: Ginza Numazu-ko
Address:  "KIRARITO GINZA" 8F , Ginza-1-chome
Nearest station: 1-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza 1-chome Station Exit 7 

For more info 

▲ Tokyo's general gourmet gyudon (Rice with beef on top)

Just one coin (500 yen) for this gyudon!
You don't wanna miss this delicious reasonable meal in your Tokyo Trip!
It is the classic gyudon (beef rice) in Japan.
Let's give it a try!!

Gyudon restaurant in Japan
Not only the brand with the familiar orange sign "Yoshinoya"
also the yellow sign one "Matsuya."

▲ Oh!!! King of the king!!!  of beef rice 
at "Butasute"

A brand has 100-year of history!
Limited 10 sets a day!
Although it is 2500yen a set, it is worth!!

Name: Butasute
Address: KITTE 5F, Marunouchi Building, South exit of Tokyo Station

▲Summer Night in Tokyo starting from "beer" ^^

Overlooking Shinjuku skyscrapers and having a sip of a refreshing draft beer
And the landscape of Japan in summer in front!!!!
That's beer garden!!!
TOKYO KOSORA on the top floor of Shinjuku LUMINE!
Come and experience it!!!

PERIOD: 2015. 5.14 (THUR) ~ 9.30 (WED)

Weekdays 17:00~23:00 (Last Entrance: 21:00)
Weekends and holidays 16:00~23:00 (Last Entrance: 21:00)
Fee: 4,500 yen /person
(Middle School students 2,000 yen
Below: free)
Time Limited: 120-min for food; 90-min for drink
Others: Seat + additional 30-min for drink (+ 500yen)
Main dish from chicken to beef (+ 1000 yen)
Reservation:  Internet available 24 hours 

▲ Nice place to drink beer

According to the research of a company conducting a survey about the consumers trends of foreigners,
Tourists of mainland china like to buy home electronic appliances.
Tourists of Taiwan like to buy cosmetics and medicine products.
70 of tourists of South Korea like to try Japanese beer!

we would like to have a try of all the great drinks!!
Here we are 
 in "ecute, "
a red brick shopping mall of JR Akihabara
located underneath of Manseibashi.

Investigation normalized survey
Xiao Bian believe small partners in Japan wants to drink something certainly very much
So Yamanote line this good shop in Akihabara eternal bridge
JR railway line situated Shimoji red brick shopping mall "ecute" beer stores

▲  Mt. Fuji Soda

Who said you can only drink Mt. Fuji soda at Mt. Fuji?
Just come to N3331, a cafe of ecute 2F.
Sitting in the shop, looking at the JR railway outside the window!
Wow! Experiencing another style in this bustling Tokyo!

▲ Ramen shop introduced in Michelin guide

Who says only western restaurants can be found in Michelin guide?
Oh!!! This ramen shop in ecute is listed in Michelin guide!
Don't miss it when you have chance visiting Akihabara!

Oh!!! We found there are a lot of nice restaurants in ecute!!!
Gotta share more with you later!!!

▲ Enjoy the authentic Nagoya miso pork cutlet in Ginza

The famous "Miso pork cutlet" 
delicious miso sauce pour on top of the crunchy miso sauce!
How attractive!

The store is located in the Ginza

Crepes of Takeshita-dori, Harajuku 

Here we go!!
If you like sweet, highly recommended to you!!!!

▲ Tebanyaki in Ginza 

Strongly recommended to the ones who would like a romantic dinner in Tokyo!

▲ Shabu-shabu in Shinjuku!

"ENZAN" a hot pot shop located in Shinjuku Prince Hotel. 
Welcome foreign visitors!

▲ Fujiyama Sukiyaki

Mount Fuji, made with Kobe beef 
Wanna see the real one!!!
Come to Roppongi then!

After Tokyo,
we bought coooby to Hokkaido!!!

 Salmon roe rice bowl "tsukko rice" in Sapporo, Hokkaido

You definitely don't wanna miss it!
It is in a Izakaya called  [Hachikyo]

let's try the soul food of local Hokkaido!

▲ Soup curry!

It is said that Hokkaido locals like to eat at least 3 times a week!!!
Our local friends highly recommended to us!!!
Shorin's [Chicken vegetable]

Next, let's move on to Sendai!
What kind of premium gourmet is waiting for us??

▲ Grilled ox tongue!

Sendai specialty of Ox tongue!  
Just 20-sec walk from Sendai station

▲ Kitakata Ramen

If you have chance visiting Tohoku, Aizu Wakamatsu area,
you don't wanna miss one of the best three ramen in Japan!

We like its clear soup!

▲ Delicious breakfast in Nasu Kogen

Coooby and JAPANKURU like this area so much!!
Especially, we like the breakfast at 
representative resort hotel in Nasu-kogen!

If you are interested in Nasu,
let's check our articles HERE!

▲ The best ice cream in Nasu

Just one hour from Tokyo by Shinkansen!

[momoyi factory]
Just 10-min ride of bicycle from Hotel Epinard Nasu!

That big milk pack and the yellow house are the landmark of the store!
We recommend milk, green tea and strawberry milk flavor!

<Ice cream momoyi Information>
Open Hours: 10:00 ~ 16:00 (winter ~17:00)
Tel: 0287-64-4856

Next is Osaka!

Okonomiyaki, crab dishes, fried food, mixed fruit juice ...
Gourmet Paradise!

Of course, don't forget Takoyaki!

Next is Kyoto...

▲ Hamo (Conger) Cuisine

Wanna try some eel and hamo dishes??
come to the Izakaya <Hananomai> in front of the Kyoto Station!

Next is Kyushu...

▲ Speaking of Kyushu ramen, we can't miss ichiran! 

Its unique interior design and order style!!!
Come and have a try!

Last is Okinawa!

▲ Coooby came with us to Okinawa 

Don't just looking at the various snack!!!
Oh!!! Pikachu is there as well!!!

we tried the Okinawa soba noodles!

Soki Soba in summer!!

Soki in Okinawa dialect means meat soup.
Eat with a few drop of chili sauce!!

It is [Pengin Restaurant] in HAPiNAHA 1F.

After going around, and enjoying all the gourmet with Coooby throughout Japan!

Doesn't give you some reference for your next trip to Japan?
Let's show you a photo of hot spring in winter 
for you to cool down in this hot summer!!!!!

Please check with us, 
to see where coooby is gonna run to with JAPANKURU!

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