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#Shopping ♪ Highlight yourself gentlemanly at Sakaeya in Ginza, Tokyo! Experience the highest quality of customized suit!

#Shopping ♪ Highlight yourself gentlemanly at Sayaeya in Ginza, Tokyo! Experience the highest quality of customized suit!


"Manners maketh man."
As a good man, a formal dressing means a neat shirt and tie.
But the most important, of course, is a fitting suit.

Ginza, in the center of Tokyo, 
we find a custom-made suits shop here using the most advanced fabrics and mature technology, focusing on men's detailed style.

# Custom-made suits shop  SAKAEYA

Alfred Dunhill
Ermenegildo Zegna

We you are familiar with suits, you definitely have heard of these two brands of the tailor suit fabric production. Whether it is from the fabric or the type of knowledge, production technology and methods, you can find the highest level here!

Here, you might find the loyalty of the the regularly issued silhouette of Dunhill and Zegna
suitable for your own suit.
The only shop in Japan

Address: 4F, Daikokuya-building, Ginza 5-7-6, Chuo, Tokyo
(Exit A2 from Tokyo Metro Ginza)

TEL: 03-3289-5764
Open Hour: Weekday 11:00~19:00 / Weekend 10:00~ 18:00 (Available throughout the year)


If you are concerned about fashion, you would be familiar with these three words.
They are all related to making suits. 
But what are the difference?


What is Bespoke?
It is originally from the English words "Been spoken for. "
According to your own preferences and favorite fabric, 
so-called "made to order."

What is Tailor-made?
It means made by a tailor or with a tailor's care and style. : made or fitted especially to a particular use or purpose.

What is Order-made?
It is a word only used in Japan. 
Basically, it means custom-made.

every man's dream is to have their own custom fit and comfortable suit.
In Japan, there is  a place to make their dream to come true. 
-Ginza Sakaeya-
The best in Japan!
Come with us to experience making a custom-made suit!

# Intersection at Ginza 4-chome 

In the center of the bustling Ginza, 
Sakaeya is located at Ginza-4-chome!

It is here!!!
Sakaeya is located between TASAKI and GU.
On the same building where Daikoku-ya is on the 4F.

# Let's go up to 4F.

Pressed the elevator button! 
Let's go!

# Welcome to the world of the suits.

Wow!!! A suit of blue stripes and a set of black jacket and gray pants.
Like a showroom!


Wait! Just a suit shop?
Nothing really special??
Let's see!!!

# This is the legendary custom suit shop!

Line-up of advanced fabrics for suit jacket and all types of tuxedo. 

# Fabric line up

In order to allow customers to understand what they really want,
there are various colors, textures of fabrics displayed!

# Two top brands of fabric

The world's highest quality
British representative Alfred Dunhill 
Italian representative Ermenegildo Zegna

A custom-made suit shop focused on these two fabrics.

# Silhouette - continue to study

Good fabric is not enough to make a high-quality suit!
Technology and extensive skill and fashion trends are significant elements too.

It is the only shop in Japan who does regular silhouettes of Dunhill and Zegna every season.
With the original design and the unique tradition of Sakaeya, 
a perfect set of suit is being made!

# Tuxedos 

Often used for parties, art performances, events and other occasions,
get a tuxedo here!

A custom-made of a tuxedo is not only the creativity, 
but also the taste and style of the customers. 
It is difficult but cool!

Various plan of custom-made suit
Before choosing a fabric, let's choose your plan.

There are 3 plans (Extra fee is added for Black Label)

① Custom Order (50,000 yen/ Takes about 3 weeks)
About 60 % of the entire production process is handmade, the rest is machine. 
It is a reasonable price for a customized suit.
Not only directly use of the silhouette template, 
but adjust carefully according to the size and style of your body.

② Royal Full Order  (150,000 yen/ Takes about 1.5 weeks)

The entire production is handmade. The whole process is professional!
To shorten the production period, more people are involved on the cutting and sewing process.

③ Royal Full Order (350,000 yen/ Takes about 2 months)

The entire production is completed by the highest level professional.
A person completes all 22 steps and make it an exquisite work!

# Selection of fabrics

Under the recommendation and advice of the experts, 
they will suggest colors and material according to the height, skin color, body proportion, occasion.

Having most abundant Dunhill and Zegna fabrics in the house, 
you will definitely like it!

# What do you think about this fabrics?

An expert advised a dark blue and calm dark grey colors.

# Hard to make a decision

Standing in front of the mirror, 
what do you think??

Finally, we made the decision!!

# Choosing buttons

Excellent fabrics with excellent buttons! Exactly!
Diversity of choices, according to your style!
Gorgeous or athletic!

# Measuring size

The most important measurements indeed!

# Unique measurement method

In general, only one measuring long ruler is used!
A shorter one is only used by some British traditional tailors. 

Here, in Sakaeya,
its original measurement method is used.
Using both short measuring ruler for 30 spots and long measuring ruler for 15 spots.

Every detail is the key to determine the final qualified suits.

# Each step contains a meticulous expertise

After measuring the size, make it wet and dry again to prevent contraction.
After that, a model size of the measurement is to be determined.
Putting a piece of fabric on as the "core" of the chest region. 
That is the "skeleton" of the suit!

In Sakaeya, in order to show the suit into the fullest, 
2 various materials as the core are used for different parts.
After the core part has fixed,
the cutting starts!

# Roughly stitching 

Fabric is being cut according to the core measured paper.

# Combination of experience and technology 

Try on and fit every detail point.

With long-standing experience and high technology, a unique way of tacking is used to guarantee an excellent quality. 

Especially the fine adjustment to ensure the shoulder region is fitted but flexible.

# Perfectly "Fit"

No worries about a relatively large movement. 
No more inconvenient.
Find the pleasure in front of the mirror!

# Finally completed!

Perfectly fit! 
An original suit is completed!


Carefully chosen fabrics, coupled with rich experience in measurement and cutting. 

A suit to be done requires at least 3 weeks to 2 months. 
Therefore, you might be hesitated to make one during your travel in Tokyo.

No worries!
Sakaeya is well-prepared some well-done suit for people with different body sizes from around the world!

For example ......

# Asian-tit SUIT

It is made for the general body type of the Asians.

In order to achieve a more flexible shoulders and body line, the ratio of the width of the front and back is more flexible.
The line of the pants make show the shape of the hips perfectly.

Asian- (Chinese) Fit SUIT 128, 000 yen

# Extremely comfortable

Even it is not tailored, a well done suit can make your movement more comfortable and natural.
You can feel it from every details!

To achieve the dream of every man, 
come to find the "best tailor" in Japan!

SAKAEYA, representing Japan,  won the tailor competition worldwide in 2011, 2013 and 2015.
Of course the wealth of knowledge, depth of understanding of the suit, 
but also the heart and passion to make every piece a perfect art!

Having all these elements, 
a suit with both traditional spirit and stylish element can be done for every gentleman!

Come on! Have your own suit to highlight your sense of being a gentleman!!!
Here is your best choice!


Address: 4F, Daikokuya-building, Ginza 5-7-6, Chuo, Tokyo
(Exit A2 from Tokyo Metro Ginza)

TEL: 03-3289-5764
Open Hour: Weekday 11:00~19:00 / Weekend 10:00~ 18:00 (Available throughout the year)


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