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# Fashion ♪ Wanna try the Shibuya Style? Come to JEANS MATE to find the most trendy fashion!

# Fashion ♪ Wanna try the Shibuya Style? Come to JEANS MATE to find the most trendy fashion!

Tokyo, Shibuya leads the latest trend of a variety of fashion! You may find a lot of speciality stores, 
which people gather together since long long time ago!
Hachiko, Shibuya 109, Shibuya PARCO, and Starbucks facing the scramble crossing!
You are definitely familiar with them!
So why not come here to get some latest fashion?

Speaking of casual look, isn't it t-shirt or maybe jeans?
Many people like casual style. 
But you know,
most of them vary in size, material, pattern and types.
Today,we has come to JEANS MATE, 
a shop that sells jeans loved by all the jeans lovers in the world!

Let's check the casual style of JEANS MATE coordination.

JEANS MATE has stores in Shibuya, Harajuku, Ikebukuro and some other places in Tokyo.
Each store has their characteristics and limited interesting items!
Let see...

JEANS MATE Harajuku Store

# JEANSMATE ♪ Shopping Paradise, Harajuku, fully present your personality on fashion!
(Click below)

JEANS MATE Ikebukuro Store

# Shopping ♪ Ready to be trendy anytime anywhere!!! Casual wear Store open 24-hour in Japan.  JEANSMATE Ikebukuro Store!
(Click below)

Following Harajuku,, Ikebukuro, 
we have come to another area for young people!
Here you are Shibuya!
Let's check the latest trend of fashion at JEANS MATE Shibuya!

At the scramble crossing, 
someone is screaming

Yes!! That intersection in front of JR Shibuya Station!
Wait!!!! Is that Goku in Dragon Ball?
Wondering where did she buy the featuring T-shirt??

The answer is JEANS MATE Shibuya Store!

It is at the popular "Center Street."

JEANS MATE Shibuya Store
OPEN HOUR: 10:00-23:00 
TEL: 03-3477-0921
ADDRESS: 30-1, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042

5-min walk from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit 
to the direction of Center Street!

Official Site:

Does she look like Arare Norimaki  in <Dr. Slump>?

Have you even seen the animation <Dr. Slump>?
It is also written by Akira Toriyama, illustrator of dragon ball.
 It is a story about humorous adventures of the little girl robot Arale Norimaki!

Long hair, big glasses and a cap! 
That is definitely Arale Norimaki!
Not a cosplay at all!
Just a little idea on fashion!
That is some interesting element to and from your daily life!

That is one of the big characteristics of JEANS MATE!
"Character" T-shirt!

Arake Norimaki T-Shirt 1,500 yen+ tax

Wow!! A lot of Disney items

Micket, Minnie, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck,
favorite characters for all ages!
Let's have a cute moment!

(From left)
Mickey Mouse hooded jacket 3,900 yen +tax
Backpack 2,900 yen + tax
Disney TSUM TSUM hooded jacket 3,900 yen +tax

Tips to become Mickey Mouse

Put on the Mickey or Minnie Mouse set-piece!
That is it!
Put it on and walk through Shibuya!

Mickey or Minnie Mouse set-piece 4,900yen +tax

Star Wars

Star wars' series is back!
This is the cute version of Star wars!
No doubt the popular items in JEANS MATE!

Star wars hooded sweater 4,900 yen+tax

Character hooked sweater

Recently, there are tons of Star Wars' items are released together with the promotion of its latest movie!
This STORMTROOPER one is cute huh!

Make yourself look more stylish!

Casual and clear , simple mix and match
create your own style! 

Stay with the latest trend!

Sweater with cute animal printing is quite popular recently!
Simple but with one key point!

Penguin printed sweater 3,900 yen +tax

Unique accessories

Put on a red tuque to make your simple fitting looks more unique and energetic.
Mono-tone casual style!
Make the one key point to be more unique!

Red tuque 1,800 yen + tax 

We are the leader of the trend!

Put on a character hooked sweater and a pink short pants in a funny and crazy pose!
While seeing the colorful pants, they remind us the music video of a song called "gee" sang by the Korean girls' group "Girls' Generation." lol
At the entrance of JEANS MATE Shibuya Store,
you might find the Dickies series then~

Minnie Mouse hooked sweater 3,900 yen+ tax
Dickies Short pants 4,500 yen+tax

Simple is the best!!
There you go!
Hooked sweater!

A white sweater makes your face look brighter!
Don't think that hooded sweaters are all the same!
The shape, style, design, and material used are all different!

The picture above is showing a perfectly fitted size.
So that it is easier for ladies to show their nice body line!
Then, wearing jeans for the bottom!

CHAMPION white hooded sweater 9,800 yen+tax

Functional and nice material 

Achieve both function and fashion sense of design!

You wanna go back to school sometimes?

Checked T-shirt!
Simple but more than simple!
Different patterns, colors can create various atmosphere!
Casual style!
Here you go!

Checked T-shirt 2,900 yen+ tax
EDWIN jeans 8,500 yen + tax

On top of the campus style

Put on a baseball jacket!
Wow!!! Let's get back to the campus then lol

Your own style!

T-shirt, hooked sweater, jeans, and sneakers

Casual style is simple.
No rules at all!
Actually, there are some hidden and tiny points to make your style look more charming!

Size, shape and design vary the atmosphere and comfort of the fashion!
Wear your fashion, don't let fashion wear you!

Let's get started!

A rich assortment of choice!
Let's lead the fashion trend of Japan!
Come on!

Like the jacket of the pilot 

A sporty look in vintage colors!

In the movie Léon ~The Professional~, Mathilda wears it, 
and then it has become popular until now!
Ok! Come on to JEANS MATE Shibuya to feel it!

(From the left)
(Black)  Pilot jacket 17,800 yen + tax
(Gray khaki) Pilot jacket 21,800 yen +tax

Nice and practical backpacks!

A variety of styles, charming and stylish!
Select you favorite one among the colorful choices!

Mix and match has become a kind of trendy style todays, 
caps, shoes, anything to make you look charming !
You will find yours!

After 1F, let see the 2F.

JEANSMATE Shibuya store
Come to find all the charming cycle items!

Although most of the casual items can be found on the 1F, 
what if you wanna make your style with more freedom!

Let's put it on to become Goku in Dragon ball!
Together with the short pants and blue T shirt!
That is it! Goku-coordination!

Dragon orange T-shirt , blue T-shirt and short pants 4,900yen +tax

Are you ready?
Goku-coordination with jeans!
You might create your own style!

Go outside then!

Enjoy your unique casual style!
Get outside and keep running at the center street!

Shibuya, an area for young people, 
leads the latest trend of fashion!
If you haven't been to Shibuya for a while, 
just come to JEANS MATE Shibuya, to check the latest fashion!

JEANS MATE Shibuya Store
OPEN HOUR: 10:00-23:00 
TEL: 03-3477-0921
ADDRESS: 30-1, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0042

5-min walk from JR Shibuya Station Hachiko Exit 
to the direction of Center Street!

Official Site:

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