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#Okinawa Shopping ①♪Perusing Boundless Selections @ HAPiNAHA on Kokusai International Street!

#Okinawa Shopping♪Perusing Boundless Selections @ HAPiNAHA on Kokusai International Street! 

2016 Winter getaway to Okinawa!
Our mission in Okinawa was simple, to enjoy the winter
season in the most tropical region of Japan. Up until 
recently, the image of even going to Okinawa during the 
winter wasn’t so good. However with the springing up of
 new resorts and shops offering better deals during the 
wintertime, a trip to Okinawa during these chilly months 
seems more viable.

In particular, up until March (Okinawa is by no means cold during
 this period) you can still find lots of bargains. Perfect timing 
to save lots on travel and use the extra funds to go shopping! YAY!

February 2015 marked the opening of a new kind of shop in 
Okinawa. The well-known  department store Mitsukoshi opened a 
new branch on Kokusai under the name HAPiNAHA. The store 
serves as a collection of the many special items that can be 
found on all of Okinawa’s hundreds of islands. There is a 
Japanese sweets making experience, a tasting corner of the
 Okinawan traditional liquor "awamori", restaurants where you 
can enjoy healthy regional cuisine, and fresh seafood BBQ. 
There are also live performances that unfold before your 
eyes featuring "Yoshimoto Kogyo", and a real life haunted house. 
Most importantly there’s a duty free area for tourists to
 enjoy all the benefits of travel. 

So without hesitation on we go to HAPiNAHA!

 Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Makishi 2-2-30
 10:00 to 22:00
2F Restaurants:
 11:00 to 23:00
3F weekdays: 14: 00〜 
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 13: 00〜
4F~6F11: 00~21: 55 (last admission)

Official Website

[HAPiNAHA 1F] Okinawan goods Shopping spree @ 
"Marche", next to the Pokemon store !

Souvenirs, groceries, miscellaneous goods, cosmetics, and a 
variety of other items such as limited edition candy! 
The first floor is one of the most exciting places because of 
the variety of goods to be found. You can spend your time
 challenging opponents at the Pokemon store or pick up 
something new from the Happy Gourmet Marché

Here, specialty products not only from the main island of 
Okinawa, but also from the smaller islands, including 
Ishigaki, can be found.  We picked up a special type 
of salt created from seawater, which apparently tastes 
and smells different depending on what island it’s originally

Okinawans are known to love goya (bitter melon) and 
incorporate it as a main staple in their diets so we must 
give some a taste before our trip is over! With so many
 things to choose from you’ll soon fill your cart up as well!

[HAPiNAHA 1F] HAPiNAHA’s popular "Pikachu"

By far the most popular destination in HAPiNAHA has got
 to be the Pokémon store, which when opened marked the 
very first Pokémon store in Okinawa. A series loved by kids
 and adults alike all over the World, at this Pokémon store 
you can actually meet the legend himself, Pikachu! Because 
the store is located on the first floor it has gained a lot of 
attention not just from the local population, but also from
 the multitude of foreign travelers. As a bonus to visitors
 of the store, you can actually purchase Okinawa limited 
edition merchandise, such as Pikachu embroidered 
kariyushi wear! 

[HAPiNAHA Coupon] Don't Forget it!

From day one of your trip be sure to pick up the HAPiNAHA 
shopping discount coupon!!  When booking a room at the 
"Kanucha Resort, it’s possible to get it when you check in.

Kanucha Resort website: 

- Validity period: Until June, 2017 


1. Experience Program discount
Hi-Chew making, flavoring Bakauke,
 and blending awamori experience 50% discount

2. Shopping and dining discounts:
Present the coupon at the time of purchase to receive a 5% discount. 
Purchases above 10,001 yen are eligible for a 10% discount.

3. Restaurant Special:
Present the coupon at HAPiNAHA restaurants to receive 
a special food menu.

4. Entertainment Benefits
Present the coupon on the third floor of the ticket counter
 to receive a special discount on the tickets.
<Yoshimoto Okinawa Kagechu> <Okinawa Omoro 
haunted house>

5. Present Benefits
At the second floor Information Counter and Pokémon 
store present your coupon to receive a special gift.

Coupon of content description (Japanese)

Shopping made easy: Use the HAPiNAHA Coupon!

The coupon will prove itself quite handy because you will 
find yourself saving money left and right. Make sure you 
take advantage of this great opportunity!!

[HAPiNAHA 1F] Making SWEETS at the "Bakauke Circus"

Soon as you enter HAPiNAHA you’ll probably be wondering
 “why is there a circus shop here!?” but the truth is it’s 
actually a center to try out some new experiences. In the
 Bukauke Circus you can finally have the chance to make 
baked Japanese sweets or “rice crackers” directly. 
After making the crackers you’ll also have an opportunity 
to draw on them using soy sauce. Cool huh?!

There are also no language barriers because they have 
written instructions so visitors from any country can follow along.

Duration: about 20-30 minutes
Price per person: 1,200 yen (tax included)
Age: 5 years and older 

[HAPiNAHA 1F]  Experience the Original treats of Baby Star

<Baby Star> is the site of various finger foods that’ll leave you 
licking your fingers for the rest of your trip. Their delicious 
and tasty treats come in all shapes and sizes and flavors 
for your enjoyment featuring various Okinawan ingredients!!!
 You can enjoy your ramen with toppings that change every
 week so you’re always guaranteed something fresh and 
unique. <HAPPY Baby Star ★ OKINAWA> It’s also highly 
recommended as a gift!

[HAPiNAHA 1F] A Very Chewy Experience

The famous confectionery Japanese company Morinaga, maker 
of the highly chewable HI-CHEW candies has partnered with 
HAPiNAHA to give you an experience of a lifetime. Ever 
want to create your own candy? Well, wash your hands, 
dawn an apron and gloves, and join in on the fun.
There’s also a multi-language description, for foreign tourists 
to easily enjoy the experience as well.

Hi-Chew factory experience: 1,620 yen (tax included)
Experience time: about 30 to 35 minutes

[HAPiNAHA 1F] Unique tasting soft-serve ice cream experience

Another special collaboration with Morinaga pairs various sweets
 with soft-serve ice cream! This mixing of sweets and soft-serve 
ice cream is a popular treat from Morinaga & Co., Ltd. Fresh
 Okinawan seasonal fruits over ice cream are always a welcome 
treat by us any day! With the addition of add-ons such as black
 honey (unlimited refills!!) the flavor is subtle yet profound! It’ll 
make you want to walk out with a giant size as well!

[HAPiNAHA 1F] All the Royce you can Carry

In addition to all the different things you can experience on the
 first floor, various flavors of the addictive Lloyds Royce 
Chocolate will draw your attention. A special limited edition
 from Ishigaki with some of the flavors including pineapple, 
brown sugar, Goya (bitter melon) etc. can be found near the
 souvenir section of the store. The special part about 
this treat is that it is produced using the Okinawan traditional 
drink “awamori”.

[HAPiNAHA 1F] Let’s make new blends of Awamori!

Using 5 different kinds of Chuko Awamori Distillery’s own 
unprocessed awamori, enjoy your chance to blend your 
own batch of awamori. This experience is a once in a lifetime
 chance to see if you have what it takes to be an Okinawan 
awamori connoisseur.

[HAPiNAHA 1F] Good things come to those who wait:
 Tsukiji Gindaco

Takoyaki is popular in Okinawa too?! Really?

Takoyaki are tasty pan-baked balls of wheat-based batter 
filled with minced or diced octopus originating from Osaka. 
Usually they are topped with takoyaki sauce (like 
Worcestershire sauce), mayonnaise, sprinkled with green 
laver and dried bonito.

 This dish is by no means limited to Osaka but still a rare 
find for Okinawa. So after entering HAPiNAHA most likely 
you’ll be greeted by a line such as this forming near the 
front door, but believe us, it’s worth the wait! 

The Pengin Shokudo Deli!?

There’s a Zoo inside HAPiNAHA!? (Bet you were thinking 
the exact same thing!)

Unfortunately no, there isn’t. But there is another delicious 
restaurant for us to introduce you to. Pengin Shokudo Deli
 can be found in the back part of HAPiNAHA behind the Happy
 Gourmet Marché, and it’s famous for it’s utilization of special 
chili oil found on Ishigaki Island. This chili oil called ‘Ra-yu’ instantly
 transforms the taste of anything it comes into contact with 
filling your mouth with bursts of flavor and joy.

But why Pengin?

The reason for the name of the shop is that it’s actually the 
owner’s surname. The Deli was developed and owned by a 
cute elderly couple from Okinawa and China. They offer 
many styles of organic cuisines from around the world 
prepared in a healthy delicious manner. 

 10:00 to 22:00 (last order 21:00)

[HAPiNAHA 2F] All you can carry♪Japanese Character Goods!

 Gudetama! Ah yessss! Character goods!!

If you are like us and you love Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Gudetama,
 etc… make your way to Happy Kirakira! Paradise. 

This isn’t just a kid’s store, because characters of
 Japan are like Disney characters to other nations of the world,
 the very same significance in popular culture can be felt.
Aside from character-associated goods, there’s also 
popular anime themed makeup products like Sailor Moon 
lip gloss! We’re just filling out baskets left and right here!

[HAPiNAHA 2F] Search of the Elusive ‘Only in Okinawa’ Items

There are various items to be found representing Okinawa is
 all styles. Find the one that matches you best! Whether it’s a 
dazzling Shisa mask, or a goya necklace, you can find it 
all at HAPiNAHA! 

The Shisa are also representative of the concept of yin 
and yang. If you look closely at the masks you can see that 
the male mask has his mouth slightly open while the 
female mask is almost closed. 

Not bad for a item great for couples! Let’s get our Shisa on!

[HAPiNAHA 2F] Possibly the best tasting restaurant in Okinawa!?

Enjoying the fresh taste and aroma of Okinawan BBQ style
 is like a dream come true. Delicious oyster dishes searing
 on the grill of the  "Grand Oyster Master" one of only 13
 people selected for the title. At the second floor of 
HAPiNAHA you can eat delicious classic Japanese cuisine such
 as sushi  at the <Suntory The Premium Malt's Ocean
When you want to experience an all-round dinner 
on Kokusai International street, come here without 
hesitation! ~ ^^ Be sure to try the piping hot and tasty beef 
tongue with Wasabi (1,280 yen).

 11:00 to 23:00 (last order 22: 30 / Close16: 00~17: 00)
220 seats
* English menus available

[HAPiNAHA 2F] "TAX FREE", duty-free counter!

After shopping, trying all the unique activities and enjoying
 delicious meals, you’ll want to finish your journey on the
 second floor at the <Duty Free counter>.
You can receive special colorful HAPiNAHA bags
free of charge! 

<General goods>
Total amount purchased in the day must be over 
10,001 yen (excluding tax)
* Clothes, bags, shoes, watches, accessories, etc.

Applicable towards purchases between the amount of
 5,001 and 500,000 yen (excluding tax) 

* Food, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.

* 1.1% of the tax refundable item price will be charged as a handling fee.

Well...we've run around the store to give you a an overall feel for it's attractions and now how do you feel about it?
Ready to start planning your 2016 Winter vacation?
 What are you waiting for? Put Okinawa on your dream destination list right away!

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