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#Cosmetics ♪ Let's have a lovely date with CANMAKE 2016!

#Cosmetics ♪ Let's have a lovely date with CANMAKE 2016!
Trend in 2016~ Natural make up to seize his heart!

Natural is the best in 2016!
Do you remember the IGARI Makeup (a.k.a. hangover makeup) in last year?
The use of shadow helps the facial shape look more vivid and three-dimensional naturally.
Like a painting! 
Highlight the beauty of the natural look to a new level!

In this cold winter, the heart-warming brand CANMAKE brings us the natural make up for dating!
Not only to attract the heart of all ladies as well as him...
your partner, your future partner...
CANMAKE!! We account on you!


# Feeling lonely and cold in winter

A cold and long winter makes you wanna stay at home...
On the other hand, wondering if I can see him... 

#  How exciting to hear the word "dating" 

(Let's go on a date!)

Oh! My gosh!!! 
Feeling surprised to the message!
My brain goes blank!
What should I do??
I got to prepare!!!!!!

# Okay! Let's challenge a lovely makeup!

Go for a walk in a park?
Shopping at Harajuku?
Night view of Tokyo?
Oh! A lot of things wanna do!!!
But the most important thing is 
whom we are going with!

# What will you do to attract him?
Come on! Check them out!

The concept of the makeup this time is to present a sweet and natural atmosphere. 
How to make it look more natural?
How to make it look more pure?

(From the left)

Matte & Crystal Cheeks 650yen+TAX
Marshmallow Finish Powder 940yen+TAX
Stay-on Balm Rouge 580yen+TAX
Flaring Curl Mascara 650yen+TAX
Twinkle Little Tears 600yen+TAX

# Main role this time
CANMAKE's representing item

We have introduced this Marshmallow Finish Powder several times. 
Like its name, 
it is soft enough like cotton. 
Even if you haven't applied foundation, 
it can still conceal pores and hides any unevenness. 
Recommend to oily skin and combination skin. 
100 thousand cases are sold every month in Japan.

Marshmallow Finish Powder

- Marshmallow skin: Delicate powder to make your skin soft like cotton candy
- Portable: convenient to carry
- Containing mineral ingredients: can be removed with ordinary facial wash
- Containing 10 kinds of cosmetic ingredients: prevent skin roughness and discomfort
- Creamy Concealer: Two kind of powder particles in different sizes that perfectly cover pores
-SPF26 PA ++:  excellent UV effect!


First, let's use the Marshmallow Finish Powder to build a pure and clear sense of the skin. 
Two different sizes of the particle powder contains minerals and cosmetic ingredients. 
So the puff can achieve a great long-lasting concealer effect.
Its softness helps people having combination skin. 
Its fineness helps people having oily skin. 
That is why it has become a popular product in Japan!

Matte & Crystal Cheeks 
650yen +TAX

-Matte or lustrous: 2 shades of powder designed for the perfect texture
- Easy to use! 

#Dual blush cheeks
Create a sense of transparency

- Deep pink on the right: Matte blush
A fine powder that gently conceals pores.

-Light pink on the left: crystal topping
Packed with delicate pearl powder. Adds a dewy sheen to enhance translucence.  

# How to draw a perfect blush

Make use of 2 shades of blush
CANMAKE would like to recommend you.
First, at the higher cheekbones, 
draw an inverted triangle using the matte powder.
Then, apply a layer of the crystal powder on top!

Here, we would like to list up the ways for you to draw the blush 
on different position. 

Cute blush: from the central portion of the cheeks, try not to show the boundaries
Capable blush: putting shadow from the bottom of the cheekbone to outside
Feminine blush: Apply blush at the slightly higher position, below the eye towards the direction of the temple

How to  ❤︎  Base cheek make-up

We have just showed you the way of applying blush!
Next, let see how CANMAKE brings us the tips of drawing a blush make-up.

First, use the deep pink color on the right, then draw an inverted triangle.
Then, applied crystal powder from the top to finish up the makeup.

Flaring Curl Mascara 
650 yen +TAX

- Black fiber is added into the brown fluid 
- Long and delicate
- Waterproof mascara easily to be removed with warm water
- Lotion containing ingredients


After using the eyelash curler, apply the Flaring Curl Mascara carefully upwards from the lash roots. 
You can directly use the brush to apply the eyelash mascara liquid evenly.
But ensure that you don't use a zig-zag motion or apply too many layers.

Twinkle Little Tears
 600 yen + TAX

- Mascara containing silver glitter, to create clear and watery eyes
- Tightly attached eyelashes, long-lasting
- Containing liquid cosmetic ingredients, to minimize damage to eyelashes
- Good adhesion, easily removed using warm water


It is very simple!
Applying this Twinkle Little Tears after mascara.

Sparkling silver powder will create a sense of a delicate and charming tears shining on the makeup. 
CANMAKE recommend to apply this Twinkle Little Tears on the lower eyelashes 
to maximum the watery and shining effect of the whole eye makeup.
Like the popular Igari makeup,
it will make you look significantly younger and pure.

Stay-on Balm Rouge 
580 yen + tax

- All in one! Just one stick!
Awesome moisturizing effect combined with good color! Take good care of your lips!
- Easy to apply: Light texture, a thin layer will be formed on top of the lips
- Great UV Protection: Containing UV protection ingredients to protect your delicate lips


Simple to use!
Just keep drawing circles!

With rich moisturizing cosmetic ingredients and UV care in one stick
to fulfill your satisfaction,
so that it is a popular item in Japan. 

Just choose your favorite color.
Applying it whenever you have dried cracked lips.

Of course, a better effect is expected
if you first apply lip balm as the base.

# Let's go on a date!
A warm and lovely makeup for dating is done!

What do you think about true love in today's society?
Dating, having dinner and watching movies together. 
Anything else?
Those are common huh?
Wanna fall in love with the right people and create memories together
with every photo taken, everyday life and every moment.

So today is a very important date!
Let's make use of the tips of CANMAKE to get ready!
Let's create a beautiful memory with your beloved one!

By the way, 
where can we find items of CANMAKE?
The answer is drug stores in all around Japan. 

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