Saturday, December 5, 2015

Boys Be Ambitious, and Girls Wanna Have Fun in Sapporo!!

Sapporo!! Limitless journey to the Northern Territory
-Sapporo Tourist Destination-
"Boys be ambitious"

Be ambitions, o boy!

In the words of the great William Clark, we are setting off on an adventure through Hokkaido to show you the must see tourist destinations.
The feature photo is a view of a statue of Mr. Clark at the Hitsujigaoka Observatory in Sapporo, Hokkaido.
A vista such as this scream 'photo op' and you can easily catch a glance of people copying his signature pose as the sun tucks itself behind the clouds of an endless skyline.

Our adventure will take us through Hokkaido for 2 days and 1 night as we soak in the magnificent changing of the seasons. Before the first blanket of snow Hokkaido is known to have some of the best scenery for viewing fall foliage. 

Sapporo Tourism List:

- Sapporo Ramen Street (Soon as arrive in New Chitose Airport, go eat Ramen in the airport!)
- Hitsujigaoka Observatory (Best viewpoint)
- Japan's only all-in-one Evangelion, Manga, Restaurant & Internet Entertainment Center
- Former Hokkaido Government Office Building 
- Sapporo Clock Tower
- Sapporo TV Tower 
- Odori Park
- Tanuki Koji Shopping Mall (Shopping arcade street)
- Nakajima Park (Seasonal best photo spot)
- Kirin Beer Garden (go if you want beer and something good to eat)
- Sapporo Central Wholesale Market (Delicious, fresh fish market seafood) 
- Sapporo Beer Museum
- Susukino Range 
- Ōkami Mesh Bar (strongly recommended Izakaya!!)

All smiles when you have a bowl of yummy ramen in front of you!

The new Chitose International Airport is loaded with souvenirs, well suited for travelers' shopping needs. After tiring yourself from shopping, check out the third floor restaurant floor.

#New Chitose Airport Ramen Street

Located on the third floor of New Chitose Airport, there is a street dedicated to 10 mouth-watering Ramen shops! It's also a good photo spot, and overall good place to satisfy your food needs.

#Fast Safe Travel: JR Lines

After eating your fill let's move from the airport to the train station. the fair is ¥1070 one-way/ about 37 minutes.

# JR Tickets and ready to go!

What adventures awaits these two!?

# Sapporo Hotel Accommodation

For a place to stay in Sapporo, we recommend Dormy Inn hotel next to the Sapporo Premium "Tanuki Koji" arcade between Sapporo and Susukino.

3 Reasons to stay at  the Dormy Inn Hotel
1. The bed is super comfortable
2 baths, spa facilities available
3. The declicious complementary breakfast
Convenient location for sightseeing as well @ bonus
@ Drive car rental Parking

 Dormy Inn Sapporo Premium is extremely popular and Selected as one of the top 5 hotels in the world!

The Dormy Inn Sapporo Premium Experience

# Face-to-face with a Mech

We had heard there was an Evangelion in Sapporo and had to make our way over to see it!
Imagine a cafe/restaurant with the concept of Evangelion including internet rooms, comics and relaxation rooms!

#Evangelion Restaurant/ Cafe

Completely designed with Evangelion in mind. Only in Japan can you realize what Anime Heaven is like!

#A Certified Shot

Soon as you enter the building you're greeted with a life-sized Evangelion. Finally your chance to get a selfie with an Evangelion!

# Experience the Cartoon Kingdom first-hand

For many, their first foray into anime can be attributed to animes such as Dragon Ball. At the manga (Japanese comics) section of the building, you'll find a wide range of comic books, including some written in English for foreign visitors. 

# Former Hokkaido Government Office Building 

A bit orthodox for a sightseeing spot, but interesting nonetheless. The unique architecture of the building creates an almost 19th century atmosphere.

#Hokkaido Agency (former) City Hall

Reminiscent of the (old) Tokyo station, this once was the main government building in Hokkaido. 

# Japan's three must-see tourist spots

The well-known Sapporo Clock Tokyo is another frequented tourist destination. The amazement of seeing this historical site is almost too much for these two to bear!

# Why a Clock Tower?
Why is this Sapporo Clock Tower selected by three must-see tourist spots in Japan?
This isn't a "promotion"? 
Presumably the thought that this visually stunning older building looks so out of place in this more modern city.
Anyway, it's nearby Odori Park,  home to the Sapporo TV Tower, so it's definitely worth a quick peak.


Ancient stagecoaches still ride up and down the streets nearby the Clock Tower as well!

# Hokkaido limited edition ice cream "Tokibi"

Lawson convenience stores located between Odori Park and tn
the Sapporo clock tower offer this tasty treat.
Really lovely flavors with incredibly great tasting Hokkaido ice cream.
You'll be thrilled.

# Sapporo Odori Park and Sapporo TV Tower

The amazing views of autumn foliage in Odori Park is an indispensable tourist spot.
A great place to enjoy a brisk walk, or take a seat and enjoy the show the leaves are putting on.
It's such a great sight to see the TV Tower on a beautiful day!

#Selifes in Front of Sapporo TV Tower!!

#Sapporo Sapporo TV Tower Observatory

A must-see location for those visiting Sapporo for the first time
Admission is only 500 yen.
A great way to see Sapporo is truly a beautiful place in nature.
The best time to visit is as the sun begins to fall behind the clouds you can enjoy the wonderful Magic Hour.

# Tanuki Koji

Nearby Odori Park in Sapporo's  Susukino district downtown.
There is a Shopping arcade that connects and covers a bunch of outdoor style market shots!
Hey!, Even you can still shop until you drop, but in an indoor/outdoor store.


# Nakajima Park way

Comparable to Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo
With such a beautiful view, why not just strike a pose and enjoy!

# Nakajima Park is a good place to find a lot of foreigners because it lies beside the Grand Hotel Sapporo.

A free park where you can feel the nature in the park in the perspective of Sapporo.

# At the end of October in Sapporo

At the end of October in Sapporo the trees put on a spectacular show. Now stacked starting in early November snow making. Walking through the park you will quickly notice that it's a haven for photographers looking to find the perfect shot of this beautiful landscape.

#Soaking in the sun, and the beautiful autumn leaves

# Kirin Beer Garden (キ リ ン ビ ー ル 園)

Nakajima Park (or Sapporo Grand Hotel) Kirin Beer Garden, located next to
One of the three main Sapporo Beer Gardens.

# Kirin Beer Garden view

This is where you eat Genghis Khan dishes while drinking beer.
But not just any old beer, you can actually enjoy a variety of specialty beer called Kirin.
You can also taste test a beer as much as you want.

# Sapporo Central Wholesale Market

Less than 15 minutes by taxi from Sapporo Station
A surprisingly large scale fish market.

#Let's Eat

A hearty portion of seafood!

# Prices vary widely

At  a cost of 1000 yen for seafood and even rice,
The price also soars to 3000 yen as the quality of the seafood and rice goes up. You get what you pay for and this seafood bowl was delicious!!

# Sapporo Beer Museum

Sapporo Beer Museum consists of three floors where you can listen to the provided audio tapes or have a guided tour by the multi-lingual guides.
Beer-related souvenirs made from Japanese delicate and detailed beer creating techniques are available for those in interested 
Of course, for a fee you too can taste test the beer!

Only 10 minutes by taxi from Sapporo Station

# Susukino range

Susukino represents the downtown area of Sapporo. Similar to the Kabuki-cho of Shinjuku, Tokyo: Sapporo's Susukino is your one stop source for entertainment, nightlife and restaurants etc.

# Susukino Tofino next stop, the pub!

Susukino is only a 3-minute walk from the intersection!

What is this place? # Restaurants
A Tavern near Sapporo Susukino
where food, price, atmosphere are everything.
Shop name ... Meshu Bar
but the locals call it Mesh Bar Ōkami.
Translation (= Wolf)

# Charming Manager

For a very authentic Japanese atmosphere we recommend checking out this restaurant on your first night. A very special charming manager will greet you with unprecedented service and keep you giggling throughout the night. It's a Izakaya, or Japanese style pub so the menu is vast with all sorts of special delights.

# Our Sapporo trip

We tried to arrange things to help you enjoy our trip to Sapporo.
In addition, of course, there are various elements that can influence your trip. Consider this a rough guide aimed at first timers to Japan.

--Stay tuned for part 2!--


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