Monday, February 15, 2016

#Beauty ♪ CANMAKE’s Winter Lineup Will Leave You Frosty and BEAUTIFUL

CANMAKE’s Winter Lineup Will Leave You Frosty and BEAUTIFUL

Today I’d like to introduce CANMAKEs snow-white transparent makeup.
 Dry skin is a common problem for most who venture out into the cold 
and bear the cool frigid air.

Last year, CANMAKE gave us a natural base contouring makeup to 
emphasize the contours of the face, this year they seek to protect us
 from the elements. 2016s focus is on natural skin expression
 makeup and showing the skins natural appeal.

They say the best way to show your true beauty is by showing your
 true self, and this transparent makeup will give you a chance to do
 just that. Today we’ll cover some techniques on how to express
yourself by mastering techniques that’ll allow anyone to produce
 a smooth, transparent skin tone.

CANMAKES snow skin’s secret makeup gives you a face that is full 
of vitality, a truly winter ready attractive makeup.
Let’s go see some transparent make-up suggestions!^^

Smooth Snowy Winter Makeup’s Best Combination ♡

①Marshmallow Finish Powder
¥ 940 + TAX

②Glow Fleur Highlighter
¥ 800 + TAX

③Secret Color Eyes
¥ 650 + TAX

④Lip & Cheek Gel
¥ 600 + TAX

⑤Power Cheeks
¥ 550 + TAX

* Can make the official website (English)

Kicking it at the Ski Resort

Before hitting the slopes time to get ready!!

Before applying the makeup the most important aspect is overall
 skincare, from there we’ll move forward.

UV intensity in the ski area even during winter is like summer and
 can cause a lot of damage to the skin so we must take the
 necessary steps. First and foremost sunscreen is necessary!!!
The skin becomes moister after applying sunscreen prior to
 makeup so that’ll how we’ll proceed.

Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF 50+ is our choice for sunscreen
 because the skincare gel contains 85% of serum components 
with powerful UV-blocking ability.

Whichever you choose just remember Sunscreen a must! Please
 plan ahead!

Mermaid skin Mermaid Skin Gel UV Gel UV 700 yen

KEY ITEM 1 ★ Marshmallow Finish Powder & Marshmallow 
Finish Face Brush

Marshmallow Finish Powder
¥ 940 + TAX

As the name implies, these marshmallows are perfect for applying 
powder for a smooth skin expression.

Do not apply makeup base, or use any foundation.
The powder itself has the same coverage ability.
The sizes of the two kinds of powder are specially made to cater to 
the curvature of skin pores. If you have dry skin then you know it’s 
also know as skin roughening dry powder
Thanks to the lifting cosmetic ingredients we could not even feel the 
roughening. The product itself contains face-cleansing minerals 
usually available in non-makeup cleansers.

The marshmallow finish powder also has UV-blocking effects! 
(SPF26 PA ++) ~! Adhesion, coverage, and an all natural skin 
expression…GOOD!^^ Because the application was fairly simple 
and the product itself is easy to carry, it was such a relief we
 brought it on our journey!

Marshmallow Finish Powder
¥ 940 + TAX

Special TIP Marshmallow Finish Face Brush

The puff or brushes are very important tools in cosmetics.
Ask any woman and they’ll tell you they most likely have one
 in their arsenal. Although they are used for similar purposes, 
depending on whether you use a puff or a brush, your results 
will actually vary. The secret any beautician will tell you is the
 diversification of tools is the real difference.

The brush itself fits perfectly into the case with the – built-in 
finish powder separate. Experience the soft touch with a tool
 used for expressing natural skin. The brush itself works 
especially well with all types of skin, careful not to irritate
 sensitive skin.

Pressed powder basic items are a must and play a major 
role in skin tone correction and cover up from defects in the skin.
Using a cotton soft, tapered nylon bristle brush like this is 
highly recommended.

Marshmallow Finish Face Brush
¥ 600 + TAX

Tapping on to complete a transparent skin

Do you want to have new clear and smooth skin like
 snow? Just wipe lightly with the brush to apply.
No special skills are needed, and mistakes can be easily 
corrected so apply with ease. Apply to the nose and 
cheekbone then lightly brush into the face
Not so hard right?!

KEY ITEM 2 Glow Fleur Highlighter & Highlight Brush

No matter how natural and finished you may appear, 
keep in mind we’ve only scratched the surface. The powder
 we applied has a resistant matte property, making it perfect
 for adding the rest of the CANMAKE winter lineup on.
When applying, do not exceed the limit of your own natural
 lightness because it can seem dry after the base is applied.

For this reason we recommend a highlighter as an absolute

The brush and the built-in highlighter use a  special brush with
 a smooth oval tip, and  thin, dense bristles giving it an advantage
 against other brushes.

Fluor Glow Highlighter
¥ 800 + TAX

Highlighter brush
¥ 650 + TAX

Easier highlighting with an oval brush

Lighten up your face in a way everyone will notice!
The special T-zone, or forehead and tip of the nose 
connecting bridge to either side of the nose, is one of 
makeups hot zones for transforming a face. 

Apply highlighter makeup to this part and other parts 
protruding from the face for a dramatic change. Subtle
 highlights on the face, consisting of microscopic pearl 
particles let help to really bring out and hide unwanted features.
Be careful not to mix other products within the highlighted
 area. According to the angle of the outline and the face, 
results may vary, but when the sun hit its fine pearl particles your
 true beauty will shine through.

KEY ITEM 3 Secret Color Eyes

A unique product for creating an Eurasian style look and
 adding depth to your eyes. The best part about the product
 is it’s available in natural skin tone colors to match perfectly.
Secret Color Eyes contains Royal Jelly Extract and hyaluronic acid 
creating a moisturizing solution.

The product also doesn’t make your eyelids susceptible to dryness! YES!
Could this be the look we’ve been dying for ~ !?

Secret Eyes color
¥ 650 + TAX

Shading Shadow

Consisting of the three colors pink, white, and soft brown
the colors help to bring the face into three dimensions.
There is a broad and thin/wide brush to reach all the hard to
reach places on the face. The thinnest brush is good for
 shading beneath the eyes. The wide brush is used to
connect your eyebrows, forehead and eyes using shading
 next nose on both sides.

Begin by putting a shadow on the leading portion of the nose
 and eyebrows to the extreme right of the brown shade of
 "secret colored eyes".

The brighter white color can be applied using your finger.
Ah sassy!^^ After applying the white to the eyebrow area
place a high brown edge to the bottom of it. The last step!
Apply the pink color to the bottom part of the eye. By
 introducing such a natural complexion via the redness below
 the eye, the overall presence  of the eyes is doubled and
the pigment gives off the impression of a cute girl. YAY!^^

Special TIP eyeliner effect

Nowadays it’s common to see many women and girls using too 
much eyeliner, attempting to make their eyes appear larger. 
This however isn’t the best course of action. What we recommend 
are the Quick and Easy Eyeliners from CANMAKE. They are made
 up of felt-tip eyeliners designed for ease of use.
Using these eyeliners your lines can be much thinner but more crisp.
Use this winter to unleash a simple and minimalist finish to your eyes.

Completely fill the line close to the lashes slowly and carefully.

Quick Easy Eyeliner
¥ 500 + TAX

KEY ITEM 4 Lip & Cheek Gel

The best of both worlds! Imagine a gel that you can use for two
 key features of your face.
This fast melting and non-stick gel is perfect for a woman 
on the go or a sporty look that won’t rub off easily. And the best
 part is it’s quite easy to apply!

Lip & Cheek Gel 4 colors
600 yen each + TAX

The excellent adhesion skin cream blush

A Natural complexion seemingly expressed from the
 bottom of the skin!! Application is made fun and easily 
with your fingers! Apply close under the eyes to give yourself 
a more balanced tone

KEY ITEM 5 Power Cheeks

Used for creating soft texture and vivid expression, and
 giving an overall sustainability to the makeup you’ll apply 
from here on out. After adding gel to the cheeks, why
 introduce yet another powder type blush you may be 

Actually, reason number one is to give your cheeks a little 
more of a cute appeal. That's right we are going to use double 
cheek blush! Reason number 2 is because the powder gives 
the gel in the previous step more staying power. 

So in order to allow for a smoother sustainable use of color 
coated products we recommend using the powder blush first. 

Powder blush
550 yen each + TAX

Cream + Powder; the strongest blush blush blush

Create lovely cherry cheeks by applying to the ball of your cheek
 without causing any definite boundaries.  Draw in in a circular 
fashion and BAM!

Lovely cheeks are all finished!^^

From lovely cheeks to beautiful lips!

By using the same Lip & Cheek Gel (Lip & Cheek Gel) we can 
bring out our lips a little more.
With the application of some water you can melt the paste 
down so it can be easily applied on you lips using your fingers.
Fortunately, your lips won’t become dry because it contains 
a moisturizing cosmetic and can be maintained for a long time.

Lip & Cheek Gel
600 yen each + TAX

Colorful lips at the touch of a finger

A moistened finger is best to apply the lip and cheek gel.
By doing so, the gradient from the center of the lips can be created to look more natural.

Get your fingers ready~

Before & After

Transform those tired eyes and effects from using other 
haggard makeup into a beautiful new winter-like transparent 
appearance.  Here at Japankuru, we naturally believe every 
woman is beautiful, however, for those wanting to take their
 beauty to the next level we recommend CANMAKEs new 
Winter Transparent lineup

Transparent white as snow make-up completed! 

- Covers your skin with only light but not over-applied finish 
without foundation base to help correct the tone.
- Gives contour shading and highlighting to key features
- Gives brightness to the brow bone and will create sassy 
sense of depth to the face.

- Puts on a thin line to make the eyes come alive but not 
forget their striking purity.
- Emphasizes the pigment of natural complexion 
around the eyes .

- Creates the softer feel of a double-cheek blush.

- A lip product moistening the lips using gel, which allows 
the expression to be spread naturally from the lips.

This is a simple product that will work for a wide range 
of people but not everyone. It's very interesting to see the 
differences that can be made by just applying these 
simple measures.

Now time to head off and enjoy the slopes!^^

A Thrilling sporting season for all

This is Naeba Ski Resort, approximately 2 hours 30 minutes
 by car from Tokyo (on a non-traffic time or day)

Booking hotel accommodations for a ski trip is recommended 
at Naeba Prince Hotel.
Soon as you get down from your room, make your way to the 
first floor lobby remove your equipment from lockers and step
 outside you’re right in front of the snow lifts.

Naeba Ski Resort 

Interested in a skiing day trip from Tokyo?
Take a car to Kawaba ski resort! (about two hours and 10 
minutes from Tokyo) Cars are welcome with a car elevator-
parking garage connected to the ski area. Oh and have you 
heard about their famous hot springs??!^^

Kawaba Resort 

If Shinkansen (bullet train) is more your thing then sink into
 a ski resort in Yuzawa. (1 hour and 30 minutes by bullet 
train from Tokyo)

Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort 

Don’t give up on Beauty, even in Ski Resorts!

It’s like a beautiful symphony dissolving into chaos as you 
slide down the frigid slopes skin breaking in the cold 
weather, sweat dripping down your body and a never-ending
 running nose… Horrifying right? Lol

Don’t you wish you could just hide your face in a mask?

Well… maintaining a beautiful appearance in such a harsh 
environment is really hard work. Therefore, we recommend 
something designed for the ski slopes and other harsh 
environments as well as daily use. 

This is where CANMAKE  makes its debut to save the day 
providing a chance to enjoy the snowflakes without being
 self-conscious about how you look. Because let’s face it, 
flying down the snow slopes on your board checking your
 face in the mirror is not a possibility. 

Oh! And we should never forget!
If you’re going skiing or snowboarding or getting out 
in the snow, bring sunscreen! 

Winter is in full swing!
Let's try to enjoy this thrilling season and enjoy plenty
 of winter sports!!!^^

※ Can Make Authorized Dealer: 
Japanese drugstores
For example: Matsumoto Kiyoshi, Papasu, etc..  (can be found all around Japan)


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