Monday, February 1, 2016

#Shopping ♪ Tasting Fashion! #Fresh oysters and more @ Gumbo & Oyster Bar

Tasting Fashion! #Fresh oysters and more @ Gumbo & Oyster Bar

Is it already that time of year to enjoy delicious oysters?? Wait... How do you eat it?..

Referred to as the "Milk of the Sea", and loved by all ages around the world.
Enjoyed raw, fried, grilled or steamed, the fresh scent of the ocean can still be smelled.
This unchanged deep flavor and smooth texture even after being cooked, presents a harmony of various tastes in one bite, yet somehow gives off a "fashionable" image.

From November to April of the following year, in Japan is the best time to enjoy oysters (Oh so fresh).
The "Gumbo & Oyster Bar" in Shinjuku is putting a fashionable spin on a not appealing to some dish.
Shinjuku? Fashionable? Well, speaking of fashion ^^ you're more than likely referring to Lumine Est Shinjuku. Located on the 8th floor of Lumine Est Shinjuku is where you'll find Gumbo & Oyster Bar.

ルミネ (LUMINE)

Shibuya, Ikebukuro and Yuraku-cho etc…Each Lumine location is actually attached to their respective stations. 
Upon arriving from the train, your shopping can begin immediately! Just like Japan to make shopping even more convenient! Lumine comes from the French word “luminarie” , meaning, “light” and, fusing this with the English word “illumination” we see the birth of the name, “LUMINE”. Sounds right...right?
From the South exit of Shinjuku Station, there are two Lumine Shops, 1 and 2. They are both connected in Shinjuku via the East exit including the “LUMINE EST Shinjuku store”. 
< LUMINE EST SHINJUKU store information > 
Address: The Tokyo Shinjuku Ku Shinjuku 3-38-1 
Telephone: 03-5269-1111 
Business hours: 11:00~22: 00 (weekdays) 
10:30 ~22: 00 (Weekends/Holidays) 
Restaurant:  11:00 ~23: 00 

Gumbo & Oyster Bar

As of November 11th, this shop was just re-opened. providing delightful cuisine and great service.
A fabulous taste of raw oysters and experiencing "oyster shooters", are something to write home about! Did we mention it's like a bar-café.
From the time we arrived on the 8th floor, you could already feel the atmosphere seeping from the restaurant. Is that a sea breeze we feel?! ^^

[Gumbo & Oyster Bar]
Sales: Lunch 11: 00 ~ 16: 00 (Last Order 16: 00) Dinner 17: 00 ~ 23: 00 (Last Order 22: 00)
TEL: 03-5369-5017
Average cost: 3,000 yen


This sign is just a subtle hint for you to GO to the Gumbo & Oyster Bar now and try their delicious oyster shooters! 

Raw oysters and colorful flavor

The showcase at the entrance, and together with fresh raw oysters is the 'hero' of the day
This arrangement is informative and stylishly arranged.
This is, in fact a fashionable point!

They are called "oyster shooters", and there are 10 types made to enjoy raw oysters in a variety of flavors.
Though it may not be very fashionable to squeeze and eat the lemon, this is a new way to eat ^^

<Oyster shooter (10 types)>
① Hiarojure jelly fresh herbs
② Prosciutto Mango sauce
③ Seaweed sauce salmon roe
④ Beets scallop dried mullet roe
⑤ Vegetables jelly mulukhiya okra flying fish roe
⑥ Sour cream sauce caviar
⑦ Gazpacho lemon jelly
⑧ Basil sauce mozzarella cheese tomato
 ⑨ Pumpkin soup & raw ham
⑩ Roast beef avocado wasabi jelly

★ separately ALL491 yen + TAX

<Oyster shooter platter to choose>

Three prime 1,389 yen + TAX
Five prime 2,297 yen + TAX
Seven prime 3,195 yen + TAX
All types prime 4,426 yen + TAX

Cafe-like store

It's not only referred to as an oyster bar, It is also a fashionable store.
Rather than a bar, it possesses the atmosphere of a coastal cafe
Just the type of atmosphere for relaxing after a hard day of shopping!

Counter seat fashionable

There are also properly counter seats.
Fresh oysters can be chosen right in front of your eyes.
Simply place an order and they will grab the oyster for you! ^^

Where are you from ??

Smooth, thick, black & white shaded bodies, with beautifully shaped shells
Fresh raw oysters caught in Japanese waters.
Depending on where the oyster originates from, there is a slight difference in taste.
Hiroshima Prefecture, Hokkaido and Iwate Prefecture, etc.. aside from taste differences, you can also notice differences in size and thickness.
To those who are able to drink, we definitely recommend a glass of wine to go along with your oysters.

Oyster Shot!
Today's Top 3 ...

From the left: 
Prosciutto Mango sauce
Sour cream sauce caviar
Seaweed sauce salmon roe

With each favorite combination, enjoy the colorful tint and locality distinctive taste.

Other than seafood and oysters, there is also meat dishes, risotto, pasta, appetizers, desserts, etc.
Since the variation of the menu is also rich, if oysters aren't your favorite you can still find something to fill your belly. ^^

Enjoy a great fashionable meal, enjoy Tokyo travel in a stylish oyster bar/cafe in Shinjuku ^^

[Gumbo & Oyster Bar]
Sales: Lunch 11: 00 ~ 16: 00 (Last Order 16: 00) Dinner 17: 00 ~ 23: 00 (Last Order 22: 00)
TEL: 03-5369-5017
Average cost: 3,000 yen

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