Wednesday, October 21, 2015

# Cosmetics ♪ Let's have fun on the Halloween night 2015! Featuring makeup of little cute witches*

# Cosmetics ♪ Let's have fun on the Halloween night 2015!  Featuring makeup of little cute witches*

Trick or Treat~!!!

Let's celebrate Halloween in October!!!
In Japan, you can also feel the exciting atmosphere!!!

jack o'lanterns, black cats, ghost, scarecrow, skeleton, spider, witch, etc.....
and dress-up
It is Halloween everywhere!

We also wanna be participated!!
Let's us get prepared with 3 big Japanese brands.

1. Snacks division:
"TOPPO" of the famous Japanese snacks "LOTTE"
2. Fashion division:
popular fashion brand WEGO
3. Cosmetics division:
well-known brand CANMAKE

Let's check them out with us!

This is the cute black cat makeup!
For your reference:

# Getting ready to be a "witch"

Like being a "black cat,"
let's apply "LASTING MULTI EYEBASE WP" first!

Party makeup can be sustained well with a good foundation base!
Are you ready?

Eye temptation as witch 

----- ITEM -----

PRICE:  9 colors in total, 580yen + TAX each

This time, we use 
【No.32 Chocolat Apple】

Brown color is the easiest to draw. 
Plus the red color, it helps appearing the sexiness of the eyes.

With these three colors, 
you can mix them together or make a gradation color.

# Tips for witch makeup
First apply the whole eyelid with the brown color (upper right colors).
Next is the red color for the end tip of the eyes.
Last, apply the lame as highlight!
Oh! Don't forget to draw the eye lines with the same eye liner pen used at black cat make up.

# Cheek holic! Cream cheek

----- ITEM ----- 

PRICE: 5 colors in total,  580 yen + TAX each

In order to create a more natural color, 
this time we use the blush of 
【CL01Clear Red Heart】 

Blends in with your skin, ensuring that your complexion stays looking dewy-fresh for hours on end.  
Other than blush, you can use it on lips too.

# Feel free to make your own face

In order to make it look naturally, use your finger tips to apply on your cheek widely and also under your eyes.


----- ITEM -----

PRICE: 7 colors in total ,  580 yen + TAX each 

If you lips are dry always, 
you can first apply this lip balm for extra protection. 

This time in order to highlight the uniqueness of the witch, 
we use 【09 Masquerade Bud】 this time.
A dark red color, soft and easily to use!

You know what it contains moisturizing ingredients, 90% of the plant-derived oils 
and UV protection for lips and SPF 11.PA!

# Mysterious and sexy

Wanna highlight the color of the red lips?
Apply numerous layers to create a mysterious and sensual lips!


----- ITEM -----

PRICE: 3 colors in total,  550 yen +TAX each

Wanna transform to a cute devil witch,
you'd better make your eye make up more colorful!
 [No.03 rose red] 

It is a sunblock eyeliner pen. 
Never irritate your delicate skin around eyes.
Easy to draw although it has only a 2 mm diameter. 
Anti-sweat, waterproof.
It forms a protective film layer of oily component to make your make up long-lasting!

Classic burgundy, casual blue, rose red
Pick your favorite and enjoy the moisture.

# Lovely witch

Finally, use a red gel eyeliner to draw a red heart under your eyes.
Little cute "witch" is done!

#  A cute witch!

Watch out on the day of Halloween in Shibuya! lol 

# Three popular brands celebrate Halloween together

Popular snack brand, fashion brand and our beloved cosmetics brand CANMAKE!!!
Everyone is ready for Halloween!!!!

A black cat or a cute witch?

If you have plans to visit Tokyo,
take a look at supermarkets, convenience stores and drug stores!
Check the package of TOPPE of LOTTE.

See ya at Halloween night!

Trick or treat!!!
Happy Halloween!

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