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# Tokyo Night ♪ Excellent dance performance at BURLESQUE TOKYO in Roppongi

# Tokyo Night ♪ Excellent dance performance at BURLESQUE TOKYO in Roppongi

This is the SHOW!!!
-in Roppongi-

Q1. Wanna enjoy a show fully, what to prepare??

Simply, what you really need to do is 
just open your mind and enjoy the lively rhythm!!!

That is it!!!
Especially, you are in BURLESQUE TOKYO in Roppongi!!
Open your heart to welcome the greeting through dance and performance.

Okay! Come on!
Professional dancers show you a 70-min high quality performance!
Wanna know what kind of performance catching our heart?
Follow us when you have plan to travel in Tokyo!
Open your mind and relax!
Feel the lively performance!

▶ BURLESQUE Homepage

▶ BURLESQUE facebook

Q2. Where is BURLESQUE?
If you have chance visiting Roppongi,
you don't wanna miss this night club!

Why it is so popular???
There are 3 special points?

Great dancer, high quality performance in front of you

Excellent quality of performance, dancers' power, best stage and sound effect.
All become the significant elements of a performance.
What is that surprising?
The stage is right in front of you! 

Ladies know how to enjoy much more!!!
Can you see the dancers and their performance?
Not only to attract men audiences,
but they are showing and sharing the charismatic performance with the female audiences too.
That is the atmosphere they made, 
just like a kind of conversation on the stage!
How interactive!

Entertainment show for all the grown-ups
Although you might see the show in BURLESQUE is kind of sexy,
those are the real performance showing their passion and profession.
A space to enjoy themselves and their dance.

Are you guys ready?
Although we can just share with you here with pictures,
let's get into the BURLEQUE world!

Here we go!

▲ BURLESQUE always brought us freshness whenever we visit!
Guess we haven't seen any same pictures decorated at the entrance. 
From big seasons to some small special occasions,
in order for every visitor to feel more enjoyable,
a variety of special events and shows are prepared!
Like birthday of any dancers or up-coming Halloween!!
A lot of exciting nights are made here! 

Our visit this time was 
the same day as one of the top dancers, Mii-chan's birthday!
How lucky!!!
There were a lot of event for her birthday that night!

Happy Birthday, Mill ♥

Wow!!! Presents and flowers 
from presidents of BURLESQUE TOKYO to
producer of the TV series "LOVE Theory"starred by Mii~

By the way,
who is Mii-chan?

▲ Little big star~Mii

She looks so cute!!!! Just 1.46m height!
But her performance is extremely powerful!
Yes!!! She is currently the head and leader of the dancers in BURLESQUE TOKYO!

Born in Aomori, Japan 
Having 15 years of dancing experience,
she also belonged to the baseball team "RAKUTEN EAGLES" as professional cheerleaders!
A popular dancer and idol
Then, she joined BURLESQUE and became No. 1 dancer in the group!

She is not only loved by fans and but other performers in BURLESQUE.
She just represents BURLESQUE right now!

A variety of activities, birthday party and the original BURLESQUE performance!
What a wonderful night!!!

Let's take a look at the following plan for foreign visitors. 

Discounted Plan for foreign visitors (※Reservation is required)
Show + All-you-can-drink (Liquor/ Soft drink) = \5,000 yen
(90-min ※ Price is to be adjusted )
SHOWTIME 19:30/ 21:30 / 23:30

How to make reservation?
Access to the BURLESQUE website on your smartphone 
Make reservation by phone 
※ Remember to mention that you request for a discounted plan for foreign visitors!

(Phone call is available from 16:30)
Just call the phone number on the Burlesque's webpage, 
then, staffs will pick up the phone 
although not in a very good spoken English...

At BURLESQUE, you can order food and drink.
Sometimes, what if you wanna give some tips to the dancers,
you can use RION, the currency used in BURLESQUE instead of cash!

1 RION = 100 yen

Every snack and drink is 5 RIONS.
All are guaranteed quality and taste!

Tipping are only sincere!
Whenever you like the dance of the dancers.

▲ Staffs that are selling RION 

They are all "standby" everywhere!
Just ask them for the purchase of RION!

※ Tipping with RION

In the final,
thanks all the dancers brought us all these wonderful performance!
Coming in front of the stage one by one,
greeting the audiences!!
At that time, you might give your tipping with RION!

One thing to be noted!
Don't try to touch the body of the dancers!

If you wanna take pictures, 
remember to ask for their permission first!

Wanna enjoy performance fully, 
remember to follow the basic rule!!!

▲ Say cheese~!!!!

"#burlesque Tokyo"
Post on any SNS like this!!
You might enjoy a special discount!
Content of discount varies all the times,
but why not share a happy moment with everyone!!!

▲ It's SHOWTIME !!

Opening every show are stunning BURLESQUE TOKYO!
Whether it is clothing or music or lighting of the stage, everything is so fascinating! 

▲ Best of the best in BURLESQUE!

Perhaps to sexy dance,
everyone will have different perspectives.

The common thing is...
The dance, performances are extremely awesome!!!

Whether saying it is a sexy dance, it is kind of artistic performance indeed! 

▲ Professional !!

Like the wonderful performance on Grammy Awards 
How precious!

▲ Fantasy

Dazzling costume and amazing dance
Impressive performances choreography
Just like an artwork!

Gorgeous dancers appear one after one
Oh!!! Finally, the heroine appears!!

▲ Happy Birthday to Mii-chan~

It was Mii's birthday!!!
Wow!!! Mii was sitting in a giant champagne cup!!!
BURLESQUE is really full of creativity.

▲ Innovation in BURLESQUE!

Different scale in dance, music, and lighting!
No boring scene!

Although the stage area is not large, a variety of diverse performances 
completely bring audience into this fascinating atmosphere!

Have you guys joined the birthday party before?
Let see...

▲ Birthday queen presents her song!!!

Wow!!! Indeed having 15 years of stage experience,
can you feel the moment of how she influences the atmosphere of the whole area???

▲ Extreme dance!

Mii wanted to thank the audience for celebrating with her; 
she performs and presented her super dance number,
making the whole stage in fever!

Let's get into climax!

A passionate party!!!!

Full of energy!

Audiences are so high!!!!

▲ Everybody 
Put your hands UP !!!!
No boundaries from the stage,
Regardless of age, sex, nationality,
all enjoy dance, music and the atmosphere in BURLESQUE.


Since they know there were audiences from South Korea,
a flag show was held.

▲ Hello, BURLESQUE! Hello, Roppongi!

Wow!!!! The Korean audiences were so excited too!!
What a great memory and gift of the Tokyo Travel!

Wanna enjoy the real show???
Wanna be fully participated???

Come to enjoy the night at BURLESQUE TOKYO!
An incredible night in Roppongi, Tokyo!
Conquering both your heart and soul!

Planning the night of your Tokyo Trip?
Get out of the hotel, enjoy the nightlife in the city!
Real club! Real performance!

▶ BURLESQUE Homepage

▶ BURLESQUE facebook

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