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# Shopping ♪ Christmas time is coming to town~ Grab some presents from Sanoya!

# Shopping ♪ Christmas time is coming to town~ Grab some presents from Sanoya! 

Wish you a Merry Christmas in advance!
Are you looking for the Christmas Day on December 25?

Time flies~
Let's have the greatest happiness of a year!
We are wondering what Christmas present to choose this year!

We have come to Otsuka today to look for some Christmas present!

[Sanoya information]
Address: 3-33-9 Kita-otsuka, Toshima, Tokyo (Main Store)
Open Hours: 9:30 - 19:30 (Closed every Sunday)
Tel: 03-3949-8111

Official Site (Japanese)

# Christmas gifts @ SANOYA

To appreciate the love and support to our family.
Mom, dad, sis, bro and our doggies, 
of course ourselves!
Let's choose an elegant present to warm our hearts! 

# SANOYA is a second-handed shop!

Wait... isn't it weird to pick a second-handed items as Christmas present?
But SANOYA definitely won't disappoint you!

In the past 100 years, with its excellent quality and accurate identification, 
SANOYA has established its good reputation in Otsuka. 
Give the re-use products a new value! 
So we can say every individual item here has the same value as new product!

Although new item always has good image, it is hard for you to find some rare models
or some items that has a warm background story!

Okay! Today we would like to introduce you
how the staffs in SANOYA helping us to choose a Christmas present.

# Christmas item① Watches

"Gift of time"
With a profound meaning!
It is appropriate for presents, lovers, any of your beloved ones.

A good watch passes from generation to generation,
a long-term value against inflation!
Old-fashioned or retro manual winding watch?
Pick their favorite one!
They would definitely like it!

Time creates value!

# Christmas item② Hermes

Always longing eternal luxury brand "Hermes" of women. 
Wow! A dream platinum bag.

You know what?
Some expensive models of Hermes is worth enough to buy a car!
The less expensive models are still several times expensive than the other brands!
it seems nothing different from the appearance,
the world's Hermes is the pursuit of career women!

Although it seems a little bit unattainable, Hermes bags always rank the top of the choice of Christmas present!

# Christmas item③ Hermes

Real luxury, advanced and practical!
No doubt it is Louis Vuitton!
What if I can only buy a bag a year,
LV is our first choice!
From girl to lady, from student to career woman, 
this is always the best choice of present!

# Christmas item④ Taste of gentlemen

Wanna check the taste of a gentleman, 
please notice his watch and belt!
Young adults like wearing jeans with artificial holes, and sporty design of watch.
Then, unconsciously begin to pursue a "gentleman" style a day!
There you are,
your dad!

Grab a belt and watch to your dad as a Christmas present!

# JR Otsuka Station
Let's grad a Christmas present in this classical old town 

The only streetcar running in Tokyo called "Toden" around the classical old town area.
An area retains restaurants and shops full of the atmosphere of Showa period and
some "antique" convenience store.
It is just a step away from the commercial center of Ikebukuro.
Otsuka, an classical old town full of Japanese-style scene.

#  SANOYA welcomes us as we get off from the station

Go left from JR Otsuka Station north exit,
it is the entrance of the shopping street!
Oh!! It is the pink sign 
<SANOYA~ Sanoya-eki-mae Store> (Store in front of the station)

It is a 2-story building!
1F  "BARGAIN HALL" Various brands of accessories such as bags and small practical items 
2F Basic brand models such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci and others.

2F  bags corner of SANOYA in front of JR Otsuka Station 

# 2F rich assortment of bags in different brands

Besides Monogram, there are Louis Vuitton, Gucci and else. 
Besides the store in front of JR Otsuka Station, 
there are 8 others stores as well!!!
Let's check!

# 1F Everyday Bargain!

[Bargain Hall] 
You can check some moderate price brand bag
like Baccarat, crystal products and jewelry of SWAROVSKI.
Oh!!! Shopping time has started! 

# Let's find the rare models

Wanna find some valuable items, 
you must check carefully!
Wow!!! TUMI Carrier and backpacks, which are good for any kinds of travel!
Also, there are collaborated models with RIMOWA!

# 3 SANOYA stores gathering together 

Keep on walking along the shopping street, you will see a pink sign!
That is the second building of SANOYA.

On the ground floor, 
it is the popular store of [LV Monogram+]

1F  Jewelery Shops [JEWELRY J&B]
2F Second-hand fashion [DEPOVENT]

Popular LV items
You don't wanna miss it!

#LV Monogram+

It is just a paradise of LV fans!!!
Just go downstairs and check a rich assortment of Monogram. 
A monogram store that has 100 years history. 
No doubt it has the most numbers of LV items here!!!

# SANOYA headquarter 

Beside the [LV Monogram], it is SANOYA headquarter. 
You can find a wide range of gorgeous watches!
Can you feel the power from the window???
How attractive!!!

# Let's choose a watch as Christmas present

Wondering a while, 
let's check an advanced models,
glad that it is an affordable products!

# Let's try it first!

Wanna see if it fits you or not,
try it on!
 It looks a simple watch on the wrist but maybe you just don't recognize the details.

Next, let's check our "dream watch"!!!

# Find its value ~ pair watches

It is the pair watches of Louis Vuitton. 
Although it is categorized as second-handed item, 
it is unused!

If both of the watches above are brand new items, 
380,000yen and 300,000yen
Total will be more than 680,000yen!
If you buy them in SANOYA,
just 447,110yen!!
It is 35 % off!

And you might not find the same watches again at other stores, 
so enjoy its value!

# SANOYA Boutique J&B

# Luxury Closet

Every girl would like to wear a Chanel series, 
as well as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, FENDI, Ferragamo, etc. 
Clothes, shoes, groceries, etc. 
A lot of choices!!!
All are second-handed!

# Whole set of Chanel

An elegant wooden fabric set!
What a happy time!
Like a model!

Chanel Jacket 248,400yen
Chanel shirt 118,800yen

# Chanel 's coats   Series of Spring 2013

So excited to try these cute sets on!

Chanel green coat  324,000yen

# Let's put this on to party Christmas!

Fit & Flare (Tight upper and open skirt open) is designed 
to highlight the beautiful body lines. 
Knit dress in winter, together with a jacket and the favorite denim bag!
Ready for casual to formal occasions!

Chanel  knit dress 162, 000 yen
Chanel chain belt cowboy Bag 432, 000 yen

Chanel jacket 362, 880 yen

Madonna, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams, David Beckham, Leonardo, etc., 
Their common point is, they like the very popular celebrity brand Moncler!
Yes! It is the brand favorite by most of the climbers.

Let's come and meet it this winer!

Moncler padding 75, 600 yen

# LV Cindy Sherman Camera Messenger Bag   432, 000yen

It is the collaborated item with Cindy Sherman, the famous American photographer. 

# From classic to romantic to leisure 
Let's find your favorite ones!

Fashion can change your style definitely!

# Find your Christmas present at SANOYA

If you have chance come to Tokyo,
just drop by SANOYA
to experience the happiness!

SANOYA, a shop of more than 100-year of history!

[Sanoya information]
Address: 3-33-9 Kita-otsuka, Toshima, Tokyo (Main Store)
Open Hours: 9:30 - 19:30 (Closed every Sunday)
Tel: 03-3949-8111

Official Site (Japanese)

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