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#Japanese food ♪ Sushi never go-round! Sushi-Nova in Shibuya! Freshness is the best!

#Japanese food ♪ Sushi never go-round! Sushi-Nova in Shibuya! Freshness is the best!

Never go-round sushi!
Fresh sushi at Sushi Bar in Shibuya 

Wanna have sushi in Shibuya?
A brand new sushi bar is open in Shibuya, Tokyo on November 23, 2015.
If you have been to Japan, 
you might be familiar to the chain sushi bar called "Kappa Sushi."
This time, 
the new brand of the same company group
"Sushi-Nova" has its 4th branch open this time!

"Sushi-Nova" is not just the normal sushi-go-round shop,
but it is one of the innovations to the sushi culture. 
Let's take a closer look to this new Sushi Bar!

※As of June 2018, SUSHI-NOVA is closed※

Sushi-Nova Shibuya Shop 
1. Sushi never go-round
2. One-touch to place your order simply
3. Freshly sushi made once ordered and arrive in front of you right away

Are you interested in this unique Sushi bar?
Let's come with us to take a closer look at Sushi-Nova Shibuya shop!
What is the difference of having sushi here?

# 5-min walk from Shibuya Station

Getting out from the Hachiko exit of JR Shibuya Station 
Walking towards the sprawling scramble intersection
You probably have been to or heard of this popular tourist attractions in Tokyo!

Not only JR, Tokyo Metro, 
bu also private railway line bound for Yokohama and Saitama. 
Indeed, it is one of the major stations in Tokyo.

Let's try some sushi here and continue your trip in Tokyo!

# Street that represents Shibuya's culture

Where is it?
It is opposite from the building of LABI (Yamada) electronic shop. 
On the B1 of the same building, 
there is a second-hand watch shop "Houseki-hiroba"

Sushi-Nova, Shibuya Bunkamura-Dori street Restaurant
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Udagawatyou 28-3,
Shibuya A2 Building B1F
Hours: 11am-11pm
Last order: 10.30pm
Takeout: available.
Accepted payment methods: Cash, credit card, electronic money

Sushi-Nova official site

# A nice atmosphere of Sushi-Nova

Yes!!! It is very easy to find the shop!
Right opposite of the LABI(YAMADA) electronic shop!

Notice the board and get down to the B1
A white decor gives a bright and clean impression. 
Here you go!
Our target today!

The 4th branch of Sushi-Nova!
It is open on November 23, 2015 in Shibuya!

Followed the branches in Aoyama, Asakusa and Harajuku,
Shibuya branch is open on the Bunkamura-Dori Street!

Its concept is a sushi shop for everyone!
Therefore, a warm and simple decor is used. 

Let's check the location of other branches!

・Sushi-Nova, Aoyama Oval Building Restaurant
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 5-52-2,
Aoyama Oval Building, 1st floor

・Sushi-Nova, Asakusa Shin-Nakamise Restaurant
Tokyo, Taito-ku, Asakusa 1-22-3

・Sushi-Nova, Harajyuku Takeshita-dori street Restaurant
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 1-6-12,

 # Sushi never go-round sushi bar

If you wanna eat sushi in Japan, 
there are two types of sushi shops.
Sushi-go-round chain shops and itamae sushi counter, relatively expensive.

But Sushi-Nova doesn't belong to either one!
What does this mean?

An intelligent system!
Just touch the screen of the panel, 
there is an English menu. 
Place the order, and sushi will come in front of you!
The interior design seems nothing special comparing to the general chain sushi shops.
there is a high-tech innovation on the system. 
A system to fasten the arrival rate and achieve "freshness."

# No sushi here is made before ordered
but chef isn't standing at the counter?
There is touch-screen panel on the table. 
Of course English menu is available!
Place your order, 
sushi will be made and arrived in front of you right away. 
This is the unique point of Sushi-Nova.

# Spacious seat comes with outlet plug
Counter seats and tables for single person are available.
Although not a private space to enjoy dining. 
But it is convenient enough to have a comfortable seat to taste Sushi.

# Charge your smartphone and unlimited access to Internet via free Wi-Fi
In this era
smartphones have become necessities of life.
We often see visitors getting trouble to find place for charging.
No worry!
Sushi-Nova prepares well for you!
Outlet plugs are available at every single seat.
Free Wi-fi of course.

# A rich variety of menu and price
Basically, every dish has 2 pieces of sushi  in Sushi-Nova. 
Prices are divided into 120 yen, 180 yen, 240 yen, 300 yen, 360 yen, 400 yen and others. 
Plenty choices for you!
Feel free to enjoy your "sushi time."

# Here you go! English menu!
English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese are available on the multilingual touch panel.
Just pick the convenient to you!
The button on the right bottom corner 
"Check Out ~confirm details of order~" is very convenient for us to see how much we have order recently!

# Self-service  of making green tea
Speaking of the  great partner of sushi,
you don't wanna miss green tea huh!
Nothing really different from the normal green tea!
Most of the sushi-go-round shops have self-service of making tea.
Let's see how it works!
Very simple!
1. Put the tea powder into the cup (a little bit is enough)
2. Bring the cup towards the tap
3. Turn the handle for hot water

#Rapid arrival of sushi 

How awesome is the ultra-high-speed transmission system!
The upper and lower lines
The one above delivers sushi and 
the one below delivers other side dishes.

# Quality of Sushi-Nova

Significance of a sushi shop
Freshness of sushi is the key to evaluate a sushi shop
Especially, fish and shellfish!

Let's see the big fat tuna!

# The taste of a fresh sushi

Check the freshness and the taste! 

# Quality of the freshness on rice

Most of the chain shops prepare the vinegar rice in advance in order to shorten the making process,
but here, the newly cooked rice is used!

# Are you ready?

Enjoy sushi in five senses!
Feel the sincerity of the chef!

# Way to eat sushi

You would dip soy sauce while eating a sushi. 
But how to not ruin the shape of the whole sushi?
Let's see...

There are 2 recommended ways:
1. Use chopsticks: pick the sushi with chopsticks from the side. Turn the sushi upside down. 
Dip the sauce and put it into the mouth directly.

2. Use hand: use the thumb, middle finger and index finger to grab a sushi. 
Dip the sauce directly from the top and turn back over while putting into the mouth.

# Ginger while eating sushi

In Japanese, Ginger sounds as Shoga, 
but in sushi shop, it has another sound called Gari.
Oh!!! It likes the sound "gari-gari," representing something is crunchy. 

If you have eaten a big fat fish or sushi of heavier taste, just eat a gari to get rid of the taste of the mouth. 
On the other hand, it can be used for sterilization. 
So you can't enjoy sushi without it!

Any tips to eat sushi deliciously?
Although all taste good individually,
how to create some great combination?

From our experience, we would recommend you to start with something of light taste, 
then, a little heavier later. 
That is simple, huh!

Yes!!! Don't mess up the order!

First,  start with a light and simple white fish

Flatfish 180yen + tax

Next, the shiny one

Horse mackerel 180yen+tax

Next, tuna sashimi (The red part)

Tuna 180yen+tax

Next,  big fat fish like this~

Salmon 240yen+tax

Then, Gunkan-maki. 
Look at the overflowing salmon roe!!!

a.k.a. spill out of salmon roe 600yen +tax

Big fat tuna~
The reddish part which most people love

O-toro 420yen+ tax

Dessert of sushi
That is tamago (egg) sushi
A little sweet to start wrapping up.

Tamago 120 yen+tax

Last but not least, 
a little tuna in the middle. 

Some have cucumber inside. 
Kappa sushi


If you are not familiar to eat raw fish, 
no worry!
Some sushi are made with seasonal vegetable!
How healthy!

Again! A rapid rail!
Sushi, Japanese Sake, Tempura, and dessert!
Sushi-Nova rail is ready for you!

#Perfect match with sushi

Japanese sake, whiskey, wine, cocktail
all are nice!

Of course, soft drink is available too!

# Original dessert

Cake, pudding, cream puff and ice cream. 
High quality!
(Menu changed every 3 months)

Come to Shibuya to try this new type of sushi shop!

Just enjoy your favorite sushi on your own pace. 
Don't worry to be rush!
Come with your friends and enjoy this comfortable space!

No worry of don't speak any Japanese.
Multi-lingual touch screen menu are available!
Taste its high quality 
at Sushi-Nova in Shibuya!

Sushi-Nova, Shibuya Bunkamura-Dori street Restaurant
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Udagawatyou 28-3,
Shibuya A2 Building B1F
Hours: 11am-11pm
Last order: 10.30pm
Takeout: available.
Accepted payment methods: Cash, credit card, electronic money

Sushi-Nova official site

※As of 2018, SUSHI-NOVA is closed※

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