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# Shopping ♪ Everything about NEW ERA JAPAN! Flagship shop of NEW ERA in Harajuku!! Are you ready?

# Shopping ♪ Everything about NEW ERA JAPAN!  Flagship shop of NEW ERA in Harajuku!! Are you ready?

New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers
Are you walking at the frontier of fashion?
You definitely have at least one printed logo baseball cap of the United States major league of NEW ERA!
Keep the sticker of 59FIFTY,
that is the latest street fashion!!!

Baseball cap, the most suitable fashion with jeans.
its products have been officially become the licensed items of 
the US Major League (MLB) and outdoor sports like golf, 
fedora, and hunting cap!

You know what? 
Items of NEW ERA are mostly designed in Japan!
So today, we gotta bring you to NEW ERA® TOKYO!
Let's check the original NEW ERA CAP!!
JAPAN limited edition and items besides caps!
Don't miss it if you are fans of NEW ERA!
Come on to the "NEW ERA" World!

[NEW ERA® TOKYO in Harajuku]
Address: 2nd Floor,  WAVE building,  3-20-9 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo

Tel: 03-6447-1810
Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00

Homepage (Japanese)

# Beyond the street fashion culture

NEW ERA, not only the symbol of practical cap
It has also become the symbol of pop fashion culture!
Good-looking, stylish, cool,
Symbol and identity of popular street culture of young people!
Come on to the frontier of fashion

# There you go!

Trip to NEW ERA® TOKYO has started!
Takashita-dori exit!
Let's feel the young and fresh street culture!
Indeed, you will get into the atmosphere easily!

Are you ready???

# Takeshita-dori

A crowd of unique personality in Takeshita-dori!
How many are wearing NEW ERA CAP??
Can you recognized the shiny sticker of 59FIFTY???

Okay!!! Passing through Takeshita-dori and cross the street,
you will see a white building with convenience store Family Mart. on the ground floor!

# WAVE Building 2F

While you see the Family Mart, at the same time you will see a familiar logo!
2F of Wave Building is our destination today!
Base camp of street culture!


Although it is also within the area of Harajuku,
it is a land filled with personality,
a corner called "Ura-harajuku."
Our destination for today is 
the flagship shop of NEW ERA in Tokyo!

Starting with the represented cap 59 FIFTY,  a variety of bags, clothing and a rich assortment of product lines; moreover, the latest products and a variety of Japan limited goods!
Indeed, a base camp of fans of the NEW ERA in the world!!!

# Collection of NEW ERA

NEW ERA CAPS are everywhere on the shelves!
Wanna bring them all home with the same interior??

# Official MLB caps

The caps of players wearing in the American Major League Baseball
This series are same as the ones used in the actual game!

Let's briefly review the history of NEW ERA!
NEW ERA was founded in 1922,
first mainly produce male caps.
From 1934 onward,
 after making caps for the major league Cleveland Indians team,
it began its mass production of baseball caps.
Then, NEW ERA CAPS have become many major league player's favorite item!
In 1950, it officially became a major league official cap manufacturer and distributor.
A new design element was then added and renamed as 5950 ( i.e. 59FIFTY series)
Soon indeed has became the most popular products!

Since then, 
NEW ERA CAPS are not loved by baseball players but also, hip-hop musicians and their fans!
Different shapes, styles and patterns are different in every season!
It is not only as the popularity of baseball caps,
but a brand with various characteristics of a lot of original elements!

#  How do you choose?
Your favorite team or your favorite logo??

If you are a baseball fan, you probably will choose your favorite team's logo
to support your favorite team!

Even it is the same baseball team, 
there are various design of logo!
Many foreign visitors would come to get them for their collection!

# Plenty of choices!

Whether it is colors, patterns or materials,
infinite combinations!

Slightly different patterns, behind messages,
or even unique logo of Yankees with lipstick mark!
Various options to express your fashion sense!

#Size Chart

Full sizes are avaialble!
All kinds of caps are in US sizes.
There are five kinds of children's and nine of adult's!

Beside fitted size, cm scaled size is listed as well!
Anyways, US size of NEW ERA CAP is kind of a culture too!

# Symbol of NEW ERA Style
Size sticker!!!

The one attached on the cap visor!
This sticker had been intended to indicate the size of 59FIFTY series!
Keeping it on the cap visor is a kind of culture!
It has now become a kind of "swagger" of NEW ERA FANS!!!
Stickers are available for sell separately too!

There are a lot of stories about the stickers!
One is a black rapper has become stars finally and wanna to express his success,
he tried to keep all his belonging in a new state!
(such as Nike basketball shoes and a luxury car, etc.)
So this becomes a trend of the NEW ERA's sticker too!
Another one is generally, shopkeeper will help you get rid of the sticker once you buy a new cap.
The young guys wanna show off of the new cap they have stolen,
So the sticker is kept!

Believe it or not?
Depends on you...
whether it is the origin of the street story...

# tax free

Like other fashion shops,
NEW ERA in Harajuku is a tax-free shop!
A wide variety of types of items!
Hey friends, don't miss it!

Let's Steam your cap!

In Japan, only two stores, Harajuku and Osaka stores provide this service!
Bring your cap here and place it on this Cap Care Machine through steaming!
A brand new cap is born!
You can enjoy this free service even your cap is not bought here!

If you are in Tokyo,
just drop by and 
bring your NEW ERA CAP to try this service!

It is official video on the NEW ERA homepage too!




#Only In JAPAN

Cute series of Disney! Japan limited edition!
Mike in Monsters, Mickey and Minnie's are Japan limited edition!!
Come and try the collaborated items of NEW ERA and Disney!


# Collaboration with SK8 GOD !!

Not only collaboration of Disney but also 
King of skateboard~
Mark Gonzales 

Representative brand of young people!

# Series of Camouflage

The latest camouflage series
Are you ready to pick up some camouflage items?

No worry of too boyish!
Beyond your imagination!
It is easy to mix and match!

# Tokyo original series

Original "TOKYO CAP" series is only available here in NEW ERA TOKYO!
Japanese character "ニューエラトーキョー" is printed!
A must-get collection!

TOKYO CAP  5,400 yen + TAX (reference price)

# cute baseball cap

59FIFTY series with a little heart!
Plus the name of the city!
Indeed, a smart official manufacturer!

Yankees my love ♡
 59FIFTY YANKEES KISS 5, 400 yen + TAX

Bright and fresh color of combinations
A  New York style!


# Original force and energy

A new series of Star Wars is released in December!
Collaborated items with NEW ERA
Star Wars fans!!! Are you ready???

STAR WARS collaborated 5,500yen+TAX

# Craftsmanship 

Not only caps, 
NEW ERA also produces other products!

(Upper) camouflage backpack 11,000 yen + TAX 
(lower) Reversible Duffle Bag 14, 000 yen + TAX

# Perfect match 

Collaborated with Yohji Yamamoto!
Enjoy the style of NEW ERA, even you are not hip-hop musicians!

Yohji Yamamoto collaborated 15, 000 yen + TAX 
backpack 33, 000 yen + TAX

# Mix and match time!!!

Thanks for the advice of the shopkeepers!
Let's showtime!

# The first style~  STADIUM GIRL

Well matched to go out to baseball fields or basketball courts!
Black and white cap, jacket and backpack!

59FIFTY NBA NETS White visor 5, 000 yen + TAX
Stadium Jacket Full Patch 48, 000 yen+ TAX
Carrier Pack 11, 000 yen + TAX 

# The Second style~ Street Hunter

Hang out casually!
Coupled with camouflage cap and bag to express a casual street style ~

  Explorer Washed Cotton 4, 500 yen + TAX
Waist Bag 6, 000 yen + TAX

# The third style ~ College Casual

Over-sized handbag, hoodie and cap
Should be popular at school with this refreshing style

Pom-Pon Knit Star Line 4, 200 yen + TAX
Sweat Pullover Hoodie / Tote Bag  10, 000 yen + TAX

No cap, No life!

If you are cap-lovers, 
you probably would like to have this "cap carrier."
Available for 2-6 caps 
Good for travel or storage 

Cap Carrier 3,000~5,800yen + TAX

To all NEW ERA FANS!!!

In addition to caps, NEW ERA also prepared a lot of items and accessories!
Ear warmers, G-SHOCK watches, key chains, 
and the "stickers"
Don't miss it!

# Just a cap 

What's the difference?
A new style is born!

59FIFTY Ball Concept 10,000yen+TAX

Fresh & Sporty style

9FIFTY Snapback Yankees 4,500yen+TAX/59FIFTY NFL ONFIELD NY Giants 5,000yen+TAX

Tweed & Golf Style

The Eastside Tartan Check 5,800yen+TAX

Cool & Chic Style

59FIFTY Metallic Badge Yankees 5,800yen+TAX/ EK The Bidwell Grosgrain Band 6,500yen+TAX

Side story: Siberia, Alaska Style

EK / The Trapper Jazz Neo Oxford 6, 800 yen + TAX

Come on!
Let's put your CAP on!


A cap achieves the popular culture of the whole universe!
A must-have item of the street style fashion!
You don't wanna miss it!
A fashion brand's flagship store in Tokyo!
Of course it is located at trendy land, Harajuku!

If you have chance come to Tokyo or live in Tokyo,
drop by to try the Swagger Street style!
Here you are! 

[NEW ERA® TOKYO in Harajuku]
Address: 2nd Floor,  WAVE building,  3-20-9 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6447-1810
Hours: 11:00 ~ 20:00

Homepage (Japanese)



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