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#Shopping ♪ Taste the Food, FUN, and Style @ DAIEI Sannomiya. A cool supermarket in a trendy town Kobe

#Shopping ♪ Taste the Food, FUN, and Style @ DAIEI Sannomiya. A cool supermarket in a trendy town Kobe

In the western part of Japan's Honshu (main) island, 
the city of Kobe is known the world over as a famous port city. 
While it isn't necessarily known as a "fashionable" city, 
the beautiful harbor landscape mixed with an old and new harmonious appeal makes it a "stylish" city.

Among the greatest rural areas of Kansai, 
and the capital of Hyogo Prefecture, 
Kobe is one of the 3 largest trading ports set against the large 
Awaji Island and the beautiful harbor Osaka Bay.
It has a bit of a retro sensibility in which footprints remain of Japan's modernization era,
 in streets in the surrounding area from Sannomiya from Motomachi 
similar to that found in Yokohama.

"Luxury" and "Vintage" meet a beautiful visage of a harbor city.
Kobe gives you the feeling that walking with a brand-name bag, 
or even walking with a plastic bag from Chinatown, 
it doesn't matter, you can still look good walking casually down the street.

 What do fashionable people in Kobe do from day to day?
 The things essential for daily life, including food and household goods must be purchased somewhere...
While on the prowl for stylish shops we encountered someplace amazing
What kind of store??
It was an organic, delicious, energetic and reasonable super store!
A "STYLISH FOOD STORE" known as "Daiei Sannomiya Kobe".

A seriously FUN trip

Hotel Room Party ^^
Book a hotel near the Daiei supermarket and you too can enjoy a hotel food party!
This FOOD STYLE STORE with tons of shopping, isn't a bad place for a date for two.

Still not convinced? Well let's take a quick browse through the dating fun to be had in Kobe!

Classy harbor stroll date ♡

Couples can dissolved into the scene of their favorite landscapes
 and become a picturesque view of Kobe.
Just walking down the elegant deck of Harbor-land
 at Osaka Bay will leave you with an ear to ear smile. ^^

Winter in Kobe ...

Every year in December, the city of Kobe is wrapped in the lights of  "Luminarie".
In it's 21st year, Luminarie is a chance for people to come together
 and pray for the victims of the "Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake"
 of 1995 that left the city and victims decimated .
 The symbolic use of majestic lights decorate the winter of Kobe
 with the hopes and dreams the city can be re-constructed greater than ever.
 The event itself is crowded with citizens and tourists from across the globe, 
especially with couples who wish to walk through this dreamland.
A memory to last a lifetime.. Nice - !!

Our Journey's finale ...  ^^

Wandering the rustic streets, or slightly inebriated in the blowing wind,
 the panoramic views of the lights of the harbor will impress you ...
After capturing memories of Kobe, back to the hotel room we go to enjoy
tonight's stylish and delicious feast, ^^ (not to forget the Best!)

The setting of our FUN shopping is here.

@ Kobe Station

Catering to the elevated rail "Port Liner" Sannomiya station is quite impressive.
Immediately across the street from the station, 
perhaps you remember the orange logo in the background ...?

 "Daiei Kobe store" Directly connects to the station

Connected by land bridge from the station "Daiei Kobe store" 
is open from 9 in the morning to as late as midnight. 
Household food supplies, accessories, fashion, a bookstore, 
drug store, and of course on the roof is also a futsal court (really!?) .
 It is literally a "Super" supermarket.^^

[Daiei Kobe shop]
Address: Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Chuo-ku, Kumoidori 6-1-15 (Google)
Phone: 078-291-0077
Hours: 9:00AM〜12:00AM (Midnight)
1st & 2nd Floor Basement: 9:00AM〜12:00AM (Midnight)
2nd to 5th Floor: 9:00AM〜10:00PM
6th to 8th Floor: 10:00AM〜9:00PM
(Some specialty stores have different business hours.)
(9th floor restaurants have different business hours by the store.)


Recently remodeled with a fashionable design ~, 
the first floor of Kobe's Daiei superstore captures your attention.
This supermarket represents a new Japanese style of "Daiei".
"Healthy", "eco-friendly", "community", are all keywords in the 
concept to provide products and services 
supporting the day-to-day living of individuals.
From fresh food, you instinctively want to cook, side dishes, 
popcorn, donuts to a cafe where you can enjoy 
freshly-brewed coffee or space to eat immediately on the spot.
Besides these draws to the superstore, a "Botanical shop" and "juice bar" 
 are also available offering smoothies and organic coffee for you to enjoy. 

It's easy to see why Daiei isn't just your everyday supermarket,
 but instead a shop that's providing a stylish lifestyle.

Kobe bread is delicious, get some..NOW!

Freshly baked on the spot, "Grander Nature table" 
makes delicious bread in their bakery for you to enjoy while inhaling the fragrant aroma.
It's filled with a fresh atmosphere, and gets crowded quickly so make sure you arrive early.

Kobe in particular is known for delicious bread, due to specialty fermented butter and "salt bread" flour, a product of France.
Will definitely be a good idea to try the croissants !!^^

Soups on!

The perfect planning of the layout of the store set the soup corner right next to the bread.
 What better place to grab the day's special soup with a cut of your favorite bread?

Select from 3 types of hot soup (¥ 350 including tax), 
Enjoying soup with some crispy bread ...YUP, still fashionable ♡

Fresh cup of "JUICE BAR"

A "JUICE BAR" that uses fresh fruits and vegetables for juices and smoothies !

Enjoy Juice your way!

All fruits in the showcase can be used to make your own juicy creation.
Super foods such as chia seed and acai are also available 
and encompass the health conscious concept of the juice bar. 
No worries if you're not sure about the best mix, 
you can ask for a recommendation or create your own.

Transforming Bananas to juice before your eyes!

Natural aroma, fresh taste

The fragrance is so rich of freshly squeezed juice  .
With fashionable colors depending on your selection, 
you'll want to want around Kobe with this delicious treat in hand.  ^^

Botanical Shop

"Botanical" meaning "relating to plants", this shop is your one stop 
shop to get in tune with nature and a healthy lifestyle.
That's right. Here, organic items and food are the theme, 
with a variety of goods such as cosmetics as well.

Plus to living plant power!

The basis in a healthy lifestyle is a healthy mind and body. 
To create such a healthy mind and body, 
you must be weary of what you put on or inside your body. 
The Botanical shop makes sure you make all the right decisions.
"Super Foods," "macrobiotics" such as "organic", 
and "allergen-free",  combinations make healthy choices seem trendy, and stylish.

Good for health & beauty "tea"

Both green tea and oolong tea are good for you, 
as per recommendation from the Botanical Shop.
Good for you "Japanese health tea", 
made using materials such as various plants and a grain-friendly body "universal tea". 
"Black bean tea", which was roasted in the stone oven is one of the first organic teas!

Cosmetics are also organic! ^^

For all my ladies who are struggling with the perfect lipstick or foundation,
 let me give you the power of the plant ^^
Friendly to the skin "Aqua Aqua" a product made in Japan using organic cosmetics,
makes you wonder if this is also fashionable? LOL

Service Counter

A TAX FREE, 1st floor service counter with speedy service.
Upon presenting a receipt and passport, 
you can become eligible for tax exemption in Japan (8% sales tax).

① Present the receipt and the merchandise purchased
② Show your passport
③ Sign a buyer agreement
④ Receive your cash back (Japanese Yen)!
<Duty free Limit? >
10,001 yen or more of general goods (such as clothing)
5,001 yen or more of the consumables (sweets, or cosmetics etc)
In order to be eligible for tax-free, you must show your "passport"!
For Daiei duty-free information follow the (link)

More happy TAX FREE "souvenir" shopping

A very special TAX FREE souvenir corner for  foreign tourists.
Lined with Kobe specialties and sweets, 
even though you make your way around the store, 
it's quite possible you could finish your souvenir shopping here..^^

Also Japanese-themed souvenirs

Miniatures of beautiful kimonos?
Actually these are just kimono covers for wine bottle ^^
The Japan-ness in the idea is so cute! I hope I can get this as a present!

A popular Japanese classic candy to visitors to Japan.
From black thunder to matcha flavored Kit-Kats find the perfect gift-able sweets.

Discover popular potato chips!

Recently, a ground breaking hit in Korea,
has been "Honey butter flavor" potato chips. 
 Because of this they are in short supply in Japanese grocery stores. 
Oh SCORE! Haven't tried this flavor yet... YAY !!

Colorful beer corner

Next to the souvenir corner,^^ The world of beer is waiting..

Local beer, regional craft beers as well!

Famous beer from around the world, of course, 
there is also the local beer and rare craft beer from Japan.
Luckily they are packaged individually so we can enjoy lots of different flavors!

Kobe Limited Edition!

When speaking of best of Japanese beer, "I squeezed the most desired beer in Kobe!"
But it gets better! This limited "Kobe brewing"! ^^
is a much drink when coming to Kobe!

※ Limited edition! Limited amount!

Liquor & Wine

Daiei, as exceptionally great as a FOOD STYLE STORE it is,
 it is also a great place to find wine.

Neatly Organized!

Italy from France, Spain, Chile, New World ...
Carefully divided into categories according to country
 in which it originates, let's enjoy wines from various countries.

Special Wine ?!

Organic wine, wine produced from organic cultivated grapes, 
award-winning wines, 
to categories such as wines produced in Japan.
Wine enthusiasts, casual wine buyers, even for those who sometimes purchase wine, 
this is a corner that they all are very grateful for.

Organic Wine

A global trend is in the making, or at least they are making a change, 
one buyer at a time. Organic wine line the shelves providing consumers with a healthy 
alternative to standard wines. ^^

Kobe wine

A grape flavored wine that happens to be a limited edition created in Kobe.
"KOBE Wine" is popular with foreign tourists visiting Kobe, 
particularly the limited goods because they sell well as a gift.
Packaged to emphasize it's good looks, a helping of Kobe beef would go perfectly together.

The perfect combination "dry fruit"

What's a good finger food to accompany wine? 
Though cheese and olives wouldn't be bad choices we have another 
suggestion for you. Daiei's featured FOOD STYLE, dried fruit!
Mango, blueberries, deep taste with sweetness, condensed figs, 
sold by their weight in grams.

In-house Wine Tasting!

Set aside nearby the wine corner, there is a wine tasting space,
 grabbing some of the dried fruit beforehand 
and tasting here is our best recommendation.
Here's to more time in Daiei FOOD STYLE, Cheers!  ^^

Delicatessen (I want to say delicious) floor (B1)

At the height of quality this is Delicatessen of Daiei,  an upgrade to a FOOD STYLE STORE!
Delicious, variety, exceptional, and above all ... stylish ^^

Buffet style?

Freshly stocked with various dishes to be chosen Buffet style.
Dishes are paid by the weight of the amount you get so don't overdo it.^^

Fresh & reasonable "sashimi"

Just the right size package, with very fresh sashimi!
Definitely grab this to go because we want to eat immediately with sake ^^

Just as delicious as it looks

The aroma wades through the deli as the chicken calls to us.
Absolutely delicious!

Cheap lunches> _ <

Omelets,  hamburger, shrimp whole paella, etc., 
just hearing the names makes your mouth water.
Variety packs for lunches great for eating on the go!!

More and more~!

Pack as much as you can into your tray! ^^
How much can you bring back to the hotel?

Eat-in space!

On B1 deli floor, there's tables setup for you to enjoy the food you just purchased.
In between shopping, while shopping, whenever! A great place to take a break.

Shopping Resumes!

From souvenirs, to personal items,
until the cart is filled to brim, the shopping spree continues from floor to floor!
Shopping in supermarkets at a bargain is nothing but fun! ^^

Ready for the 'Hotel FOOD Party'

With Daiei's gourmet food in both hands back to the hotel room we go!
Let's go! Couples retreat party tonight!!

Fashionable city, stylish supermarket, delicious memories!

The couples trip to Kobe was a very sweet, fashionable, and stylish experience.
In Kobe, the everyday life of fashionable people can be found at their "FOOD STYLE STORE"
A hip new upgrade of "Daiei" and also to the lifestyle of Japanese people.

We made many memories in Kobe, laughing noisily, 
chatting all day/night, and tasting a lot of delicious things.
And, shopping at a 'super' supermarket together.

Never to forget the memories "Daiei Kobe store", 
we hope you can also check it out for yourself!

Thanks! Daiei, and it was delicious ^^ See you next time!!


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