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# Hot Springs ♪ Wear swimsuit then bathrobe (yukata) to hot springs! at Hakone Kowakien Hotel & Yunessun

# Hot Springs ♪  Wear swimsuit then bathrobe (yukata) to hot springs! at Hakone Kowakien Hotel & Yunessun

Put on swimsuit to enjoy a variety of special themes hot springs!
Take off swimsuit to enjoy a traditional open-air hot springs!
Where are we?
We are at the Hot springs theme park in Hakone
<Hakone Kowakien Hotel, Yunessan>

In the front, you can see a beautiful landscape and garden. 
Of course, there are also food and luxury rooms waiting for you at Hakone Kowakien Hotel!

Speaking of Hakone, 
you don't wanna miss hot springs huh!
Here, you would enjoy any a variety of hot springs, 
such as spa, and traditional one, as well as the open-air landscape!!!
How cool!

Let us enjoy an afternoon here in this fall!
Here you go! Let's start at Yunessun!!

[Hakone Kowakien YUNESSUN]
Address: 1297 Ninotaira, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa-ken 250-0407

[Business Hours]
Yunessun (the swimsuit area) 9:00 ~ 18:00
Mori-no-yu (standard open-air hot spring area) 11:00 ~ 18:00

Yunessun (the swimsuit area) Adult  2,900 yen / Children 1,600 yen
Sen-no-yu (Normal open-air hot spring area) Adult 1,900 yen/ Children 1,200 yen
Integrated Packages (Yunessun + mori no yu) Adult  4,100 yen / Children  2,100 yen

# Yunessun  
Hot springs theme park 
[Afternoon Tea]

Yes!!! It is [午後の紅茶](gogo no kocha, means afternoon tea)!
 A huge tea pot full of afternoon tea as hot springs water.
Aroma of tea and its ingredient helps you to relax!

[Afternoon tea themed hot spring]
Available until: 2016.1.11
Black tea running time: 13: 00/15: 00

# Magic soap bubble~

Above picture is a special event held until Oct 12. (Unfortunately it is end already.)
Looking at the transparent bubbles floating around brought us to go back to our childhood. 

Here, you can enjoy the excitement all year around!!!
What is it?

#Rodeo Mountain

It is a water slide from the higher point!
Peach themed and bubbles!  How excited!

# Warm water park 

How cool to wear swimsuit to play around in the special themed hot springs!

Excitement at the water slide, enjoyment in the water pool, beauty care from the hot springs

Next, let's go to relax!

# Mori no yu

Another face of Yunessun, 
it is traditional Japanese-style open-air hot springs.

Here, take off your swim suit, enjoy the real hot springs, 
get rid of the stress and fatigue of your soul and body.

Mori no yu (General open-air hot springs) 
Adult 1,900 yen/ Child 1,200 yen

# Ms. Beauty  ~

Comfortably soaking in the white sulfur springs, 
smooth skin is expected!

#Enjoy lunch time  -- Spaghetti --

It is an Italian restaurant called "Auntie Pasta" located in Yunessun. 
Where: Yunessun 1F, next to MIO MALL
Open Hour: 11:00~20:00 (Final order: 19:30)
Average budget a person: 1,000~1,800 yen

# Collaboration with Afternoon tea (午後の紅茶 , gogo no kocha)
After hot springs, let's enjoy your Italian lunch with afternoon tea.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary,
It is a limited menu ♡Karubotti (Carbonara+ Spaghetti)
collaborated with <Afternoon tea no sugar>.
A mild afternoon tea tasted dish!

# Take a walk within the garden of Hakone Kowakien Hotel 

First enjoy the comfortable hot spring at Yunessun, 
then get to Hakone Kowakien Hotel across the street stay over night!
What an ideal two-day, one-night trip in Hakone!

The garden in Hakone Howakien Hotel is very beautiful!
Walk across the bridge for about 10-min, we see a huge fall (Chisuji Falls).
A highly recommended walking route to everyone!

#Horai Garden in front of the garden of the hotel

About 30,000 azaleas can be found here!
Also, Hakone Kowakien Hotel is also well-known for fall foliage!
It has almost 100 years of history!

#Connected to the hotel 

The bridge is connecting the hotel to this charming garden. 

# An easy walking lane

Take a look at the map!
Wanna see the falls!!
Around November, it is a great season for driving and fall foliage.
Highly recommended to everyone!

#Chisuji Falls 

It looks like a lot of thread getting together. 
Height 3 meters and width 20 meters.

Green rocks like velvet, 
waterfall flows down quietly. 
Feel like in a fairy tale.

# Effort for great achievement

The founder of "Mikawaya Ryokan"  in order to attract more people to come to make a visit,
a walking lane is repair. 
Now, it has become one of the popular tourists resort of Hakone Kowakien Hotel!

# Spiritual (Power) spot in Hakone 

Quietly gazing the waterfalls, feel the great power!

Dinner time @ Japanese restaurant Yamabuki in Hakone Kowakien Hotel
Put on Yukata, enjoy the beautiful garden view outside the window 
and the sophisticated Japanese set at the same time.

Hakone Kowakien Hotel - Dinner 

# Eat with your eyes 

Simple but hearty
You can feel it from tableware to every corner on the table. 

Wow!! What a great dinner!

Enjoy the fall in Hakone Kowakien Hotel

A touching landscape in Hakone
An enjoyable experience in hot springs

Make it your Tokyo Trip!
Come visiting Hakone Kowakien Hotel, Yunessun!

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