Wednesday, December 2, 2015

# Japan Share House ♪ Whether you are a foreigner of Japanese, find your ideal accommodation at Oakhouse Shibuya Information Center

# Japan Share House ♪ Whether you are a foreigner of Japanese, find your ideal accommodation at Oakhouse Shibuya Information Center

Whether you are planning a working holiday in Japan, studying, working, or sightseeing, 
what will you do?
Go online, net surfing.
Looking for place to stay?
Less information, Japanese only, and blurred photos.
Nothing is helpful!!!

Then, don't hesitate to take a visit to Oakhouse Shibuya Information Center.
Convenient transportation, no reservations is required, multi-language staffs (English, Chinese, Korean, French, and Japanese)
Just spend a visit to meet the friendly staffs!

Interested in OAKHOUSE?
Here is the official homepage!

Official website is in 5 languages.
Over 240 buildings and 3,800 rooms in Japan are introduced in 5 languages.
Such as rooms in share house, apartment and social residence. 
You can search the keywords to check the availability of vacancy.



・No key money, gift money, agency fee is needed
・No guarantor is needed
・Fully furnished 
・Internet fee is free
・One-time-only management fee
・Can transfer between share houses

Not only those, 
the most important thing is to enjoy a simple living through communication with a number of people together!

Follow us to spend a visit to Oakhouse~ Shibuya Information Center!


Oakhouse's Shibuya Information Center is just recently moved.

Consulting counter is near the entrance and office is inside. 
Wow!!! Indeed it is OAKHOUSE,
we like its interior design.

If you are going by JR, 
get off at Shibuya, walking along Meiji-dori street towards Ebisu,
there you go!

Not sure?

3F Mono Step Building, 3-15-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
TEL: 03-6427-3777
Open Hour: 10:00-18:00

# It is Matsuya!
Oakhouse Shibuya Information Center is on the 3F ♪

It is a little bit hard to find the address!
No worry! Just google the map!

Actually, there is a blue standing sign written "OAKHOUSE" in front of the building!
Don't miss it!

# 3F

No hesitation! 
Take the elevator and go up to the 3rd floor!


Wow!! Seems like it is a new world in front of us!
Can you image your life in Japan?


#Consulting area at the entrance 

Comfortably decorated with the warm wooden color and green artificial planting. 
A small but bright and open space. 

Two computers on the table are always available for staffs to use while consulting and 
showing available rooms to guests.
Why we recommend OAKHOUSE?
Multi-language speaking staffs and homepage are available!

# Waiting area

Kind of like a lounge,
since no reservation is needed while visiting. 
You can stay here if there are people wait in line.

# Telephone, E-mail, on-site consultation

Oakhouse provides information in many ways.
As introduced above, 
telephone, e-mail, mail and on-site consultation are available!

Of course, visit OAKHOUSE Shibuya Information Center directly,
might get the first-handed information and upcoming activities and discount!

Let us introduce you a number of staffs working there!

from Sweden

from Japan 

from Japan

from Taiwan and France 

Staffs of OAKHOUSE are showing the consultation process with us!

Guest visits OAKHOUSE Shibuya Information 
looking for rooms for rental

# First, fill out a questionnaire

A questionnaire includes basic information, request on the conditions of a living area, etc.,
Don't worry of not understanding Japanese. 
The staffs there would help you.

# Well-preparation
The staff tries to explain with you with a large map.
Like if you have any specific requests or area along a special train route. 

# "Where is it?"

In order to fulfill the needs of everyone, words, illustrations, and multi-lingual support homepage, all are ready for detailed description!

Like how far from the station, whether it is shared bathroom, monthly rent etc. 
If you have questions, just ask!

Welcome you to Oakhouse Shibuya Information Center  =D

Can you feel the heartwarming atmosphere in the picture?

Rent a room in Japan, whether it is a short-term or long-term, 
you would definitely prefer a comfort place for rest. 

Any requests, and ideal living style?
Just drop by OAKHOUSE Shibuya Information Center!
Speak in your language like you are in your home country!

Let's action!

3F Mono Step Building, 3-15-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002
TEL: 03-6427-3777
Open Hour: 10:00-18:00

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