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# Shopping ♪ Fusion of tradition and modern in a business district of Nihonbashi ~ COREDO MUROMACHI

# Shopping ♪ Fusion of tradition and modern in a business district of Nihonbashi ~ COREDO MUROMACHI

It was an area popular for the latest fashion trend, which nobles hanged out in Edo period. 
Saying that it is an area where the earliest modern department store located!
The name of the town is 

Once getting into the 20th century, 
it was still a gorgeous "traditional" town of Nihonbashi!
Somehow, it has a strong image of "an office area" and "a shopping area for elderly."

COREDO MUROMACHI 2 & 3, two commercial facilities were completed in March 2014.
It still retains the charm of traditional Japanese culture; 
moreover, it keeps people an upgraded version of gorgeousness. 

Let's follow JAPANKURU
to experience a tour here in Nihonbashi

An upgraded gorgeousness

Three 22-story tower buildings
from basement floor to 6th floor.
With the concept of "Nihonbashi makes Japan more interesting,"
 many popular historical shops and new shops and restaurants are located here!
A reproduction of a prosperous town in Edo period!

Largest multi-functional hall and cinemas for LIVE concerts, dramas, and traditional performances are also located here!

Address: Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nihonbashi Muromachi
           2-2-1 (COREDO Muromachi 1)
           2-3-1 (COREDO Muromachi 2)
           2-4-1 (COREDO Muromachi 3)
Transportation: Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line/Ginza Line[Mitsukoshi-mae]Station  (directly connected to Exit A6)
JR Sobu Express Line [Shin-Nihonbashi]Station  (directly connected to Exit A6)

Tel: 03-3242-0010  (Nihonbashi Information Center 10:00 - 21:00)
Hours: varies among shops 


The origin of the start of roads of Japan in Nihonbashi

Tokyo Station and Ginza in south, 
Kanda and Akihabara in North. 

Going back to the Edo period, 
it was the center of Tokyo and also a thriving business district.
You can still see the antique everywhere today and feel the tradition of contemporary time. 
You might also say it is an area of the old heritage with the latest trend in progress.


When we get into the Muromachi area of Nihonbashi,
a commercial building complex of 3 tower buildings named "COREDO MUROMACHI" are in front of us!
Fusion of tradition and modern of Nihonbashi!
It has now become the latest hot spot for travel in Tokyo!

Here in Nihonbashi! Let's enjoy shopping, gourmet and high quality lifestyle in Tokyo!

3 charm points of COREDO MUROMACHI:
1. Concept of "Nihonbashi makes Japan more interesting" : integration of trends of old and new stores
2. Sense of tradition and modern: Brand new CINEPLEX theater is available
3. Excellent level lifestyle: Product of "Made in Japan" and brand items from around the world; moreover, trendy cafes and bars.

Each store is slightly different in COREDO MUROMACHI.
No boring to spend a day here!
Are you ready???

# Fukutoku Shrine (Mebuki Shrine)

The red torii (Shrine entrance) is found in the middle of the tower buildings.
You might have chance to watch the TV commercials of COREDO MUROMACHI in Japan. 
Yes!! That is Fukutoku Shrine. 

# Shrine in the middle of the street

Wait!! Wondering if this will destroy the balance and atmosphere of the street and area?
No worry! 
Not in a heavy rely on religion.
Just a symbol of Japanese tradition on the street

For more info. about Fukutoku Shrine?
please refer to this page (click!)

# Traditional inheritance into everyday life

Japanese are likely to inherit Japanese tradition into everyday life. 
Even in a corner of a urban area!
That is the "life style" of Japanese.

Although area inside the shrine is not big enough, 
it is simply silent. 

Okay! While looking at the Japanese businessmen walking on the street, 
we continue your journey at COREDO MUROMACHI.

(COREDO Muromachi 2 / 1F)

Sister-shop of VINOSITY, the place that sparked the wine bar boom. With the aim of helping more people enjoy wine casually and regularly, the bar offers a great selection of wines along with original bistro dishes that match them perfectly, all at a reasonable price. We want real wine lovers to enjoy the wines that our company imports directly from the regions in which they were produced.

If you are wine-lovers, you definitely like to enjoy the wine from the origin and pick your best choice!

# Feeling the sunshine! Let's cheers at the terrace!

Being inside the tower building where a traditional shrine is next by,
and here is a retro but modern wine bar.
A glass of red or white wine 
Can you feel the overflowing love? lol 

# Taste a glass enjoyably! This is VINOSITY style!

Wow!!! Filling the whole glass all the time. 
Its name is “KOBORE<literally means overflowing> SPARKING (BRUT or ROSE)"
What a meaningful and trendy name!
Thereby, trademark is registered!

700 yen

# A variety of high-quality wine

A variety of high-quality wine filled with the stylish wine rack
How content to enjoy wine from all over the world in a reasonable price!
A full glass of wine, a different enjoyment!

【VINOSITY maxime】
Business Hours: 
<Lunch> 11:00~14:00
<Café>14:00~16:30 (Last Order .16:00) 
<Dinner>17:00~24:00 (Last Order .23:30)
<Lunch> 11:00~14:00
<Café+Dinner>14:00~24:00  (Last Order .23:00)

TEL: 03-6262-3777

# Funabashiya 

This Kuzumochi store was established in 1805. Made from steamed wheat starch which has been fermented in lactic acid for 15 months, Kuzumochi, with its exquisite texture, is the only fermented food among Japanese confectionery. The founder came to Tokyo because of the prosperity of the Kameido Tenjin Shrine. Kuzumochi, made using the high quality wheat of the founder's hometown Shimousa (in the northern part of Chiba prefecture), gained popularity among pilgrims and became one of the specialties of Edo. Ever since then, the ingredients are always carefully examined to ensure a high level of customer service, and the original, unique recipe is still followed with dedication.

# Kuzumochi looks so sweet 

Soft mouth-feel
Topped with flavored bean powder and sweet kinako and black sugar syrup!
It is like someone is dancing inside the mouth!

# COREDO MUROMACHI ONLY - Green tea Kuzumochi

Wait!!! Topped with green tea powder?
Can't help eating continuously!

Green tea Kuzumochi with green tea set 1000 yen

# We find the perfect partner of green tea! 

Although there are countless number of Japanese sweet, 
we find out that the unique taste and mild sweetness is the best partner of kuzumochi.
Even if you don't like sweet so much, you would like this!

Business Hours:
10:00~21:00 (Last Order: 20:00)

# Ocharaka

A Japanese tea shop established by French sommelier Stéphane Danton.
Have you heard of "tea sommelier" ?
The Japanese tea items here focus on green tea.

# Feel, taste and smell the flavor of tea

Ocharaka offers over 30 flavors of green tea, each blended with such items as fruit, flowers, and even the fragrances of unique Japanese plants like kelp and Japanese mugwort. You can enjoy this new kind of tea much like a fine wine, even using the wine tasting concept of ‘look – smell – taste’ to appreciate with all your senses the golden colors, fragrant scents, and deep flavor of Ocharaka’ s teas.

# Encounter of east and west!

You can enjoy as an etiquette good in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony!
On the other hand, as a french red wine!
You can enjoy the fragrant flavor in either way.

Japan Flavor Tea 500yen 
Pound cake around 300yen 

# The most popular "peach" flavor


Business Hours:

# Nihonbashi Dashi Bar Hanare

A genuine taste coming from Nihonbashi, Tokyo and nurtured by Japan's climate, soil, and a long time span.
You can enjoy the soup from all around the world !
It provides a basic form of Japanese set- 3 dishes and 1 soup.
Dishes and soup are made with traditional methods. 
Some of them are the fusion of Western and Chinese style.
Let's come and enjoy! 

# Main role-  dried bonito

The magnificence of dried bonito and the delicious soup extracted from it.
As a new idea of the Dashiba (dashi bar), 
you can enjoy freshly ground dried bonito more by using it as topping of your dishes.

# Side dishes

Set of 3 side dishes, rice and soup
What a nice combination of various pickled dishes and rice!
You would definitely like this kind of Japanese cooking style!

# steamed rice that stimulate your sense of taste

Lift the lid of the steamed rice!
Wow! Delicious cooked fish on top!
You might want to have an additional bowl of rice!
Let's fill up your dummy!


Rice steamed with soup

Japanese pilaf set 
1,800 yen (limited amount)

Business Hours:
<Lunch>11:00~14:00 (Last Order .14:00) 
<Café>14:00~17:00 (Last Order .17:00) 
<Dinner>17:00~23:00 (Food Last Order .22:00, Drink Last Order .22:30)


Bringing to life the traditional gold leaf, Kanazawa’s gold leaf specialty store Hakuza makes its first appearance in Nihonbashi since the Edo period, when the shogunate ontrolled the production of all gold and silver leaf. Carrying the concept of 'Tradition and Innovation,' the charm of gold leaf is passed down through the generations by using pure gold platinum leaf to createan array of cosmetics, sweets, fashion items, and more. 

# Golden Sky at the entrance

 A structure where artisans have utilized gold leaf to create a space for you to fully experience the majesty of gold.

Eatable "gold"

It was being used in cooking since long time ago.
High purity of gold absorbed by the body can play a bactericidal effect!
Therefore, it is used as cosmetics applied to the skin or jam to eat.
Wanna buy one as souvenir of your trip to Japan?

Nihonbashi Limited item
Eatable golden soup stock 1080yen

# High purity jewelry

Don't forget the golden jewelry! 
Feel the charm of the stable golden color!
6480 yen


Business Hours: 

# Dainipponichi by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

Based on our vision to "put energy into Japanese crafts", we set ourselves apart from regular retail stores by becoming a gathering place for crafters. We present a wide selection of household goods that are born from the climate of their respective regions and are designed to match people's lifestyles.

# Artisan craft

Let's check the line-up of practical and fun, and with well-designed items!
Rather focusing on quantity, it is quality.
Let's enjoy the happiness of being the special ones.

# Wanted cutlery

Not only the bright colors but also the fine workmanship
Don't hesitate!
Let's pick some for this weekend!

# Japan-like souvenir 

Delicate and pure spirit of the work of Japanese traditional craftsman
A brand new set for the newborn baby
No doubt it is a special gift of your trip to Japan!
Wanna bring this cute item home!

Set for newborn baby  2376yen

【Dainipponichi by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten】
Business Hours

# Tomizawa Shoten

This cooking supply store offers a wide assortment of products, including cooking utensils, ingredients for confectionery-making, baking, and Western, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. In order to attain even higher quality while also improving cost performance, the organization of everything from the stocking to the sale of items has been kept consistent since their establishment in 1919. In the connected Tomizawa Cooking Studio, cooking shows and demonstrations of original recipes by professionals are held

# Inexpensive ingredients

Not only Japanese cuisine,
wanna make dishes of various countries?
Just come here to find the ingredients needed!
Organic items, high-quality seasonings and ingredients can be found in an inexpensive price.
Come and take a look!

# Wanna make Japanese traditional sweet?
No worry!
There are a lot of dessert making-set.
All needed materials are in a package.
Wanna make some dumpling and Japanese mochi to friends in your home countries?
Get some packages back home then!

【Tomizawa Shoten】
Business Hours

# Nihonbashi Suminoe

To ensure they have the freshest catch, they use their own ships and contracted fishermen to make sure that your fish was caught that morning. 

Using fishermen from all over the country allows for an abundance of fresh seasonal fish, which are used for sashimi and delicious charcoal grilled fish. They also have the much sought after Tengumai unpasteurized sake. It's a Japanese pub (izakaya) where trendsetting adults can enjoy fish and Japanese sake.

The goal of this restaurant is to make a efficient market of the whole fishery.
So instead of buying seafood from the market,
signing contract with local fishermen to get the freshest seafood in the most reasonable price!

# Robata grilled seafood

What is the best way to enjoy seafood? 
It is robata grilled!
A method of cooking, whch food on skewers are slow-grilled over hot charcoal. 
Therefore, water on the seafood will be dried quickly!
Crispy outside and soft inside.
Although it takes time, it is worth for the delicious taste!

# Simple is the best! 

Pacific herring、fish using the method of robata grilled!
The best and easiest way!

Robata grilled Pacific herring  780 yen + tax

# Fresh delicious salmon

This is also robata grilled!
The most delicious salmon we have ever had.

Robata grilled salmon 1,100 yen + tax

# It is like a big treasure hunting of gourmet!

Just get into the restaurants you like in COREDO MUROMACHI,
you would definitely find your favorite taste in your day!

【Nihonbashi Suminoe】
Business Hours
<Mon-Fri>11:00~15:00 (Last Order .14:00), 17:00~23:00 (Last Order .22:00)
<Sat, Sun, Holidays> 11:00~16:00 (Last Order .15:00), 17:00~23:00 (Last Order .22:00)


This is the service information center og COREDO MUROMACHI.
It started in 2010 and recently just had a renewal. 
Different from other information center, 
you can experience a unique Japanese -style and environment here!

# ASK all about NIHONBASHI!

Nihonbashi has more than 150 historical shops.
Wanna know any recommendation of the stores?
Just come here, Japanese/ foreign concierge staffs who speak English, Italian, Chinese, Ukrainian, French and other languages to answer your questions.
How convenient for the foreign visitors!

# Shopping + Café + Information center

Is this really a service information center?

NIHONBASHI TAKUMI SHOP has many items of the Japanese art and craftsmen.
You can also enjoy a variety of traditional drinks and sweets of the famous "Japanese bridge IPPIN CAFÉ"
Feel free to come and have a drink and do shopping!


You will be impressed by the high quality of the items 
You will simply be surprised by the sense of the designs.
That is the "MUROMACHI style."

Business Hours
10:00~21:00 (Last Order .20:30)
※FREE Wi-Fi spot of Nihonbashi

#  Retaining its tradition and keeping to be updated 

Like Piccadilly Circus in London, Corso Street in Rome, and rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. 
With the integration of modern elements and retaining the value of the traditional culture,
in Tokyo, we have found the city!

Through the visiting of COREDO MUROMACHI,
we have deeply felt its spirit and attitude!
Let's image!
Even fast-forwarding a hundred year, Tokyo has become the tech-dominated city,
there will be still people wearing Kimono and holding smartphone at the same time.
Also, people enjoying wine on the right while others enjoying Japanese sake on the left!

Perhaps, at the time,
COREDO will be surrounded by as many as tall buildings and expand to a larger scale.

Address: Chuo-ku, Tokyo Nihonbashi Muromachi
           2-2-1 (COREDO Muromachi 1)
           2-3-1 (COREDO Muromachi 2)
           2-4-1 (COREDO Muromachi 3)
Transportation: Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line/Ginza Line[Mitsukoshi-mae]Station  (directly connected to Exit A6)
JR Sobu Express Line [Shin-Nihonbashi]Station  (directly connected to Exit A6)

Tel: 03-3242-0010  (Nihonbashi Information Center 10:00 - 21:00)
Hours: varies among shops 


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