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#Shopping ♪  Discover Tokyo's new trendy HOT PLACE! [niko and...] in Harajuku

Japanese Lifestyle shop niko and ... TOKYO

I more than anyone else, know me. In other words, these are things I know the best.

Having a confidence in their own style, a brand for people to pursue a style you cannot imitate sums up "niko and ..."
Boasting the largest floor among most shops, we went to the global flagship store "niko and ... TOKYO" in Harajuku.
Apparel, miscellaneous goods, in addition to furniture, a popular restaurant from Portland, books, plants, and a bicycle rental shop. (missing anything?)
A concept simply to propose a "lifestyle" rather than a shop that sells items, the real ability for this brand to sell is all we hear about.

Since there are so many items that you would be excited about and I can't wait to
 tell you about, let's band together and enjoy!

[niko and ... TOKYO]
Address: Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 6-12-20 1F · 2F
Tel: 03-5778-3304
Sales: 11:00 to 22:00
Official website (Japanese)

Latest trends epicenter of Japan "Harajuku"

Full of personality, it seems like a city of true fashionistas, somehow, in some places, it has fashionably set it's place in the stars.
"Harajuku", a town where individuals can express the unique and bohemian fashion, walk down the road in eye-catching manner.

In the midst of this area, a 7 minutes walk from Japan Railways Harajuku Station,
the shop is located within a 2-minute walk from Meijijingumae" 
"Niko and ... TOKYO"


A Shop that changes every 45 to 60 days.

The concept of "niko and ... TOKYO" is to edit the store just like a magazine, constantly changing to emphasize what series is featured
An easy explanation for "the shop to edit like a magazine?" Easier said than done, but you'll understand the next time you go after your first visit.
In a 45 to 60 day cycle, it is a store that is defined by a theme.
It seems to provide new discovery and experience each time you visit every time.

# Colorful Categories

Not only Men's and Women's fashion, but fashion accessories, interior, cafes, restaurants, bicycle rentals, etc.
The shop is characterized by a wealth of various colorful categories.

Plus a "style" for the living and life of people, trying to help people to have a happier healthier state of mind.
niko and ...
When looking at the store, to the people who visit, the owner wishes they experience these feelings.

# Cafe in the shop?

Upon entering the store, you are greeted by the aroma of coffee!
The coffee stand is "niko and ... COFFEE" place to wake you up for a day full of shopping.
Made of five kinds of carefully selected coffee beans, a cup of coffee and profundity - Meaning
It is a space where you can relax slowly while reading a book.

Accompany our coffee break

Cookies, muffins, pound cake, brownies
And ... a curry bread recommendation!
Delicious snacks that can be enjoyed with coffee are also variously prepared!!

Good for Charge!

There are  provided power outlets on the table to keep a cell phone charged while resting.
Not to mention the free WI-FI FTW!!

A Library? Huge study?

Like a movie scene, reproducing interior of an exotic library.
The drifting nice atmosphere of a large bookshelf.
Color, Language, Love, Myself, Mind, Body, Place, etc.
Let your senses guide you to your category, select the book that you're in the mood for at the time and you can also read it over a cup of coffee! PERFECT!

I wonder what I'll read today 〜


A book based on analyzing the 365 days in a calendar year, and the prominent people who were also born on the same day.
"I was so surprised I was born on the same day that he was or 'that person' ". You can also gain insight into the lives these very individuals lived who share the same special day as you.

Variety of Stories

The contents of the book has been configured in a variety of categories like novels.
Frequently used as a gift for birthdays, don't be surprised if they are sold out before you arrive! ^^

A Special day, not just a birthday!

The New Year begins! A book dedicated to this profound date and all the new beginnings it brings.

The frequent EDIT

Upon entering the store, we meet an edited shop featuring the "PERFECT GIFT SHOP", implemented at the time,
A GIFT proposal for men, and a GIFT proposal for the Women as well. The "MEN'S store" on the right...

...And the Women's shop on the left, both have been configured clearly.
Like, "what will be the next theme?" Waiting for the magazine's next issue to come out, "I wonder if they are enjoying planning it?" I like
 a shop where there's always something new to exceed expectations.

Personality & Vintage

niko and ... [unique atmosphere]. While drifting in the vintage feeling of certain items  that have been impressively gathered.
Such select items and original items are in abundance, I have become addicted to shopping while forgetting the time.. ^^

Calm Minimal Style

A very particular glamorous feel, with many styles feeling serene, and branding fitting of a global store.
Abundance of SELECTED & original items that match the minimalist sense and find a good comfortable home location in the Harajuku.

Loose fit silhouette with an attractive coat
15,000 + TAX

Fashionable, 1F

On the first floor, it's primarily made up of Men's and Women's fashion and accessories.
In particular, accessories and shoes, is also rich in terms of variation, and hats are also a key point of interest. But alas we must move on to the next floor!

Life & Taste, 2F

The second floor has all things, including restaurants, plants, and interior furnishings.
A completely different atmosphere from the first floor, so it's like walking into a new store. Just when you were getting tired, you're refreshed and sucked back in! 

#navarre Lunch

Meat and vegetables are well-equipped and well-balanced at the second floor restaurant  "navarre"
A simple, natural, and delicious delight!

[Lunch Menu
navarre Lunch
Main menu + vegetable dish (choose two of the daily specials of vegetable dishes) + salad + bread or rice
1,200 yen + TAX

Light Lunch
Vegetable dish (two to choose, the daily vegetable dish) + salad + bread or rice
1,000 yen + TAX

You can add a drink set for  100 yen + TAX (coffee or tea / ICE or HOT)

Hello JAPAN ~!

Upon first landing in Japan, experiencing the Portland restaurant "Navarre",
you can taste the food and wine using organic ingredients that have been purchased from all around the country.
Nowadays it's easy to forget that healthy organic food can taste this good.
(※ open until February 2016)

All Healthy Cuisine? ^^ No way...

Vegetable dishes made with organic ingredients, and nice freshly baked pies!
For those who are food conscious and in seek of a healthy place to eat, that's good for the body,  and a taste that will break stereotypes of health foods.

Daily Vegetable Dish

It changes every day, vegetable dish!
To satisfy both the taste buds and a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy the clever cuisine changes daily!

Generous portions

For a main dish, your choice of meat or fish, and two types of sides make up this hearty lunch.
Since there's also a choice of bread, cereal or rice, it is a healthy lunch especially for women!

Share my lunch?

For both young and old, is there a little ritual done before a meal ?
^^ Taking pictures before enjoying your meal?
Delicious cuisine, before your disappear let's take a quick shot!!

All this Nature in a Store!?

Houseplants, are definitely a stylish addition to any home.
Located on the second floor the "plant area" makes it as if you have teleported into a natural forest ^^

Incorporating an essential physical and mental rest theme, "green" or "natural" this is yet another relaxation space within niko and... TOKYO

Life in Green

Adding to your household will definitely give you the flare you've always desired.
You will be able to express your individuality.
Cacti absorb the electromagnetic waves emanating from the consumer electronics and PCs.
It also looks cute, so it's a practical "kill two birds with one stone" addition.

Planner of the year

This new year, start your year off right, and on an organized track.
Or perhaps you'd like to catalog your life in a diary?
Let your story be organized and told through these useful books and let your destiny unfold. ^^
Every year, I do it! ...perhaps it's fate that draws me into writing down the idiosyncrasies of my life ~ ^^

niko and ... TOKYO LIMITED

Colorful tote bag.
Simple & easy to match any style and design, it is a popular bag just the right size and light.
Making choosing just one color more difficult than ever.

3,800 yen + TAX

Unbeatable! ^^

There are also cute various color and patterned fabric designed bags that are very eye-catching.
Also offered in various sizes for various applications!

2,000 yen + TAX

All Kinds of Great Miscellaneous Goods

In addition to fashion accessories, household goods and stationery, there is a very generous selection of household goods. Faced with this presentation of goods you won't leave here empty handed.

Popular mug

A simple logo and color, are quite popular along with tote bag!
niko and ... mug. Get yours today!
Lots of sizes, perfect for putting in warm cocoa. This is THE mug you want spent the winter nights together with.
1,000 yen + TAX

Lively Interior items

Livable interior pieces that can easily fit into your domestic space.
Very lively with a relaxed feeling.
Involuntarily the area becomes a relaxing location after hours of shopping! 

...and then the Furniture Gallery

Modern and chic, vintage, furniture and accessories with various elements have been mixed together to form a great relaxation space.
This remains the much wanted swapping room of nice "complete" styles, almost like a furniture gallery.

Cycling to Shibuya anyone?

 Another service of niko and ... TOKYO, are bicycle rentals
1,000 yen for 3 hour bike rentals, it's possible to free wheel your way across Tokyo with the ease of being in Harajuku.
Something that seems very popular with foreign tourists.

From Harajuku to Shibuya and Shinjuku, it's fun to try to make rounds on the electric cycle at Yoyogi Park. This is an ultra-recommendation!^^

Hours: 11:00 to 18:00

"New things" are always pleasant to us,  and exciting.

In niko and ... TOKYO, you can become addicted to shopping again and be surrounded by a slightly different appealing lineup from your run of the mill items.
Relax over a cup of coffee in the cafe, surf the web with FREE WI-FI, and Facebook till you can't Facebook any more.
Take advantage of the TAX FREE merchandise, ···or just enjoy the deals

This "new" spot to enjoy Harajuku, is a great place to pick up life style tips and enjoy the latest fashion trends.
A mix of Tokyo, New York, London, Paris ... it's a good place to find a style that suits you.

[niko and ... TOKYO]
Address: Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 6-12-20 1F · 2F
Tel: 03-5778-3304
Sales: 11:00 to 22:00
Official website (Japanese)


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