Monday, December 7, 2015

Recommendation for an izakaya in susukino

#Recommendation for an Izakaya(Japanese style pub) in Susukino

Kabuki cho in Tokyo is like Susukino here in Sapporo.
This city is the coldest place at night., wind blowing right through your jacket. 
In the winter time, white snow covers every, and under the odd comparison of giant neon signs and people with red noses walking around drunk into the wee hours of the night.

"Move on to second round!"
People are yelling this phrase and opening Izakaya doors one by one all night.
When you come to visit Japan, this place would be perfect for drinking and enjoying the night life.
Last October, I visited here with my old friend. 
 The air of the night at the time was that of December in Tokyo.
We were freezing cold all night but, fortunately we could find this warm and comfortable spot is called 飯場狼( meshiba Ohkami)!

#Retro? Or just real old shool.

Old signs, shoe boxes, and posters make up most commonly designed Izakayas, but this one brands a different style.

# fully energized taste of master( chef?)

To many of our questions for recommendations, the chef says "It wouldn't be on the menu if we weren't confident in the taste".
From his experience, he knows how to get good ingredients and how to cook.
Every meal served, was met with relentless thumbs up!!!

# The King of Sashimi
People tend to think that all sashimi are fresh and same anywhere in Hokkaido.
You might think it is impolite to think in such a way once you experience this sashimi.....
All people who experienced this meal will say they've found a whole new world..

# Side dishes of Sapporo as famous for ramen 

This ramen salad was chosen by the top chef with full confidence. You can tell from it's name that it's very sapporo.
The combination of fresh noodles, beautiful veggies, and rich sesame sauce taste tells wonders about the abundance of good meals this city has to offer.

# A bowl for a Dollar!!

Various kinds of veggies mixed with innards stewed (Motsu-ni) is only a daller! 
Sapporo is very kind place, not only for people but also to your wallet as well!! ;)

#Today's main dish!

Strongly recommended by the chef was Mother's deep fried wings(Okka no tebasaki karaage).
It is very delicious and addicting!!  You can drink up three shots in one wing.
And it is only 30yen!!!!( wait, are you sure?)
You can order 5wings per person as a limit so please enjoy this awesome flavor!

#We highly recommend this place for your memorable night in Susukino!

Meshiba Okami, the place where you smile, laugh, enjoy deliciousness, and new encounters.
You will have a memorable night and make new fun memories in Susukino.

A memorable night out will always have some sort of story.
A very fun episode, even a secret...
You can encounter great food, and a passionate chef even though you never expected a restaurant out of the stars of Michelin guide book.

The reason why many people give compliments to this place is... possibly because their storys have made it as great a place? Haha maybe..

Before we will have heavy snow for this winter, please check this place out without a second thought!
You can have a great experience at Meshiba Okami far better than anything out of a TV show...

【meshiba Okami 36th】(飯場狼36店)
Place: Bright building 1F, Minami 4 Jo Nishi 6-8-3-12, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

Access: Sapporo Municipal Subway Nanboku Line Susukino Station 3-minute walk
Hours: Monday - Saturday & Day before holiday 18:00 - 5:00, the following day(L.O.4:30)
Sunday & Holiday 18:00 - 1:00, the following day(L.O.24:30)


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