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#Cosmetics ♪ Popular cosmetic brand that makes every girl impressed ♥ Les Merveilleuses LADURĒE ♥ Latest Autumn/Winter items!

#Cosmetics ♪ Popular cosmetic brand that makes every girl impressed ♥ Les Merveilleuses LADURĒE ♥ Latest Autumn/Winter items! 

From Hokkaido to Tokyo,  from Osaka to Fukuoka, 
there is a well-known cosmetic brand, which makes every girl impressed!

You might be familiar with the colorful and delicious macarons, 
but do you know who leads this "macarons" bloom???
 Patisserie LADURÉE
A famous tradtional French pastry shop.
It was founded in 1862,
having 150 years of history.

Les Merveilleuses LADURĒE
It is already a brand getting popular among the fashion field,
which creates a lot of popular cosmetics to fans in Japan,
as well as ladies from around the world!

Okay! Today,
let us check out its autumn/ winter items in 2015 at stores well-known to everybody throughout Japan.

# Tenjin, Fukuoka 

We have come to the representative fashion street in Kyushu.
Beautiful Hakata ladies are very famous.
Let's check out the LADURĒE cosmetics at the Iwataya Department store in Tenjin.

# LADURÉE in Iwataya Department Store

The in-store interior furnishing brings you into a fairy-tale world.
Are you guys ready?

Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE
2-5-35 1F Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka 810-8680
Tel:  092-771-7919

Speaking of Tenjin,
we have been to Kyushu before for a rental car trip with Nissan. 

# Harajuku, Tokyo

Of course you can find LADURĒE in the most fashionable street in Tokyo. 

# Let's check out the LADURÉE store at LAFORET Harajuku

In this trendy land Harajuku,
of course, we have to check out the LAFORET.
It is at the 1F besides the center stairs on the right side. 
Wow!!  It is a store full of rose flavor. 
No doubt, we gotta check out the latest autumn/ winter items here!

<LAFORET Harajuku>
Les Merveilleuses LADURĒE
Address: LAFORET Harajuku 1F, 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Tel 03-5786-4411
Open Hour: 11:00~21:00 (Open all days)
Tel: 03-5786-4411 (11:00~21:00)

Other stores of LADURÉE in Tokyo
*Mitsukoshi Ginza B1
*Isetan Shinjuku Main building 1F
*LAFORET Harajuku  1F
*Isetan MIRROR LUMINE Yokohama 1F
*Isetan MIRROR Kichijoji PARCO 1F
*HAIKARADO Lumine 1 Omiya 2F
*COSMETIC BOUTIQUE NORTH (Tax Free Store) Haneda Airport departure North 

For other stores

# New product of LADURÉE!
Let's take a look at it from the left!

CREAM CHEEK BASE 3 colors,  4,200 yen + TAX
LIP STAIN 5 colors,  2, 500 yen + TAX
CREAM FOUNDATION 3 colors,  5, 200 yen + TAX
MAKEUP POUCH Ⅱ 2, 800 yen + TAX

# Let's try!

You will be also happy to do that! lol

# Magic time of LADURÉE 

Okay!!! Let's see its effect!

A natural beauty make up of LADURĒE!

#New item 1
It has been available since Sept 4. 

TRANSLUCENT MAKE UP BASE is a new makeup base product!
Its moist texture provide adequate moisture to the skin, so the skin can keep its balanced condition. 
Just need to apply a thin layer.
 SPF30 PA +++

# Tips for beauty

Some people in order to save time, they might skip the process of applying cream foundation. 
In fact, it will helps increasing skin's vitality and luster 
and assist skin tone adjustment. 
It means it will have a good effect on coloring.

So don't underestimate the role of this kind of cream!

Let's develop a good habit to apply it before doing makeup!
A thin layer is enough! ~

#New item 2


This time we use No. 10.
After applying it, no doubt you will find your skin more refreshing!

# Tips for beauty

Making use of its moisture, you will feel your skin is being surrounded gently
and also it helps improving your skin tone. 

This time we would like to make a lively look; therefore, we choose a bright tone for the foundation of the skin.

You might either directly apply by hand or use sponge or brush.
You know your skin the best!

#New item 3

We use No.4 this time.

Blush that is long-lasting and helps you to create three-dimensional and dynamic effect.
First, use it as the base for the base and firm color.

Are you impressed by its cute appearance??

# Tips for beauty

Slightly draw an inverted triangle on your cheek.

# Another popular product

After applying the CREAM CHEEK BASE, 
don't forget the popular product of LADURĒE!!!
FACE POWDER (No. 3 color) in a cute container.
A thin layer is fine.

3 colors,  Refill 8,400 yen / Container (including powder puff) 3, 600 yen + TAX

Fine particles that perfectly cover pores. 
A fancy container with faint aroma, and lace in the middle. 
Every detail impress every lady lol

# Tips for beauty

Use the cute brush of LADURĒE
Wow!!! The light purple color is very cute!
Gently brushed, 
more natural makeup!

 # Another popular products

(No. 2 color)

There are 20 colors!  Hard to choose...

All 20 colors  Refill 3, 800 yen / pack (with brush) 1, 500 yen + TAX

# Tips for beauty

Brush downward, give a rosy cheek feeling!
If you want a bright makeup, use the orange color series.
If you want a natural makeup, use the light pink color series.

Choose your favorite colors according to different occasions.

 # New item 4

(Use No. 03 color)

It has been available since July 24, 2015. 
Help drawing moisturizing lips from dark red color to orange colors. 

# Tips for beauty

A lip gloss not too shinny, it is easy for any types of makeup.
Let's try and find the color that is suitable to you. 

# Magic is done!
What do you think about the natural makeup by the popular items oLADURĒE?

Although it is said a natural makeup, 
don't miss every tiny steps in the progress.
Just do it correctly and your makeup is like a magic then!

 # New item 5
150ml 4,800yen +TAX

It has been available since July 24. 
If you don't like the sticky feeling,
no worries, this olive oil keeps your skin from being dry but not sticky!

You can use it for massage and keep warm of your body as well!

Beauty is not only appearance but also the condition of skin and soul. 

 # New item 6

It has been available since Sept 4.
The latest item!

Don't underestimate it!
It is not only a cute pouch, but very practical!
A light pink design of LADURĒE style and the zipper is cute too!
Big enough for all your makeup tools!!

# Collection 

Gathering all the latest items!
Our beloved LADURĒE !


LADURĒE won't let us disappointed. 
Even it is still a fresh brand of cosmetics.
It has a 150 years history of macarons. 
Its spirit of pursuit of beauty is persistent. 
You would definitely be impressed by LADURĒE today!

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