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# The Sapporo Beer Museum

Sapporo Beer museum was opened to educate the population about Sapporo beer in July 1987 and was renovated in 2004.
This museum is the only museum of beer in Japan.
In the exhibition booth, there are many displays and information about the history of Sapporo breweries LTD, and it also explains the Japanese beer industry.
Moreover, there is no reason to not go here because there is no entrance fee!

Entrance Fee: FREE
Open 10:30-18:30
(Last entrance is 18:00, for groups 16:30)
Closed: Mondays (holiday on Monday, Tuesday would be closed). / New Years holiday/ special closing day
Transportation: about 10mins by taxi from Sapporo sta. ( also buses are running from Sapporo Sta. )

#Sapporo Beer Museum was selected as one of Hokkaido's heritage Sites

What is a Hokkaido heritage site?
It refers to tangible and intangible properties designated by the Hokkaido Heritage Concept Promotion Council as natural, cultural, industrial or other artifacts of Hokkaido legacy that should be passed on to future generations.

# Let's start our tour on the 3rd floor.

On the 3rd floor, there are various documents and tools about the beer making process.
And it's all for free! Unbelievable!!

# let's move on to the 2nd floor

A huge beer keg that was actually used in the past is exhibited on this floor. It's easy to guess the  tremendously huge Japanese beer industry by the size of this keg.

A STAR sign reminds people of Sapporo beer. Those used vintage signs are telling of the passage of time, and changes to Sapporo Beer over the years.

# You can take as many pictures as you want!!

Say cheese^^!

# Sapporo Beer Advertisement Posters

Here, all former advertisements of Sapporo beer are exhibited. 
Some are difficult to understand(empathy/fellow feelings) if you are not Japanese, however there are a social commentary on advertisement in any country and culture at a given point in the past.

# Finally, Beer time!!!

Oh, I know all of you are waiting for a Beer picture!
Oops, sorry I totally forgot to take pictures of it because I enjoyed drinking Sapporo beer too much!!
Forgive me,  and instead I'll place a picture from Kirin beer! ^^

Sapporo Beer Museum 
Please check more information and news from their official web site!

Up coming...Evangelion story! Don't miss it !

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