Thursday, November 12, 2015

# Shopping ♪ Best Souvenir in Tokyo! Cute Deco Late ~Gudetama Series~

# Shopping ♪ Best Souvenir in Tokyo!  Cute Deco Late ~Gudetama Series~

Do you remember Deco Latte?
We have brought them all to enjoy a cute of "Deco Latte"under the tree of cherry blossoms!

If you like cartoon characters,
you definitely know the KIDDY LAND in Harajuku!
Especially, at the entrance of 1F and Rilakkuma corner on 4F, 
there are many popular goods for foreign visitors!
Little pack of "Deco Latte"
Wanna get a pack???

Wait!!! A new series!
It is gudetama!!!!!!

New series of Gudetama!!!!!

"Let's get started from tomorrow!"
"Wanna go to hot springs!"
"Oh!! So tired!!!"

How cute!!!!
It is "lazy" or "relaxing" appearance~
An egg yolk keeps talking by itself or complaining like human beings???
A nice debut of gudetama on Deco Latte!

# Yamashiroya, in front of Ueno Station

We can't wait to see the "Deco Latte" of Gudetama!
So today, we have come to Yamashiro, in front of Ueno station. 
It has 40 years history. 
A good location for dads to come by after work,
looking for toys for their kids and maybe themselves lol

Here we go!

[Ueno Yamashiroya]
Address:  6-14-6 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
JR Ueno Station, opposite of Hirokoji Exit

TEL: 03-3831-2320
Open Hour: 10:00~21:30
Closed: Jan 1

 # 1F  Wow!!! A lot of Deco Latte

Wow!!! There are a lot of toys from all around the world on the 1F Yamashiroya. 
Next to the cashier counter, it is the corner of Deco Latte!
You can imagine how popular it is!

# Wow!!! Got you!! Gudetama!!

It seems a very hot character in Asian countries.

# A lot of choices

There are three types of packages.
① A set (5 pieces)
② B set (5 pieces)
③ C set (10 pieces)

Wow!!! A lot of expressions!!
Gotta buy them all  lol 

# Cute Gudetama

Bathing Gudetama, singing Gudetama, complaining Gudetama, 
Gudetama playing on the toast, sleeping Gudetama, 
Annoying to use chopstick Gudetama~

More than 20 kinds of expressions!
A variety of Gudetama appearing in our everyday life!
It is too cute to let them melt in the coffee and drink them all lol

# Our new choice for souvenir in Tokyo!

Isn't it a reasonable price, cute present?
Of course there are many Gudetama products!
This one is kind of special huh!!!
Since it is listed in a food category, 
it has an expire day lol

For us, we are happy to get it as present ^^

# Filled a basket

Our shopping cart lol!!
Full of Gudetama Deco Latte!

# Rich assortment of choice

Besides, Gudetama, there are snoopy and Rilakkuma, too.

Wondering if there will be Doraemon series in the future. lol

# Everyone's favorite "Snoopy"

We can't miss Snoopy!!!
New Snoopy movie is on the screen now!
Who wanna join us? lol

# Snoopy or Rilakkuma?

Let's bring them all home!

# We want everything!

Gudetama, Snoopy, and Rilakkuma 
Who can stop us????

# Gudetama, gudetama, gudetamaaaaaaa

Oh!!! Let's see...

# First, you have your coffee ready???

Not only coffee, tea, latte, green tea are also fine!
The point is "hot drink."
It is a must for Deco Latte!

# Take out a piece of Deco Latte

Use your hand, just hold it at the folding corner!
Looks like we are pinching gudetama!

# Put it on top of the coffee

Are you ready???? 
Our main role for today!!

# It is melting.....

It starts to melt after putting on the coffee 5-10 seconds.
Don't shake your cup in order to have a nice shaped Deco Latte!

# Completely melted Deco Latte

You can release it on top of the cup completely.

Although it is only original color of Gudetama, 
we can still see its shape expression. 
It looks so mean lol 

# We feel released after seeing its face lol

Thanks you!! Let's take a break!

Best Souvenir in Tokyo!  Cute Deco Late ~Gudetama Series~

It looks a very simple figure, but it has a deeper meaning indeed.
It seems indifferent to everything, but it has a serious expression when you take a closer look and silent attention.

Let's take a break! Have a drink with Deco Latte!
Looking forward to more new series!

If you have chance travel in Tokyo,
why don't you come to Yamashiro in Ueno, 
just nearby Ameyoko. 
Maybe you will be like us!!
A Deco Latte shopping!

"Wanna go to hot springs~"
By the way, are you eating egg (Gudetama) ? lol

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