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# Shopping ♪ Japan's Awesome Summer Resort! Enjoy the greenery shopping trip in Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

# Shopping ♪ Japan's Awesome Summer Resort! Enjoy the greenery shopping trip in Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza 

In a hot and humid summer in Japan,
North from Hokkaido, south from Okinawa
There should be somewhere cool as a "resort" place.

In Japan,
speaking of resort in summer, 
most Japanese would have a common place came up on their mind.

Vast nature, hot springs 
nice place for a drive 
Most importantly, there's a place to enjoy shopping!

About an hour away from Tokyo by Shinkansen, 
here we are a so-called "paradise" - Karuizawa.

This time we came here fro shoppping!!!
<Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza>
With the opening of the JR Hokuriku Line in 1995,
Karuizawa Station was built and allowed more people to stop by!
- East
- New East
- New East Garden Mall
- Ajinomoto Street
- West
- New West
6 areas is composed of a total of 217 shops 
A huge shopping plaza is surrounded by a large green land!

If you are using JR Kanto Area Pass,
then, it is more convenient for you to come here directly!

What is JR Kanto Area Pass?
It is convenient for you to travel within Tokyo and the Kanto Region with the JR Kanto Area Pass!
Riding on shinkansen, local trains 3 days in a row.
Free seats or reserved seats!
It is absolutely your good partners if you plan to travel most of the popular tourist attractions like Mount Fuji, Izu, and Karuizawa.

Adults (12 years and older)  8,300 yen
Children (6 to 11 years old)  4,200 yen

Also, Karuizawa is easily access by bus from most of the popular areas in Tokyo.
E.g. Shinjuku West exit (in front of the BIC CAMERA)
In front of Ikebukuro Station (Cross road of east exit, in front of GU)
You can buy the ticket at Seibu bus ticket center

From Ikebukuro 

From Shinjuku

Homepage of Seibu bus

In the middle of August,
let's come to embrace the nature and enjoy the shopping time here!

# In front of JR Karuizawa Station

Take about 60-min ride from Tokyo
Wow!!! Stepping out of the station and looking at the landscape in front!!
Indeed a place so-called "Paradise."
Enjoy both huge nature and a large-scale of shopping!!
An Awesome place for summer resort!

# Encounter of nature and shopping center

A huge green land surrounded by 6 shopping mall!
It is said that it was originally intended to be used as the gold course.

Glad that today,
we are able to enjoy the nature and fun shopping at the same time!
Here we go!

# Numerous brand shops

Clothing, groceries, outlet, all kinds of brands and various restaurants
After the renewal in 2014,
there are 217 various shops. 
We are afraid it takes you more than a day to go over all shops!
Anyway, let's take a walk first!!

# Wide nature, open shopping space

Comparing to other shopping centers, you will feel here an open and peaceful atmosphere!
More to say people come here for shopping, 
they are here having a great time with their family and doggies!
Under the shade of the green, having picnic
and playing around with kids and doggies.

# Cool summer in Karuizawa

Don't miss it!!
Enjoy the time here at the terrace!
Enjoying organic breakfast using the fresh ingredients!
Of course, don't forget the view!

# Let's check the map/ floor plan before your "adventure" lol

Where to start in this huge shopping area?
We recommend you to check the shops and route beforehand. 
Use the limited time efficiently!

# Okay!!!  Mark the Karuizawa station as the center and check the nearby shops first!

Karuizawa Station as center, 
it is divided into EAST and WEST regions.
Respectively, NEW EAST and EAST, NEW WEST and WEST.
Then, there are 3 shopping centers located in the middle.
They are Center/ Tree/ Garden.

First, we see the Center Mall when we get out from the station.
Next is the Garden Mall across from the river.
On the west is behind the huge ground is the Tree Mall.

You got it?

▲ Karuizawa Resort Buffet Style Restaurant - (Hare Tera) Clear Sky Terrace

What an eye-catching landmark!
We love it at the first sight!

We have came here several times, but every time we were just very busy for shopping!
So this time, we got to feel the surrounding more!

Oh!! It is the buffet restaurant here!
Of course not only buffet, special dishes of fresh vegetable and fruit in Karuizawa.
Moreover, beer and wine and special products!

Wow!! The name of this place is very straightforward.
Karuizawa Resort Buffet Style Restaurant - (Hare Tera) Clear Sky Terrace


▲ Inside

High ceiling
wide perspective 
Free carefree in this space
Feel the sunshine and keep the bright mood here!

buffet dining with circular interior design 

Greetings on the wall
"Favorite sunshine, wind and green nature"
"Welcome to Karuizawa Resort Buffet Style Restaurant - (Hare Tera) Clear Sky Terrace."

Wow!!! A huge wooden pillars
Feel the nature, enjoy the organic food!

Wait! What is the underneath of the wooden pillars...

▲ Karuizawa local produced

Indeed a widely natural environment in Nagano! 
Local produced fruits and vegetables and some processed foods!
All look fresh and tasty!

▲ Particularly eye-catching "miso"

Indeed, different color from the general miso.
Dishes by this miso are presumably delicious. 

▲ Fresh vegetables and fruits

Blueberries, peaches, cherries, watermelon, and prunes
The color and species show a deep sense of quality.
What a rich fruit basket!

▲ Fruit bars and jams are perfectly matched!!!

All are original handmade original jam!!
Of course the jam used in buffet is from here!
100% made from fruit produced in Nagano
Appropriated sweet adjustment!
Not too sweet!
Apply on bread or for a health drink!
Good taste!

▲ A variety of processed foods & local beverages

Handmade ham. A variety of fresh vegetables and local products.
Karuizawa's beer, wine and sake etc.
Wanna grab something?

Get some as souvenirs for friends and family too!
Nice market!

▲ Enjoy breakfast at the terrace

We were here right at 10 am when it opens.
Enjoy the views from the terrace and the fresh buffet breakfast.

Breakfast Set (Optional Western/Japanese style  9:00 ~ 11:00, last orders at 10:00 )
1,000yen + TAX

▲ Relax summer and picnic mood

When you're in this beautiful nature in Karuizawa,
even you are obviously in a shopping plaza, 
you would feel like come to a paradise of everything!
Take a walk
have a good meal 
do some shopping!
Embrace the nature and relax your mind!

Oh!!! Time flies...
It is time for lunch!

Kuse fortune dining room

It seems a classic shop at the entrance.
Indeed it is a bright and spacious shop just open on July 7.
A Japanese cuisine restaurant with a faint scent of flowers!
Don't miss the salad here! 

Kuse fortune dining room

▲ Japanese style but modern atmosphere

Japanese-style interior in every corner
But on the other hand, it gives a very modern feel!
Wow!! Pretty looking forward to the cuisine here!

▲ Japanese family flavor

Although it looks simple, all use high-quality ingredients!
Can you feel the taste of a Japanese family?

▲ Variety of dishes

How to order?
Basic order is rice, soup, and side dishes.
Boiled, fried, or deep-fried dishes.
Last, let's have a salad.

Simple but rich dishes
Real taste of Japan!
1500 - 1800 yen + TAX (including salad bar)

▲ Unique salad bar

Eat directly as fresh vegetables or as a deep-fried tempura
You can eat with miso or salt! 

▲ Open kitchen

Japanese omelet!!!
Looks good!!
Of course the taste as well!

Let see the dessert.

▲ Rosemary tea

What a fantastic combination of green tea and rosemary

Kuse fortune blend herb tea  600 yen + TAX

▲ Japan Representative Dessert 1

Tasting it with tea!
Of course, the most recommended one is the anmitsu (Red bean with syrup on top)

▲ Japan Representative Dessert 2

Oh!!! Of Course, don't miss the warabi-mochi!!

Green tea , red bean and warabimochi 600 yen + TAX

▲ Café comme ca

It is a café.
It is a artwork class popular cafe!

▲ Café comme ca KARUIZAWA

It is "comme ca Cafe" in Karuizawa shop
Chef use a variety of seasonal fruits in Japan 
and made the general fruit tart in an artwork!

café comme ca KARUIZAWA (CM-07)

Pretty looking forward to her sense and skill.

▲ Oh!! The popular "fruit tart"

You definitely don't wanna miss it!

Wait.... one more...

▲ It is mango tart

Like a blossoming mango Rose
A fancy artwork

Get one if you have something to celebrate, 
or even you have not lol

Mango tart
1080 yen (cut)
10,500 yen (whole)

▲ Both appearance and taste are part of the art

Carefully carving
An artistic mango art!!
Soft whipped cream and juicy mango
Sweet and refreshing
Are we in the fruit paradise?

▲ What a surprising gift?

A designed mango tart
Order one with a cup of coffee
or order the whole cake to take out!
An impressive gift huh!

Wait!! It is time to shop!
Let's see some bags!

▲ bijiness by SAZABY

Mainly Japanese brand series
Brand ordinary line is for women in the workplace, helps that to make a colorful office life!
Of course, there are many cute little items and interesting design.

TAX FREE for foreign visitors and discount up to 70%!
Oh!!  There is shop in Flags in Shinjuku"

bijiness by SAZABY (CM-03)

▲ Simple is the best

What do you think about the simple but favorable design?


Occasionally never forget this little playful element
Can you feel it?

THIS IS MY IT BAG  2800 yen + TAX

Walking in the vast nature
Carefully select from the among stores
Taste the delicious of good ingredients
Let's enjoy the peaceful sense of Karuizawa.

Long long time ago, 
many middle class family in Japan come to purchase a villa for summer!
But now,
Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza has become a resort for everyone!

Feel the premium, and find the relax and leisure
Let's enjoy a cool summer here!

A little away from Tokyo
Let's enjoy shopping in an elegant place!

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza Home

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