Monday, October 19, 2015

#Travel ♪ Coooby gets into an Ink painting lol !!! Hot Springs Trip in Ryokan Okawaso!

#Travel ♪ Coooby gets into an Ink painting lol !!! Hot Springs Trip in Ryokan Okawaso!

Last year, we had been to a trip to Nasu and Aizuwakamatsu!
We rented a car, started at Nasu Kogen for about 1.5 hours.
We were getting into an ice world!
Keeping on enjoying the natural scenery,
we arrived the Ashino Onsen
"Ryokan Okawaso."

Wow!!! What a nice mother nature!
A well-known open-air hot springs!
Feel the retro of the building and its deep sense of history! 

Warm your body and soul in a cool winter!!!
Isn't it a paradise?

Look!!! It is Coooby!!!
Coooby was with us to enjoy this nice scenery and hot springs!

Beside, running, he likes hot springs too!
How cute!

Lounge of Okawaso!
Reminding us the movie of "Inception."
What a fantastic space!

Let's put on a Yukata of Okawaso!
Are you ready???
By the way, 
where is Coooby?

Those are the dolls for the "Girls' Festival." 

They are all handmade.
All guests to Ryokan Okawaso will be welcomed by the dolls here!

▲ Tea house

 Wow!!! There is a traditional "Hearth" in the middle!!!
A overflowing atmosphere of the Japanese style!
Let's have a chitchat here with friends!

▲ Tasting combination

Just 500 yen to taste 3 kinds of Aizu-produced sake.
Of course some dishes well-matched Japanese sake.

Souvenir corner!
Snacks and toys! 
Anything you want!

Brown sugar bun, salted Japanese jelly and plum sweet...
What does coooby would like to eat???

Wow!!! These Zodiac chopsticks are so cute!

Painted chopsticks with the cute zodiac animals!
This year is year of sheep!

No doubt!! We got a pair!

Little Master tumbler
They are originally from Aizu region!
It is said that having more pieces than your family members would bring you luck!

Let's check out the room!

Representative rooms of Okawaso  (宵待亭)

Sitting on the Tatami mat,
Feel the calm. 

▲ We like the Kotatsu (heated table)

Wondering if Coooby is hiding inside lol 

Where is Coooby?

Enjoying green tea and Japanese sweet.


What a peaceful day!

What is that??

It is deer!!!
Where is Coooby?

It is dinner time!

Today's meal!

Appetizer> Sashimi> Hot pot> buckwheat noodles> grilled dish> steamed items> tempura> rice > dessert

It is not simply a dish, but an art!

Hot pot is always the best in the cold winter!

Grilled beef!

It is steamed from the bamboo!

Fresh Sashimi and beef and seafood!!!
All are great!!!

Aizu original sake 
Snow drop
momo toro

Wanna have a sip!

Japanese dim sum 
A healthy pudding made by beans

2 hours later...

Late dining~
We got to try the Aizu kitakata ramen!!!
Don't miss it!!

Light soy sauce and chicken soup!
It is available from 20:00- 00:00 at 1F of Okawaso.

Karaoke Time! 

Not ended yet!!!
We ordered the toast and ham from "Nasu Cheese Garden."

Cheers with red wine!

Life is no doubt delicious!

Where is coooby???
Feel sorry that it missed all the great food lol!!

Maybe coooby is busy to run around again. 

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