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# Cosmetics ♪ Japan World Heritage Himeiji! Let's encounter with the advanced cosmetic in the hot springs trip

# Cosmetics ♪ Japan World Heritage Himeiji! Let's encounter with the advanced cosmetic in the hot springs trip 

This time the destination of our trip is
Japan's famous World Heritage "Himeji Castle."
Then, for recommendation, 
we decide to stay at the Onsen Ryokan near to Himeji Castle
It is called Yumenoi-an Yuyake-koyake.

You can enjoy the famous Himeji Castle in Japan.
At the same time, the famous hot springs in Kansai region called "Shioda onsen."

By the way, why do we choose Yumenoi-an Yuyake-koyake.
1.  The most high brand line of cosmetics of Shiseido, 
THE GINZA has selected this place from all over Japan!
2. We can enjoy a special cosmetic items of THE GINZA.

"Special encounter of Premium Cosmetic Private Onsen Ryokan"

Okay!!! Let's follow us to experience the top class private onsen ryokan!
Here we go!

Specialty 1  Hot spring culture we can't miss in the Japan travel

Japan's "hot spring" is a kind of a "culture" as well as a "natural environment."
That is what most people are looking for when they come to Japan!

Yumenoi-an, ryokan of Shioda onsen in Himeji, Hyogo 
17 rooms are made luxuriously to form another ryokan Yuyake-koyake.

All 17 rooms have private terrace and onsen. 
In additional, there two fabulous onsen can be rent privately.
So this is the place for you to enjoy hot spring in your Japan travel!

In a Japanese ryokan, 
not only hot spring, but also the awesome Kaisei cuisine and 
beautiful and calm atmosphere 
create the Japanese style!
Don't feel jealous!
Come with us to experience the hot spring trip in this ryokan. 

Here not only Japanese ryokan where you can see the full quaint Japanese style
There are people hands in praise Awesome kaiseki
Both delicate and beautiful and there is a calm atmosphere to make people
Let us hasten here to expand our senior private spa inn journey

<Yumenoi-an Yuyake-koyake>

Address:187 Yumesaki-cho, Maenosho, Himeji-city, Hyogo Prefecture, 671-2103 Japan
Rooms:17 rooms(open-aired hot springs is available )
For reservation (from Junior high school students)

Specialty 2  Enjoy THE GINZA Special Set in the ryokan

Shiseido brand, most highest level cosmetics "THE GINZA"
A set of cosmetic with the theme of the"Only One "can be used here!
You know what?
You can only find in a limited number of hotels/ ryokan.

What is "THE GINZA"?
"Skin care for all kind of skin"

This concept is already beyond the general cosmetic,
an upgrade level of pursuit of beauty and superior quality skin care brands.
Combine the new generation of advanced technology and the origin of energy of life.
The new challenge to focus on skin cell power to meet the needs of the skin.

As THE GINZA is one of the high level brands of Shiseido
Not only products for all skin types 
But a new brand of "Only One" is created!

Feel the faint fragrance of linden
Attract the popularity of ladies
Even if you are in Japan, you can only buy in few places!

7-8-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00

1-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo. Imperial Hotel basement (Inside Arcade)
Hours: 10:00 ~ 19:00

▶ Airport tax-free shops (19 shops)
Narita Airport Terminal 1 and 2 / Haneda Airport International Terminal
Central Japan International Airport / Kansai International Airport / New Chitose Airport
Hiroshima Airport / Fukuoka airport

▶ THE GINZA online store ※ Japanese / Delivery available in Japan

Specialty 3  Private onsen ryokan prepared for ladies 

Have you heard of Onsen beauty?
The picture above are taken at 2 rented private hot springs in 
<Yumenoi-an Yuyake-koyake>

No worry of anything!
Just enjoy the space and time here!
Putting a mask on the face,
indeed a private hot spring trip!

Private hot spring: 2
Target: both men and women 
Cost: guests are free for 1 time of 50 minutes (after that 2000 yen once)
※ Reservation is needed for this service!
Check at the the reception desk!
For more information: 

Wanna try the best moment together with mask?
Price: 19,440 yen (27ml, 6 pieces)
Where to buy: Ginza SHISHEIDO THE GINZA and airport duty-free shops
More information: 

Specialty 4 World Heritage Himeji Castle

After five years of restoration,
it has finally re-opened on March 27, 2015.
World Heritage Site. Japanese national treasure. "Himeji Caste"
Get off from the JR Himeji Station, 
we can see Himeji Castle is saying Hello to us far away!

# Himeji Castle
Founded by the Akamatsu family in 1333.
Himeji Castle is one of the 12 representative of castle, having the most perfect "military construction."
With Toyotomi Hideyoshi and other samurai took over times over times,
it has become stronger. 
The present one is built by Ikada Terumasa in Tokugawa Period. 
Japan's highest-level castle has been loved by most people for about 400 years.

▲ What is the position of Himeji in Japan?

Check above picture.

From Osaka to Himeji
From JR Shin-Osaka Station by Shinkansen (30 minutes / ¥ 3,220)
From JR Osaka Station by Tokaido Sanyo Main Line (1 hour / 1,420 yen)

From Kobe to Himeji
From JR Kobe Station by Tokaido Sanyo Main Line (36 minutes / 970 yen)

<Yumenoi-an Yuyake-koyake>

In order to check the reopened Himeji Castle
Take about 30-min bus from JR Himeji Castle
Ryokan of Shioda onsen, Kansai famous onsen 
Yumenoi-an Yuyake-koyake  

▲ Lounge of Yumenoi-an 

Along the way through the lounge,
we has came to the 17 private rooms Ryokan <Yuyake-koyake >

Every little thing attract our attention
Japan's unique style reflected everywhere in the hotel's decor furniture
Well stocked with many decorations of the hall
Oh! Here we are the private space!

▲ Ryokan attentive service

Provide the most attentive service to every guest
First, a welcome drink!
We are deeply appreciated then!

Red basil iced tea
In the middle is the vanilla leaf planted in the own farm of the hotel.
And the little cute piece of warabi-mochi.
How thoughful!
Then, let's get our luxury onsen trip started!

▲ Encounter with the most advanced cosmetic in the private onsen ryokan


Select "THE GINZA Amenity Plan" at the time of reservation
Then, you can receive the original four sets of exquisite  THE GINZA portable packaging!
Whether traveling or at work, 
it is very convenient to carry

THE GINZA Amenity Plan reservation page

THE GINZA Amenity 4 sets

1. Creamy Cleansing Foam
2. Energizing Lotion
3. Moisturizing Emulsion
Gather all THE GINZA highest technical and sincerity, the 4th one is the Superior Cotton
Delicate and portable package!
A "small luxury big gift" 

▲ Onsen Ryokan's own farm

Why they have tasty dishes??
The reason is the hotel has its own farm.
fresh vegetables and herbs are provided for the hotel.
Sincere and freshness for every guest!

▲ Unbalanced charm "Cafe Lounge"

What is the biggest different here comparing to other ryokan?
After enjoying a comfortable hot spring, pick a record and have a cup of hot coffee!!
Listening to those 'Oldies but Goodies' song!
Oriental atmosphere of the ryokan!! Wow!!! Many vinyl records!
Can you feel the balance?

▲ Master's favorite space

It is said that the cafe is the interest of this hotel owner.
No affectation sense!
A natural nostalgic atmosphere!
Can you feel it?

▲ Soft stimulation after hot spring

ABBA, Beatles, Santana, and all kinds of vinyl records on the closet!
To relax both the body and mind after hot springs
Come here for several  nostalgic melodies
to fulfill your mind and soul

▲ 17 rooms

Each room has its private terrace.
From floor to wall, all use environmental-friendly materials wallpaper!
What a comfortable room!

▲ With simple background music

Combined with the natural beauty outside the window and general background music,
indeed a comfortable bedrooms.

Soaking into the hot springs,
thinking what to eat for dinner!
A comfortable atmosphere!

▲ 17 rooms with open-air bath

Can you feel the sounds of the water?
Go to the terrace
soak in the bath
Hear it and feel it!

▲ Other than the open-air bath in the rooms,
there are two extra bath available for rent!

First 50-min for free for the guest. 
 JAPANKURU recommended!!

▲ Private use onsen "tombo"
(Guests are free for the first 50 minutes)

Wow!!!  Here are the leading type of two kinds of bathtubs.
No one disturbs in this quiet enjoyment for 50 minutes.

Private hot spring: 2
Target: both men and women 
Cost: guests are free for 1 time of 50 minutes (after that 2000 yen once)
※ Reservation is needed for this service!
Check at the the reception desk!
For more information: 

▲ Relaxation time

Don't  forget using mask in this ultra-luxurious bath time!

Massage mask about 3000 yen each
A luxury high-quality mask
only appropriate at this moment. 

Price: 19,440 yen (27ml 6 pieces)
Where to buy: Ginza SHISHEIDO THE GINZA and airport duty-free shops

▲ Ultra-luxurious bath time with advanced Mask

19,440 yen (27ml 6 pieces)

Just 10 minutes, moisturizer for every corner 
the mask closely fit the face with lotion cream

It is very simple to use!
After using energizing lotion,
using the mask can moisturizing every corner of the face.
Leave it on for about 10-min.
After removing the mask, spread the remaining facial cream to the whole part of the face!

This mask of THE GINZA contains 27 ml of essence.
Using this extremely thin fibers non-woven face mask can help fit closely.
Sufficient amount of cream to expect a better effect!

▲ 50-min happy time ~

Full of happiness!
What is next then?

▲ Fine Japanese ryokan Cuisine

Appreciate all the attentive service and cuisine every time in onsen ryokan!
Fresh vegetables from the hotel's own farm, has become a fine feast!
Let's feel the sincere with our five senses.

▲ Theme Appetizer

Not only appearance
but the story of each dish!
Seasonal seafood story and the story about the mouth-feel, as well as the story of the production process.

▲ Rich ingredients

Ask me the taste?
Grilled soft beef steak
Fresh vegetables
with miso sauce!
It is hard to just use the one word "delicious" to summarize!

▲ Evening burn small burn hostel is not really awesome ah?

All kinds of diverse and creative cuisine
Feel a kind of respect as well as etiquette!
Experience the happiness of time!

Oh! Don't forget our set of four items of THE GINZA!!

Okay! Next, let's enjoy the highest levels of skin cosmetics.

Shiseido's highest level of cosmetic brands
THE GINZA Amenity Set


General product: about 130g, 6480 yen

Not only can completely remove the waste and and provide moisturizing effect to aging skin,
just squeeze one centimeter long on the hand and plus a few drops of warm water,
foam will be formed easily covering the whole face!

▲ Rich foam

With soft, rich foam like a facial massage rub.
After washing with warm water,
the foam-style interface can help keep skin feel more elastic!
Nothing is needed then...


(General product: 200ml, 19440 yen)

A comprehensive water supply to any skin under different weather and environment.

Squeeze a size of a coin on the SUPERIOR COTTON
place on the face in an outward direction from the center.

▲ superior penetration

You will understand whether it is a good products or not, when you first apply on the your skin.
The feel is just like the speed of light lol
Not only the penetration but also the elasticity after use.

EmulsionGeneral product: 150g 21600 yen
Moisture balance for different parts of the face Emulsion makes your entire face in optimum state.Dry skin becomes moist and sticky skin becomes fresh!
Just squeeze twice Make the sponge wet and apply on the face outward.

▲ A perfect encounter

The skin has absorbed hyaluronic acid and collagen fully. 
How elastic!
Thanks for the set of 4 of THE GINZA
What a perfect encounter of the hot spring trip!

UV and sebum
We gotta give the best care to the delicate skin!
After using the highest quality cosmetics, 
let't enjoy the rest of our comfort journey!

▲ A rich breakfast

Enjoy this luxury breakfast in a good condition!

You might choose either Western or Japanese breakfast!

Wow!! Fresh vegetable, 
egg and seafood!
A nutritious meal too all guests.
Wow!!! Indeed best hospitality and thoughtfulness! 

▲ White Himeji Castle and pure body and mind

Himeji private hot spring trip
Encounter with the advanced cosmetic brands

Feeling stressed?
Here is your choice!
Fully relax to your body and soul!

Our own hot spring trip!

Away from the city
Reasonable price satisfying sense of quality
private bath
Enjoy art in general dishes

<Yumenoi-an Yuyake-koyake>
can fulfill our dream!

Don't hesitate then!

Address:187 Yumesaki-cho, Maenosho, Himeji-city, Hyogo Prefecture, 671-2103 Japan
Rooms:17 rooms(open-aired hot springs is available )
For reservation (from Junior high school students)

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