Monday, December 7, 2015

[Hokkaido / Sapporo trip] The Sapporo fish Market! Eating seafood rice in the Sapporo Central Wholesale Market!

# Sapporo Central Wholesale Market

We honestly did not know much about  this Fish Market in Sapporo before going, and left on a whim!
One of Japan's three famous views,  the Hakodate Asaichi (朝 一) gives you an amazing atmosphere to enjoy fresh seafood rice bowls in the market during the morning.

It was actually used as a location for a movie entitled "Love Letter" many years back. With Sapporo being so far to the north of Japan, not much is expected in terms of a huge city, but it makes it's impression with delicious seafood.

Thanks to the advice from knowledgable locals, we arrived at Sapporo Central Wholesale Market. The large scale at which high quality seafood is presented before you is quite impressive. Making taxi travel to the destination even more worthwhile.

Transportation: 10 minutes by taxi from Sapporo Station
Hours: 6:00 to 17:00 average (depending on the store)

# Seafood Bowl Sapporo Central Wholesale Market

How much is it you may be wondering?
Well....almost ¥2000 to ¥ 3,000 , just on seafood and rice.
Ridiculous? To some, yes. After coming all the way to Sapporo, Hokkaido, making our way to the fish market via taxi...
Have to admit, the price is a bit steep, eating a thousand  yen seafood rice bowl, but it's taste is something that can't be compared to anywhere else.
Surely, consider your investment if you're thinking of doing the same! No regrets !!!

# Google Maps location is also for those who get lost!

Check the street map to determine the exact location and don't get lost! Basically from Sapporo Station, it's about 10-15 minutes away by taxi.

But check out this Google Map below and see for yourself

# Hokkaido's seafood is kinda awesome

Caught up in Hokkaido's fresh vegetables, fruit and seafood every morning, we've gathered here together at Sapporo Central Wholesale Market.
 Similar to visiting the Pike Place market in Seattle, it's quite a neat fish market but with a different atmosphere.
Even more surprising is the fact that it's so tidy with a fresh vibe all its own.

# Crabs!!

Fresh giant crabs lined the streets of the market. Kept fresh in ice... ah I can taste it now!! So delicious!!

# Crab House Signs in Japan

Just like Raku Dotonbori in Osaka, yes there are Crab Houses here as well! You'll recognized them by the giant crab signs outside the building.

# Hokkaido is famous for many kinds of seafood, especially CRAB!

There aren't just street vendors in the Wholesale Market, there are also actual store you can go inside and choose the seafood that you want to take home with you. 

# Eating Seafood Rice bowls!!

# Say Cheese for the Camera!

After a long adventure to the market, we can finally sit down and enjoy our seafood bowls. But before we eat, we need to take pictures of this memorable moment!

If you enjoy the high caliber seafood of Sapporo,
and you'd like to try a delicious seafood rice bowl,
Then the taxi ride from Sapporo Station to the Central Wholesale Market is our recommendation for you!

By the way, the Evangelion is coming soon!!

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