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#Shopping ♪ Get your favorite items at a fancy second-hand pawn shop in Japan - Rodeo Drive in Shinjuku -

#Shopping ♪ Get your favorite items at a fancy second-hand pawn shop in Japan - Rodeo Drive in Shinjuku -

"Second-hand items" 
many people have a common image about second-hand items.
Yes!! That is why these kind of pawn shops or flea markets are very popular in the weekend. 
Nowadays, a smarter way has been moved to the Internet!
A more friendly and environmentally way to take part in secondary trading as part of our life.

Surely most of you have heard of these shops, 
rich assortment of items!
Pretty interesting to put it into your travel schedule!

Of course not only buy, buy and buy, 
but also sell and exchange your own items in a reasonable price!
Cool shopping experience huh!

Okay, today, we have come to Rodeo Drive in Shinjuku!
Feel free to buy and sell!

Don't you remember last time, we have introduced you the interesting shopkeeper?
Okay! Let's see what we have bought this time!

▶ Rodeo Drive Shinjuku Store
Hours: 11:00 ~ 19:30 (Open all year-round)
1-min walk from Toei Oedo Line "Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station"
4-min walk from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit D5

HP (Japanese)

# Buy or Sell

There are a lot of items in good condition available to buy!
On the other hand, you are very welcomed to sell your items as well!
That is what pawn shop is! In Japanese, it is called "Shichiya."

As commodity trading, the most important thing is the "right value judgement" for merchandise.
In Rodeo Drive, there are professionals to evaluate 
like a S -level CELINE bag
can exchange a pair of FENDI shoes.....
blah blah blah 

# Quality & Diversity in Rodeo Drive

Whether it is the colors and models, Rodeo Drive has the most items throughout Shinjuke, 
especially Hermes. 
Whenever you visit, you will surprise by its quality and quantity of commodity!

What do you concern the most?
Let's see!

(Upper Left Corner:  Left>>Right)
Red wine Doble sens 270,000yen+TAX
(Price for reference 481,680yen)

Yellow Gypsy Her 500,000yen+TAX 
Orange Doble sens 270,000yen+TAX
(Price for reference 455,760yen)
(Upper Right Corner: Left >> Right)
Beige Ka Bag 83,000yen+TAX
Brown Garden party 260,000yen+TAX
Blue Garden party 285,000yen+TAX
(Price for reference 437,400yen)

Orange Picotin 165,000yen+TAX
(Middle Left: Left >>Right)
Leather Horse Charm 95,000yen+TAX
Red 1,750,000yen+TAX
Green Birkin 1,550,000yen+TAX
Orange Birkin 1,750,000yen+TAX
Black Birkin 2,000,000yen+TAX
(Middle right:  left>>right)
Green Doble sens 320,000yen+TAX
(Price for reference  481,680yen)

Pink Constans clutch bag 550,000yen+TAX
Burgundy clutch Bag 115,000yen+TAX
(Price for reference  145,800yen)

Red So Kelly 460,000yen+TAX
(Bottom: Left>>Right)

Christmas design accessory 55,000yen+TAX
Brown Sack a Depeche  price to be adjusted
Charcoal Brown Kelly Laki 1,570,000yen+TAX
burgundy Birkin 1,000,000yen+TAX
Leather canvas Kelly 1,300,000yen+TAX
Black Jige clutch 105,000yen+TAX

Black Her line bag  price to be adjusted
slip-on 64,000yen+TAX
bangle 40,000+TAX

#Full of autumn color

Items are full of seasonal colors!
Cool and fancy!

# Item that makes you feel warm

Simple design refined with sophisticated works, 
yellow and white 
Logo chain
A warm LADY Dior~

Dior LADY Dior handbag 300,000 + TAX

A season you like pink a lot
You like what there are a rich assortment of pink items in autumn 2015!
Let's check them out!

(Starting from left)
1. PRADA 2-way mini bag 90, 000 yen + TAX (reference price 112,320yen)
2. HERMES Jige 550, 000 yen + TAX (under negotiation)
3. PRADA 2-way mini bag 90, 000 yen + TAX (reference price: 127,440yen)
4. DOLCE & GABBANA tablet coat 16, 000 yen + TAX (reference price : 29,000yen)
5. (pale pink) LOUIS VUITTON 162, 000 yen + TAX
6. (deep pink BAG) PRADA 42, 000 yen + TAX
7. (pale pink BAG) PRADA 150, 000 yen + TAX

Like them all!!!
Deep pink, hot pink, light pink, a variety of pink!!
Which one do we like the most?
A hard question huh!

From wallet to handbag,
every single items has its own personality and usage...


Damier Monogram 
From basic models Damier Monogram, a variety of topics-class models are readily available, 
such as eye-catching blue EPI.

Blue EPI 365, 000 yen + TAX (reference price: 631,800yen)

# Some limited and precious models

Some unique styles of Monogram
Let's check!

(Front row)
Left 150, 000 yen + TAX (reference price 288,360yen)
220, 000 yen + TAX (reference price 423, 360yen)
Right 30, 000 yen + TAX (reference price 77,760yen)

(Back row)
Left 175, 000 yen + TAX (reference price 302,400yen)
Right 165, 000 yen + TAX (reference price 302,400yen)

#Luxury Watches

A variety of luxury watches, full of deep sense of autumn flavor.
Their diverse faces reveals their sense of maturity.

# Top of fashionable watch: Patek Philippe

Presenting success and pride, 
Patek Philippe was selected as the top choice always!
It is worth enough to get one at Rodeo Drive (4,500,000yen)

# The most advanced watches, show its precious as second-hand but unused at all.

 Tourbillon of "Jaeger-LeCoultre"
Swiss watch, the top level of watch technology.
Real popular brand!

This is second-hand but unused.
Its original price is 9,072,000 yen and now it is 6,000,000yen  (+tax)
three million cheaper than the original price!
Simply say, you can buy a car then^^

# Equivalent exchange of new shoes

"Thanks for everything. "
Let's exchange something new then!
You know, it is hard to find the new ones now!
What a great encounter in Rodeo Drive!

FENDI pumps 50, 000 yen + TAX

# Interested in shoes??

Glad that we find this unique model!
Great quality leather shoes,
Hermes Slip-on!

HERMES Slipon (with BOX) 64, 000 yen + TAX

# Wanted

Although we are not shoes collectors, 
we are excited to meet them, 
keep looking and looking! 
What should I do???

# One more Wanted!!!

A pair of Chanel shoes... 

CHANEL Knee-Hi sneakers (with BOX) 70, 000 yen + TAX

Oh!!! The soles of the shoes...
Wanna have a pair of these sneakers? 

# Let this fall be more elegant
Have some small accessories for this autumn!

(From left)
Van Cleef & Arpels Cross necklace 138,000 yen + TAX
Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra necklace 145,000 yen + TAX
Harry Winston Trist rings 800, 000 yen + TAX

Cute always with a mint color box !!!
You also wanna have one??

TIFFANY counter 
(From the left)
Cross Necklace 17,000 yen + TAX
Gold Chain Heart Necklace 200,000 yen+TAX
Solitaire Necklace 60,000yen+TAX
By the Yard Necklace 165,000yen+TAX
By the Yard Necklace 130,000yen+TAX

# RICH Autumn Jewelry

What a harvest season!
Let's check some designers' jewelry here at Rodeo Drive!

(From left)
CELINE ring 130, 000 yen + TAX
Cartier necklace 110, 000 yen + TAX
Cartier Love Ring (Silver) 110, 000 yen + TAX
Cartier Tank Francaise 160, 000 yen + TAX
Cartier Maillon Panthere Ring 69, 000 yen + TAX
Cartier Trinity necklace 110,000 yen + TAX
STAR JEWELRY Bracelets 83, 000 yen + TAX
STAR JEWELRY rings 13, 000 yen + TAX

# Be elegant 

Discovery and create the value and make it more elegant!

A paradise of the real value

At numerous re-use shop, Rodeo Drive gains the most valued from the customers!
Let's check them out in your Tokyo Shopping!

▶ Rodeo Drive Shinjuku Store
Hours: 11:00 ~ 19:30 (Open all year-round)
1-min walk from Toei Oedo Line "Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station"
4-min walk from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit D5

HP (Japanese)


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