Friday, September 11, 2015

# JAPAN DIY ♪ Marugoto-Pudding & DODEKA-HEAD Creative Japanese Items by TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S

# JAPAN DIY ♪ Marugoto-Pudding & DODEKA-HEAD  Creative Japanese Items by TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S

Wanna get something for parties?
Okay!!! It is time for us to introduce you something creative in Japan!

Something interesting from a popular toys maker in Japan

1. DODEKA-HEAD (Big head decoration)
2. MARUGOTO-PUDDING (Whole egg pudding)

Literally, DODEKA means "super big" 
So the whole thing means "super big head."
What a great tool for taking extraordinary pictures!

Only egg is needed for pudding making!!!
What an amazing tool for some home-made pudding!

So we can expect an interesting and extraordinary party!!!

Let's have a party time!!!!

# episode 1: Try-on DODEKA-HEAD

You know what in Japan,
while a group of ladies gathering together,
it is called "Joshi-kai" (Ladies' Party).

Although there is a guy in our party,
it is not a problem!
Just put on a "DODEKA-HEAD" 
to liven up the atmosphere!

Yeah!!! A funny article full DODEKA-HEAD lol

▲ Funny DODEKA-HEAD  like "an inflatable wig"

Just make it fill with air!!!
A nice great hair style is done!
Put on it to turn into a variety of image
Full of laughter!
Full of happiness!

Selfie!! Yeah!!!!

Even it is not party,
we can bring them with us to trip!
Have a selfie wherever you want!!!
Life is fun!
Like effect for picture huh!

# Have a memory piece!

We have just been to Yufuin Onsen!
An awesome shot!
With an ice cream on hand as well lol

Many types of funny inflatable DODEKA-HEAD 

- Traditional Japanese hair style
- Japanese samurai helmet
- Western-style armor and helmet
- Double ponytail girl

More will be releasing in the near future!!!
Let's stick with the news!!

New type of wig???
Funny wig??
Awesome entertainment!
Inflatable and convenient to carry!
Don't hesitate!

Price  2,500 yen + TAX
Where to buy: KIDDYLAND  stores
(Harajuku, Odaiba VenusFort, Osaka Umeda, etc.)

For more products (Japanese)

# episode 2: MARUGOTO-PUDDING simple homemade pudding

Ladies like sweet...
definitely lol
Let's make some pudding!

From now??
No ingredient is prepared!!!

No worry!!
We have this homemade MARUGOTO-PUDDING!!!

Formerly known as [Rolling egg funny pudding maker

Just egg and caramel sauce???
Wow!!! Awesome!!

Let's try!

Are you ready???
・raw egg  (number of pudding you would like to make)
・caramel sauce (If you like, chocolate sauce is nice too)
plastic wrap film
smart phone 

 Price 2,400 yen + TAX
Where to buy: KIDDYLAND stores
(Harajuku, Odaiba VenusFort, Osaka Umeda, etc.)

For more products (Japanese)

▲ set the egg

Put the egg into the machine
well fixed it until a sound is heard
Then put on a transparent cover before you turn the handle!

▲ Turn the handle back and forth 

After setting up the egg position,
just hold the body with one hand and turn the handle back and forth with the others.

▲ same as whisking egg!

Each turn of the handle = 10 laps of rotation inside the egg
turn over and over...
egg white and egg yolk then will be integrated together!
How efficient!

▲ Rotate in two minutes

Then the egg inside is supposed to be turned hundreds to thousands laps!
Well- mixed is expected!

Next, let's examine it ~ ~

▲ Check the eggs and the status (above is the egg before rotation)

Check the status of inside with a flashlight or cell phone.

the light is uniformly transparent throughout the egg.

▲  Check the eggs and the status (above is the egg after rotation for two-min)

If it is well-integrated, 
the eggs would not be transparent! 

Yeah!! Succeed!!
Let's boil it!

▲ wrapping the egg with the wrap film and ready to put into pot

the wrap film can prevent the egg to be broken up!!!

▲ Boil the egg for 30 minutes

Turn off the heat when the water boiled!
Then just put the egg into the boiled water for 30-min

▲ Cool down

put the egg into cold water to cool down!

Check by slightly stripped the egg shelf!

▲ Oh!!! The yellow pudding is seen ~

A perfect status!!
Wait! one more step!!

▲ It is show time!!

How surprised!!!

A raw egg has turned into a cute pudding!
Last is putting on caramel sauce!

▲ On top of the yellow pudding

For your personal preference, 
you can use chocolate sauce too!
It is done!!!

How about the taste??
 100% made of eggs, 
what do you think?

Whole egg pudding is less calories than the normal one!
A good idea for party then!!

# Simply can be done at home!

Hey, friends, 
Wanna have a try??

A variety of fun and creative magic!!!

Toys company
keeps on good giving creative and interesting ideas!

those are not only for kids
but to all people who want surprises and fun in daily life!

Price  2,500 yen + TAX
Where to buy: KIDDYLAND  stores
(Harajuku, Odaiba VenusFort, Osaka Umeda, etc.)

For more products (Japanese)

 Price 2,400 yen + TAX
Where to buy: KIDDYLAND stores
(Harajuku, Odaiba VenusFort, Osaka Umeda, etc.)

For more products (Japanese)

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