Wednesday, December 16, 2015

# Shopping ♪ Come to experience buying & selling in the high quality pawn shop, RODEO DRIVE

# Shopping ♪ Come to experience buying & selling in the high quality pawn shop,

Second-hand is not a new term this century!
On the other hands, you can take its value as vintage!

In the past, our image of pawn shop is like...
to sell something valuable in order to keep the living!

Nowadays, rather then keeping the valuable luxury items in the closet, 
people would like to bring them to pawn shop!

In Japan, the trading of pawn shops is very active and becoming common. 
The service of identification of quality and variety of product has given the new idea of Japanese shopping!

This time, 
we have bought with us our "babies" that have only used for a few times to 
RODEO DRIVE Shinjuku Store
to have an experience of giving a new of them!

# High quality pawn shop

Originally, Kadoya, an experienced pawn shop, has more than 60 years of history.
In 1998, it opens its branch in Shinjuku and then named it as the popular shopping 
street in Los Angeles. 
Its concept was "To find the new value of a brand."

Although there are a lot of pawn shops in Shinjuku, RODEO DRIVE is still leading the top of the trend in the field.

▶ Rodeo Drive Shinjuku Store
Hours: 11:00 ~ 19:30 (Open all year-round)
1-min walk from Toei Oedo Line "Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station"
4-min walk from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit D5


Many high brand products are buyers purchase from oversea,
but most of them are from individual buyers.

From bags to watches, jewelry, and other major brands of goods, 
all deals need considerable experience and knowledge. 

In RODEO DRIVE Shinjuku store,
a lot of new value are to be given!

# Let's go up to the 2F!

Oh! Holding our "badies" going up to the 2F!
There you go! The service counter!
It is available on the 1F. 

# A security space

The window of the service counter on the 2F is placed with frosted glass
to protect personal privacy.
Also, you can check the value/price of today's gold/ platinum
showing the guest the changeable reference price. 

# Confirm its value

Getting ready to put all the "babies" on the table!!

# Don't forget your passport!

It is better for foreign visitors to bring with you your passport and copy, and your address
(hotel's address, contact, other contact persons)
Although it is just the trading of second-handed goods, trading is trading!
No hidden secret!

# Tips to increase the value of the USED (second-handed) goods

Together with your "babies,"
don't forget to check the following points!

1. All the accessories are altogether (especially the original box)
2. The purchasing price at the time of purchase 
3. No blemishes and stains
4. General or rare models (rare models mostly rate higher price )

Let's make it clear!
The closer to the condition at the purchasing time, 
the higher value to be rated.
The more popular models or rare models, 
the higher the value.

# Professional Eyes

Can you see the sincere of the managers' eyes?

Please refer to the previous article

# Identify its exact value

Identification process is seriously in details. 
To determine the real value, 
calm and objectivity is always needed!

# Certification of purchase

With long experience, together with accuracy and aesthetics, identification results has come out!
Of course the assessed price, name/ model of the product are clearly listed.

※ Just to clarify, 
this is the certification of purchase of the shop,
as the buyer is the shop huh!

# The last step

If there is no objection to the result and the price, 
just sign on the certificate. 
That is it!

# Cash purchase is completed

According to the price written on the certificate, cash is paid !
There you are the moment of a new value was born.


Indeed the expert!
Thanks for the trust!

# Cash or products. 
Either one is fine!

You know what? 
After selling in RODEO DRIVE, you might be given a special discount to buy a new item. 
Wow!!! A chance to have new encounter~ 

# Rich variety of jewelry

From luxury brands popular series to rare models,
don't hesitate!
Just come and meet them in person!

# A stable status

CHANEL Chain bag, Hermes platinum bag...
No doubt are loved by most of the ladies!

Fair price!
Come and take a look and make your dreams come true. 

# Second-handed high brand item 

Today's pawn shops is no longer the place for people selling stuff exchanging money for urgent need. 
It is worth enough for people to make their dream come true continuously.
A new way for people to enjoy shopping!

Come to RODEO DRIVE in Shinjuku!

▶ Rodeo Drive Shinjuku Store
Hours: 11:00 ~ 19:30 (Open all year-round)
1-min walk from Toei Oedo Line "Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station"
4-min walk from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit D5


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