Tuesday, October 20, 2015

# Cosmetics ♪ Let's have fun on the Halloween night 2015! Featuring makeup of little cute black cat*

# Cosmetics ♪ Let's have fun on the Halloween night 2015!  Featuring makeup of little cute black cat*

Trick or Treat~!!!

Let's celebrate Halloween in October!!!
In Japan, you can also feel the exciting atmosphere!!!

jack o'lanterns, black cats, ghost, scarecrow, skeleton, spider, witch, etc.....
and dress-up
It is Halloween everywhere!

We also wanna be participated!!
Let's us get prepared with 3 big Japanese brands.

1. Snacks division:
"TOPPO" of the famous Japanese snacks "LOTTE"
2. Fashion division:
popular fashion brand WEGO
3. Cosmetics division:
well-known brand CANMAKE

Let's check them out with us!

# Get ready for Halloween

To welcome the upcoming Halloween, 
CANMAKE+LOTTE+ WEGO, three brands collaborate together to launch some limited product!
"Chocolate pie" and "TOPPO."
On the package, dress-up and makeup ideas from WEGO and CANMAKE are printed.

A little cute black cat VS devil witch 

You know what in recent year, Halloween has become a great party held on the street
especially in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Let's get ready this year!

Yes!!! Madame!!!
Our first step is using CANMAKE items to challenge a black-cat makeup.

# Black cat make up #
 Eye makeup

----- ITEM -----

PRICE:  1 color,  500 yen + TAX

This eye make-up base ensures long-lasting eye make-up!
It has waterproof formulation to prevent make-up bleeding, fading or running, 
which keep your eye make-up looking fresh for hours!

Its waterproofing effect helps clinging tightly to your skin, keeping your eye make-up look more vibrant and preventing rub-off!

# Lift up your eyes a little bit!

Apply on your upper eyelid while slightly lifting the edge of your eye.
It goes on transparent, won't show through under your eye make-up.
So that it plays a great role with all eye colors!


----- ITEM -----

PRICE: 6 colors in total , 780 yen + TAX each

Wanna have a more gorgeous look?
No worries! 
We have 6 colors!

This time we use 
【07 Gateau Framboise】

Mirror and brush for eye shadow are all in one case.
In the middle. there is topping jewel for your optional use.
That is totally enough for your cute and latest eye makeup.

Don't you remember?
We have introduced before.

Want a natural makeup? 
→Brush in clockwise.
Want a gorgeous makeup?
→Brush in anti-clockwise.

Isn't it cool?

# Eye makeup for a black cat look

This is the most important point!
How CANMAKE can do it?

First, apply the light pink (upper left color on the case )on the entire eyelid
Next, use the light brown color (upper right color)
Be careful, to apply slightly heavier at the end of the end partially.
Then, use the pink (lower left color) applying from the middle to the end part of eye, which helps make your makeup looks more cute!

Main point is apply the dark brown (lower left color) on the end of the upper eyelid!
Last is the topping jewel!
A cute eye makeup is done!

# Apply pink blush matched with your eye makeup

----- ITEM -----

PRICE:  6 colors in total,  800 yen + TAX  each 

The brush in the case is perfectly soft!
This time we use 
【No.02 Apricot Fleur】

Its powder formulation has startling translucence & luster!
You know what?
The secret of the luster is its "GLOW POWDER."
The color and content of the pearl particles have been perfectly adjusted to ensure that they achieve the best luster for each shade! 
Also, an extraordinary texture that clings to your bare skin it soft enough to make a pore-less look! Of course, it includes moisturizing agents!

#Candy Cheek on both sides!

How to draw the blush for black cat makeup?
Very simple!
Just apply the orange-pink color from the nose to the two cheeks. 
Like drawing a line!
That is it! 
Thanks to the soft brush!

# Let's draw a sharp & chic eyeline

--- ITEM -----

PRICE: 2 colors in total,  500 yen + TAX  each

1.  65mm ultra-fine tip, an easy drawing eyeliner.

A waterproof eyeliner ensures a neat, smooth line without any worries if you are are familiar to draw it.

It helps keep the perfect line for hours.
On the other hand, it can be generally washed off with warm water.
Also, it contains moisturizing ingredients.

# Decisively and boldly

Really wanna be a "black cat"?
No doubting!
No hesitation!

Let's connect the lower eye line to the upper eye line!
It is done!
A "black cat"

# A playful "Lip Tint"

----- ITEM -----

PRICE:  3 colors in total,  650 yen + TAX each 

This time we use
【No.01 Cherry tree syrup】

If you don't like the sticky lip gloss,
this is perfectly for you!
No only long-lasting but also a soft and comfortable texture.

Color stays on even after eating. 
The color actually gets brighter over time,
which provides a natural rosy look.

Also, it includes the function of SPF15PA. 
Don't forget UV CARE on lips too!

Not annoying to be arrogant!

Another charm of a black cat makeup!

Okay! Let's get into the final step!

# Draw the whiskers

To finishing the makeup, let's use the eyeliner pen to draw the whiskers!
Easily to remove by warm water.

It is done!!!
Get some cute and sexy accessories,
you can also become a cute black cat!

# Let's meow!

Before Halloween!

# Changing to devil girl 

...to be continued....

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