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# Japanese Comestics ♪ Dramatic makeup with great challenge! Let's get your journey started ~Self-seeking with KATE~

# Japanese Comestics ♪ Dramatic makeup with great challenge! Let's get your journey started  ~Self-seeking with KATE~ 

Hello, everyone!
Have you heard of "no more rules" on TV commercials?
Yes!!! It was from the CM of the cosmetics brand KATE starred by Nakashima Mika, Japan's famous singer and actress few years ago.
With its high-quality eye makeup products well-known in many countries, 
today's model of KATE is Kuroki Miesa!

Maybe you have already known that KATE is part of the Japan's leading cosmetics brand, Kanebo!
Kanebo in Japan has many sincere supporters as Shiseido in Japan!
Beside KATE, there are also brands of COFFRET D'OR and LUNASOL!

Speaking of KATE, 
you probably would think of its eye makeup products. 
This time, we are invited bu KATE, 
having the opportunity of its product presentation and makeup experience. 
Let us share with you!

KATE Official Site(English)

Let us take a look at the overview of five items for today!

1.  BROWN SHADE EYES (6-color types/ 1600yen + TAX)

Faint brown series with pearl coloring helps you to create three-dimensional eye contour. 
It gains its high popularity of drawing "KATE TRAP IMPACT EYES."
Gradates lower eyelid, creating vertically large, irresistible eyes!
As a result of using the foundation of SKINNY POWDER,  
it makes your makeup held tight and firm.

2.  LASTING EYEBROW W(FL) (2-color types/ 1400yen + TAX)

A simple flat pencil, and  a slim pencil on the opposite side. 
It allows you to create a natural-looking eyebrow easily with a pencil-powder combination. 

3. DESIGNING EYEBROW N (2-color types/ 1200yen + TAX)

Simply create a natural beauty eyebrow makeup 
from the initial part of eyebrow  and nose bridge, which helps to create a shading 
to make your entire face look more three-dimensional. 
A case with mirror, easy to carry around~

4. SUPER SHARP LINER A (1 type/ 1000yen + TAX)

0.03mm thick 
Easily control under your hands

5. POWDERLESS LIQUID   (6 types/ 2000yen + TAX)

This highly-functional liquid foundation is very popular recently!
A smooth-covering liquid turns into powder in 15 seconds. 
Full of water soluble collagen component and good for skin
It also has the SPF20  PA ++ UV function.

Kuroki Maisa is the commercial model of KATE recently!
Her unique exotic face and style present the concept of KATE very well!
That is why it gains support from a lot of ladies in 10's and 20's. 

KATE has been the top of the self- makeup cosmetics market in Japan for 13 consecutive years. 
"TOKYO" has been added to its original logo, 
showing that KATE is trying to make its brand as one of the representatives of Japanese fashion and beauty worldwide.

After the introduction of the brand, 
let us get ready for makeup then!

# Before makeup

In order to share with you the beauty of the makeup magic,
we are no worry to present to you without wearing any makeup at first!

~Before and After~
Let's see!

# Excuse me~

Let's get ready to go into the School of Beauty of Kanebo!
Kanebo Makeup Institute!

# Looking forward to it!

Today, we have the presentation from a make up artist. 
She is also the executive instructor of beauty, hair-make up of Kanebo Makeup Institute.

She always shows up at the activities of Kanebo ad, posters, magazines, and photography.
Besides, she also works for many professional makeup show, dramas and stage performance.

Am I going to become another Kuroki Meisa or Nakashima Mika?

# Process goes smooth. 

Indeed professional makeup artist!
An extraordinary approach!
Help to make the shape of face looks more three-dimensional!

# Significant impact

The darker the line is, the stronger the eyes look!
KATE is proud of its Brilliant BLACK SHOCK!
A 0.03 mm thick of the pen, 
you can easily control the thickness of the line!
No matter the sketch of corner or slightly up or down of the tail of the line. 

 # Draw a eyeliner 

Wanna draw a good eyeliner, you 'd better fill in between the lashes carefully!
This is the only way to make your eyes look more profound and energetic. 

# Next, eyebrows 

Bushy eyebrows and linear eyebrows are very popular recently. 
HORIMAYU (means digging) is another technique.
Simply saying, drawing shade for the eyebrow.

# What is the meaning of shade of eyebrow?

Simply draw a straight line below the eyebrows at first!

After drawing a line, you just fill the color. 
It is like drawing a linear eyebrow. 
Shortening the distance between the eyebrows, can help to achieve an effect of re-shaping your face style!

# Next, it is the shadowing

The junction of the head of your eyebrows and nose, 
which is called Trick Hole!
It helps reshaping your facial expression!

# Color the eyebrow 

If you want to have a natural eyebrow color, 
don't forget the eyebrow color cream!

# The pinnacle of the face

That is eyebrow, which helps people to determine your first impression, 
even if you just merely change the shape, color or length.
Be serious!

Before applying mascara, first, let's  upturned the volume of eyelashes.

# Get the eyelash ready 

Here are some tips!
Before applying black mascara, 
it is better to apply other eyelash care product first!
To protect the delicate eyelashes and maintain the curling eyelashes!
This is good to strengthen the long lasting effect before applying the black mascara. 

# Applying mascara

Yes!! Finally!!!
You might always have a lipstick with you. On the other hand, mascara is also an important item to carry around as your belonging!

# Before & After

Don't be surprised! It is just the way to compare the look before and after!
Make up is really a kind of magic!

# Last but not least

Apply the reddish lip gloss.
Make your lips looks sweetie and brilliantly!

# Transformation is done!

Well! Asian faces are always said flat in shape. 
But no worry then!
KATE does a favor for us!
Asian faces are charming too!

# Dramatic change

Before and after! Infinite change and transformation is going on and on!

# Characteristic of KATE's makeup

Shouldn't it be the shadow effect?
Using brown color matches the face color the best, 
giving you a soft and kind impression!
That is what we would like to have from make up!

# Say cheese~ with staffs

Thanks for the chance of this precious presentation and experience!

KATE is always the frontier, 
providing the most updated products to all ladies!

don't you wanna try the "shading" makeup?
Drop by at the KATE counter!

KATE Official Site(English)

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