Thursday, November 19, 2015

#Hot Springs ♪ How much do you know about these Relaxing baths!?

A Hot, Hot Spring Escape

--Bask in This Luxurious Reserved Baths-

When traveling to Japan, a great way to make the most of your experience is to try out the Japanese hot springs.

There are many delicious things to eat around Tokyo, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Shibuya, etc. also there are countless places to go shopping. In a city that doesn’t sleep, you’ll find many places to keep you going till you drop. But "where can I go to relax?", you may be wondering.

Spending a night in the suburbs of Tokyo internet surfing at an onsen in the city doesn’t exactly sound like a Japan trip.

How much do you know about the Japanese culture of onsen? Will simply saying Japanese hot springs include men and women in separate rooms with hot water, suffice to show the significance of this culturally rooted practice?

The significance is in the location and experience. Imagine yourself sitting in a smoldering hot spring, watching the slow, gentle falling of snow across the wandering white snowcapped peaks of nearby mountains. That's right! Sign us up too!!

Our recommendation for your trip is Okawaso in Aizu Wakamatsu.

#Reserved Baths

Usually Japanese hot springs are separated between men and women, however at Okawaso you can have reserved rooms for men and women, couples and families where you can all enter the springs together.  Included with these rooms are meals, making it a popular tourist destination akin to a famous spa resort. Set your inhibitions free and take the plunge into this sweet deal.

# Hot Springs are extremely Popular in Japan

Allow your children to experience a new and unique culture. You know what they say, ‘The family that bathes together, stays together!’

It’s a wonder why private hot springs are not yet playing a bigger role in selection of hot spring accommodations. 

Private Baths

Private baths can be enjoyed within a predetermined time bath.
Most of the hot springs at the inn work on an hourly schedule.
There is also hot spring inn available for free
Paid reservations for hot spring inn are also available.

5 Private Baths with Bath Cosmetics
Shampoo, conditioner, and body shampoo are included in the set for each room your book.
Towels are provided as well in a designated room.
In some private rooms, towels are already provided in the bath.
It's actually quite an exclusive hot spring inn when you have private baths.

Quality Family Time

No need to worry about loud or noisy kids
Because you’ll have the space all to yourself.
This is one of the benefits of private baths! 
Delicious Meals
Dinner Time after the Hot Springs
Another reason why these hot springs are amazing, the individual delicious dinner we can enjoy! The bulk of the costs are covered in the included price for staying at the hot springs.

After the heat of the hot spring a cold draft beer to calm the nerves will hit the spot! And later you can dine on dishes such as sukiyaki or shabu-shabu. Sink your teeth into a taste of real Japanese cuisine.

In-room private baths

Think there are many people who wish they can have a private hot spring in their room?
Of course there are!
Priced plans for these luxury stays are:
Regular bath / 2 days, 1 night/ (breakfast / dinner included) 15,000 yen/ per person.
Private baths/ 2 days, 1 for 25000 yen for / per person

Thanks to the private bath in the room, these rooms have remained fairly popular among tourists.
Since this type of room is very well maintained, the price is more than reasonable in our opinion.

But a large hot spring resort for VIP customers, you may want to upgrade your room to this type.

Private Room Part 2

Just like a dream!
Relaxing here is so heavenly!

This photo is from the  Hakone Kowakien Hotel.

The Public bath (Matsugawa-ya)

In Japan, we use the term public bath to describe this type of room with hot springs.
Within the inn, there are indoor baths as well as outdoor open-air baths!

Outdoor Open-Air Bath (Matsugawa-ya)

An Open-air bath would is the perfect concoction for those looking to escape the cold. The combination of the cold upper, and warm under, provide a unique sensation one must explore someday in the their lifetime.

When the winter snow sets in, "Yukimi" is a term that is often used to describe sitting in a hot spring admiring the snow.

Warm your body in the hot spring
but dash when getting out and in!

To hear the sound of nature while watching the sky and snow, there's no better feeling!!

Various Hot Springs (Kita Onsen)

There are thousands of hot spring locations in Japan alone.
Of course, the components of each hot spring are a little different.
Time and time again we make our way back to the hot springs, and wonder will we ever grow tired of this soul awakening experience?

The picture above is a large hot spring north of Nasushiobara
It's well known as a filming location for the movie "Thermae Romae"
This hot spring inn is very good, because the accommodations provide quite an old feeling, rustic feeling,
It might be a bit inconvenient for those seeking more modern conveniences

Themed Hot Springs

Yunessun in Hakone Kowakien is a famous spa where you can wear a swimsuit and enjoy it.
A variety of themes, such as the event hot spring water, is an interesting draw for first timers to hot springs.
You can easily imagine the inn as a hot spring waterpark equipped with waterslides!

Mixed Bathing

Not only just for us, but public baths that everyone can use, regardless of whether you're male or female.
While there are portions of this bathhouse where you can slip in, in the nude, but they are separated from the general mixed bathing public.
Most places will designate where you can enter with just a towel or swimwear.

The photo above is of a hot spring at the Sun Valley Resort of Nasushi Obara
Because this type is for full swimsuits,  it's great for anyone to enter regardless of gender. It is also a very nice place for a hot spring trip with a number of friends who are first timers to hot springs.

Hot spring trip of Japan
Only when the snow falls in winter, do hot springs feel more charming 
Why not plan your next Japan hot spring trip!?

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