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# Shopping ♪ Recommended Souvenir to friends! FC far infrared supporter by Hakujuji

# Shopping ♪ Recommended Souvenir to friends!  FC far infrared supporter by Hakujuji 
*Made in Japan*

① Is it cold in Japan's winter?
Basically, it is not that cold in Tokyo. Most of the time is above 0 degree Celsius.  
Of course, if you don't turn on heater at home, you will be freezing like staying outside!

② How do Japanese people keep warm?
There are several patterns. All family members sat around a table eating tangerines while watching TV at night! Have you seen it in some Japanese dramas?
Those kind of table is called Kotatsu! 
There is a heater under the table. 

But any ways to avoid to be plugged in electricity?
Like heat generated by some kinds of chemical reaction to keep warm of your body!

③ Let's see what is  far infrared effect!
Recently, you will see a lot of "fiber insulation material" is used.
These material is used to absorb the sweat (heat) from your body then to generate steam to keep warm. 
But what if sweating a lot then, your body will be getting cold easily.
This will help your body to be covered by a higher temperate but not really to warm your body.
So in order to maintain your body temperature, we can try the far infrared effect!

This time, JAPANKURU is going to introduce you a popular souvenir.
Use far infrared effect to keep warm and relieve the pain of the joints.
Yes!!! Made in Japan FC far infrared items!

# Popular items ~ FC farinfrared supporter series

Favorited by 150 million people in Japan,
FC far infrared supporter series by Hakujuji!!

The use of far infrared effect, not only can ease the pain and fatigue of shoulders, knees, ankles and other major joints of muscle.
It also conveys heat to keep warm of our internal body.

It has become a popular item, along with the ROIHI-TSUBOKO (medicated patch sheet to ease pain) of the shopping list of most of the Asian visitors. 

FC far infrared Supporter Series:

Knee pad 1,880 yen + tax
knee pad (long type) 1,980 yen + tax
Ankle pad 1,880 yen + tax
shoulder pad 1,980 yen + tax
Supporter belt 3,980 yen + tax

Where to buy?
LAOX stores throughout Japan

For more info. about manufacturers 

Like this!!

It seems like the normal knee pad though. 
Actually, it has its secret point!
Before understanding the far-infrared radiation effect
let's go out to have a walk!

# Venus Fort @ Odaiba

First, let's get to Venus Fort in Odaiba.
It is a comprehensive shopping outlet that you don't wanna miss it during your Tokyo trip!
Today, we gotta visit LAOX, the large tax-free shopping store on the 1F!

# LAOX Venus Fort store

Yes!! It is Japan's largest scale comprehensive Galleria!!!

To most of the Japanese, they might go to Yodobashi Camera, BIC Camera and Don Quixote. 
Then, for foreign visitors, LAOX is their choice!

# Collection of most of the popular items

All kinds of popular items in LAOX!
Whether it is home appliances, watches, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or supplies or, 
even snacks and so on, all kinds of good are popular to foreign visitors. 
Entirely like a department stores!

Although there are a lot of stores in Tokyo, 
today, we have come the LAOX Venus Fort store in Odaiba, 
which has a larger area then the ones in Akihabara, Ginza and Shinjuku!
A shopping paradise to everybody!

# Recommended souvenir 

Replacement of popular items in each seasons go very fast!
But we find this "FC far infrared support series" has always maintained its high popularity.

# Why do we recommend?

① Inexpensive
Not over 2,000yen.
Get one for yourself and a few more to your friends!

② Hakujuji, manufacturer has more than a hundred year of history.

Hakujuji has a 100 years history of cotton production.
It officially provides medical products to hospitals in Japan. 
To maintain a high standard of quality, 
safety and security is being protected.

Oh!!!! The secret point is "black silica."

# ③ Natural black Silica 

It is said that a kind of stone, helps to prevent snow accumulation in Hokkaido, Japan.
It is a natural ore, black silicon. 
It naturally produces far infrared rays and negative ions, known as rich in minerals.

FC far infrared supporters, are the items using black silica to create far infrared effects, helps to ease pain and stay warm. 

# A satisfactory results on the waist and the abdomen

A supporting belt has black silica both in the front and at the back.
Like other items of the same series, 
it is not only relieve pain of your back but also ease the pain of women during menstruation. 

# The most favorite among 5 items 
"Knee Pad"

Foreign visitors like buying the knee pad so far. 
It has M and L two sizes. 
Not only the function of its far infrared effect 
but also its flexible and comfortable fiber to put on!

# Look at its flexibility!

Let's try!
It fits your body but never give you an oppressive feeling while wearing it!
So don't worry of wearing it for a long time!

# Collection of the while series

Secret weapon of black silica and its flexible material, 
no doubt are the reasons of its high popularity. 

A song of all their functions♪
For nice foot therapy and pleasant ankles
Relieve the fatigue of shoulders
Ease pain of knees and legs
Keep warm of the back, hips and stomach 

# Knee pads (2 types: M and L sizes)
Help relieving pain on the knees in the cold season.

# Densely covered with black silica holds

Far infrared black silica to guarantee an expected effect on the skin!

# No oppressive

Not tightly bounded, 
light and soft~

# Short and long types

Not only cover the knees but also part of the thighs.
Get the type you prefer.

# Put it on to travel conveniently 

No worry of slipping up and down even you walk and move a lot!
It is available for most activities.

#Ankle pad (2 sized: M and L)

Cover the whole ankle for the far infrared effect!
You might wear it during sleeping. 

# For foot therapy

Keep warm from the ankles
Make use of the far infrared effect to relieve fatigue.

Use it along with the knee pad for the whole leg care!

# Far infrared care belt (S~M, L~LL )

Not only to support the core of your body but also from the back, waist and to abdomen. 
Negative ion can help promote blood circulation as well.

# Far infrared around the whole body 

Elasticity of the material around the whole waist,
it helps keep warm and ease pain during menstruation every month. 

# Insert warm pad inside the belt

If you have serious physical pain or feel cool easier of your stomach, 
Put it some heated pad to promote the far infrared effect.

# Shoulder pad (Left and right)

Help to relieve fatigue after exercise! 

# net and knitting

Airknit materials for good ventilation under the armpit !

# Souvenir for everybody

Each has its own function, 
just get the one for your necessity!

From shoulders to ankles

Make use of the far infrared rays!
Get one for yourself, parents and friends!
If you visit Odaiba, don't forget to have a shot with gundam!

FC far infrared Supporter Series:

Knee pad 1,880 yen + tax
knee pad (long type) 1,980 yen + tax
Ankle pad 1,880 yen + tax
shoulder pad 1,980 yen + tax
Supporter belt 3,980 yen + tax

Where to buy?
LAOX stores throughout Japan

For more info. about manufacturers 

<LAOX stores throughout Japan>
-Chitose Outlet Mall Rera Store
- Asahikawa Ekimae Store

- Akihabara Main Store
- Shinjuku Main Store
- Venus Fort Store
- Akihabara-asobitcity 

- Nikko Toshogu Store

- Daimaru Shinsaibashi Store
- Shinsaibashi-suji store

- Fukuoka Canal City Hakata Store
- Marinoa City City store
- Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin store

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