Thursday, February 4, 2016

★Advice♪Our Home’s Bean Throwing Ceremony: What do you know about Setsubun?!

Advice♪Our Home’s Bean Throwing Ceremony:

 What do you know about Setsubun?!

In Japan the 4th day of February marks the start of 
“spring” and the transition of seasons. As a reslut, February 
3rd is celebrated as Setsubun. The day before springs 
begins, is essentially like New Year’s Eve. One last chance to 
release all of your misfortune and woe that has been carried 
throughout the year. During this special day there is also a 
unique tradition that we follow. With the end of winter, beans 
can begin to be planted. The symbolic incarnation of evil 
and misfortune is represented by “demons” could be held at 
bay with the use of magical roasted beans. The beans 
actually don’t have to be roasted. But when using un-roasted 
beans, if you  forget to pick them up the will begin to bud 
after use and will end up being an eyesore! The specific etiquette 
for beans maki varies from region to region and from home to home.

Prepare the roasted beans,「鬼は外!副は内!」
(oni ha soto! Fuku ha uchi!) (Demons out! Luck in!) 
shout this chant as you toss beans at a demon, then eat
 the equivalent of your age in beans. This is considered
the standard. From the 100 yen shop you can find 
a bunch of seasonal merchandise fitting for the occasion. 
Every year I get my supplies from the 100 yen shop!^^

Put the beans in a bowl for easy access. OK!
This year Papa will be the demon. Time for our Bean
 Throwing Party!^^


★Thanks, Asuka and her little son yudai★
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