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# Cosmetics ♪ A collection of popular item of CANMAKE in a box! Ready for PURE & CUTE & SEXY 3 Styles? -CANMAKE BEST COLLECTION-

# Cosmetics ♪ A collection of popular item of CANMAKE in a box! 
Ready for PURE & CUTE & SEXY 3 Styles? 

CANMAKE recent popularity has been out of Japan and spread to the world!!!
From a variety of well-known magazine to some popular artists
CANMAKE has become their MUST-ITEM!
Like the "Hangover-like makeup" has embarked the sense of beauty
at the forefront of fashion trends!
Most ladies have at least two different CANMAKE items in their makeup bag.
Convenient and practical!
Simply helping us to create a variety of fashion and beauty!
No doubt it is popular among most ladies!

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of CANMAKE
CANMAKE has create a collection of all kinds of awesome ITEM in a comprehensive box set!
Collection includes five beloved products
(Powder, blush, Rouge Balm, Mascara, Lip Serum)
It is named [CANMAKE Best Collection]

Having a set at home, 
it is more convenient for us to create a CANMAKE makeup!
Where can we buy CANMAKE items?
Of course you can get them in the most popular drug stores (Matsumoto Kiyoshi) and 
a variety of cosmetics stores and grocery stores.

[Matsumoto Kiyoshi]
- Shinjuku 3-chome
- Shibuya Parco 2
- Harajuku Takeshita 
- Yurakucho ITOCiA PLAZA
- Ikebukuro east exit ANNEX

※Also available in other major drug stores, grocery stores.

Best Collection

A gift box set to celebrate its 30th anniversary

CANMAKE has become one of the favorite brands among many of the cosmetics!
Look at this box set with 5 ultra-popular products!
From Japan's major media, especially the most popular cosmetics online site @ cosme,
both general and professional users love this brand very much!

 ¥ 3,000 + TAX
If you buy all 5 items individually,
it is 3380yen!!!

▲ Portrait Case

Like a photo fame,
we open it from the middle!
Wow!! A variety of popular CANMAKE items filled up the box!
Wow!!! Indeed a special packaging for the 30th anniversary!

Let's take a look at inside!

▲ Items in the box

ITEM 1. Stay-on Balm Rouge
ITEM 2. Glow Fleur Cheeks
ITEM 3. Quick Lash Curler
ITEM 4. Marshmallow Finish Powder
ITEM 5. Day & UV Lip Serum
(※  Regarding to ITEM 5 (a small gift),  it will be varied by seasons.)

Selection of the popular items from each series of CANMAKE
Rouge, blush, mascara, powder and lip Serum
It looks simple but all are significant items.
Just 5 items to create a perfect beautiful look!

Let us take a closer look of each item!

ITEM 1. Stay-on Balm Rouge
Price 580 yen + TAX

[Why is the BEST? ]
- Directly use on dry lips: have moisturizing effect and fine color 
- All in one of lips makeup: moisturizing + coloring + shiny effect
- Lightly coating: will form a thin layer on the top to prevent wearing
-UV Protection: to prevent the delicate lips from UV rays

ITEM 2. Glow Fleur Cheeks
Price 800 yen + TAX

[why is the BEST? ]
- Clarity & adhesion sense: with the use of oil-based ingredients to achieve the general texture of cream blush
- Not floating makeup: No worry of powder floating and appearing white in a less fairy condition 
- No powder texture:  Well-fitted to your skin 

ITEM 3. Quick Lash Curler
Price 680 yen + TAX

[why is the BEST? ]
-3 In 1: mascara primer, mascara and eyelash all in one
-Curl & UP: maintain longer curling effect
-Waterproof: Super waterproof tears put put put sweat and wet effect
-Smudge Proof: contain two kinds of forming sebum to prevents the upper and lower lashes getting blurred easily 
- Special type double brush: Long brush and short brush can fit each eyelash
- Eyelash protection: contains nourishing ingredients

ITEM 4. Marshmallow Finish Powder
Price 940 yen + TAX

[why is the BEST? ]
- Cotton candy-like skin: soft and pleasant like cotton
- Easy to carry:  a very convenient box of powder 
- Containing 72% of minerals: no special cleansing item to wash and clean
- Contains 10 kinds of cosmetic ingredients: Prevents rough skin
- Creamy Concealer: composing two kinds of powder particles in different sizes perfectly cover pores and blemishes
-SPF26 PA ++: Awesome UV effect

ITEM 5. Day & UV Lip Serum
Price 380 yen + TAX
(※  As a small gift,  it will be varied by seasons.)

[why is the BEST? ]
-UV CUT: provide UV protection for lips 
- Non-silicon components: Lightweight and not sticky
- Lip gloss & Lip balm & Beauty solution: anytime, anywhere 3 in 1 effect
- Soft lips: Not sticky
- UV & Moisture: UV Protection in day time and moisturizing at night.

Indeed every single items of CANMAKE is outstanding!

From the pure charm to chic
Using every single item to create the best makeup

A Best Collection in hand
Transform a variety of makeup transform in different mood!
Today, let us introduce you to build up different styles in 3 types of makeup!
Of course we also bring our  'GEL LINE ARTIST' with us 

Come on to experience 3 transformation of CANMAKE!


Most basic and pure one among three different makeup
It can be said to transform from no makeup to a simple pure basic makeup STYLE
Let's begin!

▲ Make your skin with the texture of marshmallows

First, use the Marshmallow Face Powder to create a transparent sense of the skin

This face powder contains two different particle powder: minerals and cosmetic ingredient. 
Even your skin is slightly rough, it has the concealer function to cover well!
Help you to create a soft and transparent skin just like cotton candy!

▲ Natural color 

Shy girl with pink cheeks
A good and pure impression!

That is because of the Glow Fluer Cheeks!
Although it is the powder blush, the texture was more like creamy.
So it helps powder to apply to the skin effectively!
Just place lightly on two cheeks.
A shaped and bloody blush is done!

▲ lashes to create supernatural effects

Pure Makeup with natural curling eyelash

After using Quick Lash Curler,
it is just natural!
Mascara has both the foundation and makeup feature.
With two different lengths of brush,  each eyelash is being fixed!
Plus super waterproof sebum effect.
No longer worry any wearing of makeup.
Just this can make your makeup look pure and perfect!

▲ Transparent lips

Together with transparent skin,
 moist lips to create a pure transparent girl image

No need to find lip balm for dry lips
As long as you have this stay-on Balm Rouge
Not only moisturizing effect but nice coloring with a thin protective layer
Girly moist lips are done!

▲ to add softness to your moist lips 

Want to create pure lips
 but without moisture?

Here you are Day & UV Lip Serum!
Soft lips 
block ultraviolet
no use of silicon containing ingredients

What a happy news to all ladies!

▲ Pure MAKE-UP is done!

How lovely and pure!

If you feel plain,
no worry, this is only the starting point!
Let's make it more fancy and attractive in different styles!


MUST ITEM of the Japan's ultra-popular Hangover-like make up
Together with the Best Collection and eyeliner of  GEL LINE ARTIST
Then, you can try a little bit playful style of makeup!

Use 03 Lady Red color on top of the basic makeup
Emphasis on cute eyeliner and blush

GEL LINE ARTIST (3-color / 550 yen + TAX)
- Anti-uv eyeliner 
- Appropriate elasticity 2mm long 
-UV CARE & Waterproofing
- 3 colors:  Classic burgundy / Casual blue / Lady red 
※ This product is not included in the Best Collection set!  Please purchase separately!

Don't know what is hangover-like makeup?
Let's check!

▲ Cute MAKE-UP is done!

Just a little bit playful element
You will look more cheerful!!

Next transformation!
Wanna look more sexy and chic??


Apply more than one layer of Stay-on Balm Rouge to darkening your lips
As well as  Quick Lash Curler Mascara
Give a highlighting of the eyes and lips makeup

And with the curly hair,
a high standard of styling!

▲ Sexy MAKE-UP is done!

All are using the Best Collection as the basic makeup!
In addition, with today's trend of single item,
you can always create a variety of style!

Convenient and "changeable" CANMAKE!!!
Getting more popular days by days,
at the same time, we look forward to more fabulous products
to create more and more styles!

▲ QR code of Best Collection

Worrying of how to make full use of the BEST COLLECTION set?
Just scan the QR code on the box!
Detailed information and steps in 4-language are available to check anywhere at anytime. 
Here you go!

▲ Three makeup styles!

Pure MAKE-UP, cute MAKE-UP and sexy MAKE-UP!
All are lovely and attractive by BEST COLLECTION box!

5 popular items of CANMAKE
Practical and effective!

CANMAKE Top 5 popular items

Why so popular?
Easy to use and create a variety of styles 
Reasonable price for skin moisturizer, beauty and anti-UV!
What a good deal!

Come to celebrate the 30th anniversary of CANMAKE together!

Your MUST HAVE item of CANMAKE!!
BEST COLLECTION box of 5 popular items!

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