Friday, October 30, 2015

# Shopping ♪ Meet the updating trend at the fashionable in Shibuya 109 Men's~ Vanquish

# Shopping ♪ Meet the updating trend at the fashionable in Shibuya 109 Men's~ Vanquish 

In Japan, a "trending term" called Shibukaji has been popularly used.  
This term is originally from the 80s, 
young people who was longing for the western style,
liked to wear leather jacket, boots.
That became the leisure look of the Shibuya fashion. 
Therefore, it called SHIBUKAJI. (Literally, it means shibuya casual)

Time flies. It is now the 21st century. 
Nowadays, Shibuya has become a well-known trendy land. 
Not only ladies' but also men's fashion has gained an important position here!

Wanna find the most updated and trendy fashion? 
You don't wanna miss this!
Vanquish in Shibuya 109 men's!

#Shibuya 109 Men's

A men's shopping building located in front of the JR Shibuya Station. 
Definitely, you have heard of "Shibuya 109" pretty popular among young ladies. 
Today, let us go and check the men's version. 

Speaking of Shibuya fashion, whether it is men or ladies, "109" has become the term to present "trendy and updating fashion. "
Let's check it out!

[Vanquish @ Shibuya 109 Men's]
Address: 1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo

- Black by VANQUISH: 6F
Tel: 03-3477-8111
Hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00 (Restaurant 11:00 - 23:00)
Open all year around (except January 1) 

Wow!!! Everything is fashionable!

"Motefuku" is a term of trendy fashion in Japan. 
Are you ready to be cool and fashionable?
Come on up with us!
109 MEN's

# VANQUISH 2015 Collection

[VANQUISH] means "conquest."
Literally, to conquer 109 Men's and become one of the leading brands here!

We are in Shibuya today.
Let's us show you some "Shibuya Suka jacket" there. 
It is about 22,000 yen.

You can see the dog printed on the jacket front. 
That is hachiko, the symbol of Shibuya. 
At the back, it is the print of Shibuya' popular spots!

Bold coloring are used.
Black and pink inside, blue and red inside, khaki and yellow inside. 
3 types that reflect Japanese modern culture and Vanquish original culture.


If you have lived in Japan or known much about Japan, you might probably know it!
It is a story about a faithful Japanese Shiba dog who goes to the station with its owner in the morning and then wait until him to go home at night. 
One day, its owner passed away because of sickness and never returned anymore. 
It waited at the station everyday until death. 

To memorize this faithful shiba, 
its statue has established in Shibuya, 
and now has become a symbol of Shibuya as well as Tokyo.

By the way,
the pictures above are our white shiba called Kuruki.
Check out her fan page here on Facebook

# Black by VANQUISH (6F)

Located on the 6th floor of Shibuya 109 MEN'S.
 Black by VANQUISH, is the brother brand of VANQUISH, MURDER LICENSE created to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
A new brand line split into dress-up line and casual line, to provide a rich assortment of fashion 
for everyone in different occasions.

# Dressy or Life-stylish

It is a little bit different from VANQUISH. 
Slightly wild but retain the tradition of Shibuya casual style. 
Available for different occasions.

#Vanquish 3F

The original shop.
Indeed it is a flagship shop, spacious store front and 
"Tax-free" is clearly written.
Yes!! Purchase of 10,001 yen or over (tax included), 
you can have 8% of tax refund. 

# Always Good DENIM

Nothing specific!
Representative items in VANQUISH!
There you are!

Excellent quality of fabric, 
nice cutting
and they are made in Japan.

#Stylish quality

Best of the jeans material is better known of "Okayama DENIM."
From traditional indigo to retro and damaged jeans.
Come here to find your favorite jeans
by colors, cutting, fabric and styles.

Jeans 12,000- 27,000yen + tax (reference price)

# Legenda

Vanquish casual style
More imaginative and carefree. 
Like stylish musician. 
So excited!

# Music & street

Hip-hop, electronic, electronic music. 
Great combination of popular music and street style.

PAST- FUTURE T -shirt  6000yen (tax excluded)

# Japanese printed T-shirt

Many foreign tourists like T-shirt printed with Japanese or Chinese character are very popular. 
Can you feel the Shibuya style?
Like "cho-yabai," literially means awesome.

T-shirt 5,000 yen (tax excluded)

# Girls boyish fashion too

Both tough and soft, casual and sporty.
Any kinds and any occasions!

Even girls can be cool and awesome in men's fashion.

※Tax excluded
Hat 9,500 yen
Tops 55,000 yen
T-Shirts  6,000 yen
Jeans 15,000 yen

Sweater 8,000 yen
Bottoming T-shirt (Black)  7,000 yen
Jeans  12,000 yen

Wool cap 4500 yen
Shirts  8,500 yen
Pants  9,000 yen
Package 10,000 yen

# Girls also feel the charm of VANQUISH

Wanna have a matching look with your partner or you are interested in boyish items?
No doubt!
Come on to VANQUISH!

Hat 7000 yen
Cotton sweaters (horizontal stripes) 7,000 yen
Jeans  16,000 yen
Tops 18,000 yen
* tax excluded

# Military VANQUISH!

VANQUISH is hot in its camouflage series.
Various colors, fabrics,
scarves to underwear. 
Rich assortment!
You don't wanna miss.

Camouflage T-shirt  8,500yen
Scarf 5,500yen
Boxers 3,000yen


Camouflage and jeans 
Leisure and wild 
That is VANQUISH style.

Denim jacket 16,000 yen (tax excluded)
Khaki hat 9,500 yen (tax excluded)

# Lady Rider

White leather jacket with damaged jeans!
Cool arrangement!
"Are you waiting for your partner riding a motorcycle?" lol 

White leather jacket (leather) 48,000 yen
T-Shirts  5,000 yen
Jeans  15,000 yen
* tax excluded

# Shibuya Couple

Twins fashion!
Wanna have a try in the area of Harajuku and Shibuya?

#Damaged jeans and motorcycle boots

Perfect match! 
A cool Shibuya style!

Wool cap 4500 yen
T-Shirts 5,000
Suga shirt 22,000 yen
Jeans 15,000

* tax excluded


Double-sized "Suka Jacket"
Different styles


At the back, full of the symbols of Tokyo.
From Hachiko in Shibuya, to Roppongi, ebisu, Daikanyama, 
It is vanquish again!

Let's check it out!!

"Shibukaji" and "Motefuku"
in VANQUISH, Shibuya

Different fashion style from Harajuku.
Casual and wild. 
Colors and models. 
Tokyo representative for everyone!

[Vanquish @ Shibuya 109 Men's]
Address: 1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo

- Black by VANQUISH: 6F
Tel: 03-3477-8111
Hours: 10:00 ~ 21:00 (Restaurant 11:00 - 23:00)
Open all year around (except January 1)