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#Travel♪ The Mezmorizing lights of the Beautiful Karuizawa Shopping Mall

 #Travel♪ The Mezmorizing lights of the Beautiful Karuizawa Shopping Mall 

Karuizawa Winter trip 
Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
Beautiful Illumination at the Karuizawa mall 

We took a short trip to a resort in Nagano Prefecture (長野縣) on
 Japan's Honshu island (本州) called  "Karuizawa (軽 井 沢)". This
 international resort set in the Highlands National Park sits at
 the foot of a plateau in an area called Asama (淺 間 山), the site
 of the Shin Ue Castle (上 信 城). The highlands are about 1,000m
 above sea level, and depending on the season makes dramatic
 changes scenery. Seems like we have truly ventured somewhere
 exotic this time!

Since the late 19th century this place has come to be known as
 an international resort representative of Japan. People who are
 no stranger to money in Japan tend to build villas here and spend
 summers or winters in this majestic wonder. 
But aside from all the nature you can soak in, the main draw may
 be the outlet malls that surround the resort of Karuizawa.

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza.
- Huge shopping mall fashion, accessories, outdoor, luxury brands
 and a variety of restaurants.
-High quality lifestyle, deluxe rooms, interesting decorations,
 fascinating people.
-The whitest snow we’ve ever seen, calm waters of Japan,
 scenic vistas. 
-More places to eat at than you possibly can.

Enough chatting for now, let’s just dive right in!^^

What’s up, Karuizawa Station!

Here  at Karuizawa Station we wade through the accumulated 
snowy slush from the city center and breath in the cool fresh air. 

Though it’s a bit chilly the fresh is a welcomed tradeoff.
Now what do we have planned for today?

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza from the Station is actually pretty
 convenient with direct access within a couple of minutes <JR Tokyo
 Wide Pass> .

What is the <JR Tokyo Wide Pass> ?!

Tokyo JR Wide Pass started on November 19, 2015
An economic free pass to cover Tokyo and its surrounding areas 
"Kanto region" members.
Usually with reserved seats,  on trains such as the Bullet Train 
(Shinkansen) or an express train. These passes last for three days
 and give you free rides in the specified area. Fuji and Izu free
 passes are required in Karuizawa, a popular tourist destination
 to easily travel  to GALA Yuzawa and more.

Adults (12 years and over) ¥ 10,000
Children (6 to 11 years old) 5,000 yen

Official Website (English)

And another one!

Another pass which operates directly from Tokyo to Karuizawa.
 The bus runs from Shinjuku’s West Exit of Shinjuku Station
 in front of Bic Camera.
One more in front of Ikebukuro Station (next to the GU shop
 across the road in front of the east exit) <Seibu Bus Ticket

You can even pick up these tickets from right in front of 
the bus stop

The EAST/WEST divide

At 10am in the morning we have a decision to make straight from
 the gate of the station. Shall we venture east or west!?

- WEST (西)

- EAST (東)
- Karuizawa Aji no Machi

Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza is conveniently located to
 the south of the station.
With luxury brands, fashion, accessories, sports, outdoor, etc, 
you have approximately 240 colorful shops for your browsing 

* Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza Official Website 

Stave off your cold & hunger with a slice of Hawaii
Before you start shopping fill up on some delicious 
burgers! Our first stop is the world famous Hawaiian burger 
shop KUA`AINA.

The "KUA`AINA" name means rural Hawaiian-born. The name 
calls back to an old historic town from the North Shore on the 
island of Oahu. In January about 41 years ago this burger chain
 was born and gained popularity through word of mouth by surfers
 and saw it’s second and third stores built in Honolulu, Hawaii and
 Aoyama, Japan in 1997.

Simplicity in Design

The Avocado Burger is recommended by all means.
There’s little doubt, it’s a popular item. Combining avocado with 
fresh lettuce tomato slices over a meat patty….wow!^^
The fantastic harmony of meat and vegetables will dancing in your 
mouth too! If there was a right way  to do Hawaiian-style burgers, 
then KUA`AINA is at the pinnacle of perfection.
Oh and did we mention the fries a stupendous!

Avocado Burger (1 / 3LB) 1,045 yen + TAX
French fries (S) 291 yen + TAX
Orange juice (S) 273 yen + TAX

Spread the Flavor

KUA`AINA has come up since it’s humble beginnings in Hawaii.
 They now have stores in the Hawaii, London, and Japan. A 
collective 27 shops operating throughout the world but it’s 
actually pretty interesting that you’ll find the most in Japan 
(22 shops). The spread of globalization is most certainly not a 
contributing factor to it’s great taste. That of course, is the real 
reason for its spread!^^

"KUA`AINA" (Aina Kuah)
Burger restaurants
Location: E (East) - 03

Find what you’ve been looking for! Outlet Shopping

Due to some renovations in the 1970s, new overseas leading 
brands have been introduced, most notably the Japanese 
shop (BEAMS). Some of the Beams stores located in the 
Karuizawa Outlet Mall have it all including menswear, women's 
wear, and children’s wear.

BEAMS Lights
BEAMS mini

These sections handle the majority of the brand.
With such a wide selection, why would you need to check 
anywhere else right?

Let’s explore deeper?^^

2016 Hot Women’s Wear  [Beams]

The women's hot items recommended for 2016 have been neatly
 organized in this corner. Simple and clean appealing trench coats
 and shirts lined up neatly without draping over the wide trousers 
and knee-length knitting. This minimalistic fashion look is quite 
popular this year in Japan.

Taking the $$ out of Trendy!^^

Although still a little chilly in the snow-covered Karuizawa , clothing
 shops are preparing in advanced for the Spring season. When
 I think of spring and fall items, I could definitely use a trench 
coat as well! In Beams, the trench coats are catching fire, so 
you better grab one before their all good.

Throw a causal one over your suit with a matching hat and you’ll
 be good to go. Also the detachable cotton inner attached 
to the inside can be removed when it gets too warm out.

¥ 15,800 + TAX
Size: (S), (M), (L)

2016 Hot Men’s Wear [Beams]

Let’s do a quick flip over the men’s wear 
recommendations. Similarly, the men’s wear consists of a very 
clean arrangement well -coordinated. An appropriate length 
striped long-sleeve white shirt with lightweight trousers (amazing 
on a hot day), making a statement with a red beanie.
You can almost taste the crisp spring air.

#Hot item# Beans Top Choice !!!

Popular items such as this one are sure to be worn by everyone, 
it’s just a matter of time. A fresh and fun style for all ages, and
 maybe that’s the reason for the popularity.

Border T-shirts
¥ 4,700 + TAX
Size:  (S), (M), (L)

Wide variations in Children's Wear

We are once again attracted to a cornerstone of corners, 
featuring Beams Children's outlet clothing. Jackets, shirts, hoodies, 
etc., an overall wide-ranging collection of designs on various items.
Whether you’re by yourself or in a group, it’s not uncommon in 
this shop to shop with family or friends.  The wide-open nature 
of the shop lends itself to being explored freely. 

"BEAMS" (Beams)
Edit large shop menswear, women's wear, children's 
wear handling.
Location: New East - 31/36/37/38


What are the essential items while traveling?
Passports? ? Money? Travel mates?

The real answer is a dependable travel bag.

This is a travel suitcase, domestic breed Raleigh travel bags, 
business bags, composite bags linked to your favorite celebrity’s
 shop selling casual make every kind of bags. In particular, we’re
 dealing with a Japanese made brand popular with tourist who
 visit Japan. But why are products made in Japan so popular? 
After having first hand experience with various Japanese made 
products I would like to insist that the products are high quality
 and high performance.

(※ Not all products are made in Japan, check before buying)

A special bag that doesn’t roll down a slope?

It’s no secret that a dependable travel bag is a necessity 
when traveling.  However, at times you need to stop and free
 your hands up, but if you do so all your precious belongings 
may roll away. In opposition to this problem, a new bag has been
 developed that you have to see to believe.

Stopping when you want to stop

The emphasis is on the wheels of this convenient bag. Size wise, it’s the largest possible size that’ll fit into the overhead cabin luggage compartment of an aircraft. A switch on the handle for easy access controls the stopping feature. It’s a feature that you won’t really understand the gravity of it’s importance until you need it. And believe us, you will! ^^

ProtecA Products
Cabin Options Size
¥ 40,000 + TAX

Buy a big bag to load up the shopping list!

ACE OUTLET has thoroughly amazed me with their incredible 
136  bag. This has got to be the first time I’ve ever seen such
 a large travel bag...! This giant size is quite large, though it was
 made using lightweight materials for you to enjoy stuffing more
 of your things inside. Travel shopping may seem like a burden to
 some due to trying to stuff things back into your luggage, but
 with this bag, it’s sure to change some minds.

¥ 38,000 + TAX (25% discount from the marked price)

ACE is also famous for its lightweight travel bags

EQUINOX LIGHT is a celebrated model of the main ProtecA
 line. The structural integrity and materials used in the design was 
created with one thing in mind. Pure lightness. They basically 
wanted to create some of the lightest bags around. When balancing
 the body and the frame it’s not as easy as it seems to keep
 something such as a bag in a specified weight range. But after
 lifting up the bag, a lighter weight of this size would be 
unimaginable. The suitcases are made in Hokkaido, Japan in 
domestic plants and are the most popular among tourist.

ProtecA EQUINOX LIGHT (Amount 30% discount)
57ℓ / 4.4kg 30,996 + TAX
65ℓ / 4.7kg 32,508 + TAX
78ℓ / 4.9kg 34,776 + TAX
92ℓ / 5.4kg 36,288 + TAX

"ACE OUTLET" (S Outlet)
General dealing with travel bags, suitcases, etc.
Brands: ProtecA / ACEGENE / F.CLIO
Location: NE (New East) 19-20

When at the Karuizawa Shopping Mall

 When it comes to Japanese ramen, we actually found a 
pretty decent shop buried in the snow!^^

Ramen,  Karuizawa Style in Nagano

(Ramen Fukui)

Located in the East Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza. This place 
is so hot its melting all the snow around it!
Make your ramen with a variety of flavors: Shio (salt) ramen /
 shoyu (soy sauce) ramen / tonkatsu (pork) ramen/
It’s also famous for 味噌 (Shinshu miso ramen)!!

Japan's vending machine Culture

How to order ramen noodles at home in Japan:

Soon as you approach the front entrance, you’ll come face to
 face with this. After making your selection on the vending 
machine, press the button and insert your money. You receive 
some meal tickets to be given to the staff so they can prepare 
your order. Please give the ticket to the clerk and your order is 

Ramen House’s #1 recommendation

The long awaited smile as we enjoyed Shinshu Ramen has 
engulfed our faces. The aroma alone was worth the price 
and the trip! This moderately thick, chewy but savory dish is 
topped with poached eggs, miso soup, whole-wheat noodles 
and was just as tasty as it sounds. Ingredients are very 
important but the winner of the day was the seasoning. 

Bon appétit^^


No cutting calories when it comes to this dish, you’ll savor 
every single oily drop. The real taste of a ramen soup can 
be measured by the amount of moved hearts.
The smile we had from the Shinshu, plus the eight other kinds
 of soup including 安 養 寺 味噌 (Yoan Tera Miso), and a soup
 made from all vegetables (developed for women who called it
a healthy soup) had us hooked.

No stomach for soup?

Japanese fried rice and gyoza (dumplings) make up a set 
that’s equally as delicious.
Capable of being eater separately or together as set, give it a try 
if you’re not in a soupy mood.

福 栄 味噌 ら ー め ん (Fukui Miso Ramen)
950 yen
半 チ ャ ー ハ ン (Fried Rice [half-size])
630 yen
(After purchasing a ticket from the vending machine hand the
 ticket to the clerk)

"ら ー め ん 福 栄" (Ramen Fukui)
信 州 味噌 ら ー め ん (Shinshu  Miso Ramen)- famous Japanese
 ramen house
Location: E (East) - 04

Edit women shop SHEL`TTER

SHEL'TTER is a favorite among celebrities and is constantly 
editing what it offers for high quality casual chic women's fashion. 
Focusing on smooth denim body lines, silhouettes and 
highlighting appealing details, the lineup looks quite pretty.

Are you aware of the trend?
What about the lifestyle SHEL'TTER encompasses?
Steadily gaining popularity in the fashion world,
are you ready for it? ^^

Good times in SHEL`TTER

Brands: Moussy, SLY, Rienda, Rodeo Crowns,  and AZUL by Moussy

Popular Brand #1: Rienda

For women who seek to express their individuality in a trendy
fashion, and create their own style and brand more freely.
Enjoy the ability to coordinate your own  casual items in a easy yet
 fun way!

Popular Brand #2: SLY

Sly is the best kept secret of those who know about it.
A haven of cosmopolitan ambiance that survived many a trend
 enjoying a calm stylish color coordinated ensemble at it's base.

Popular Brand #3: Rodeo Crowns 

American casual items based in the mainstream.
Casual but a bit rough so it’s destined to evoke a sense of brand 
elements, edgy yet trendy as casual can get.
Fitting for a casual chic woman wanting to enjoy fashion.
Near the table I saw a lot of women wearing a studded T-shirt logo 
on the streets with the embroidered letters RCWB…?
Now I’ve come to realize they are Logo T-shirts for the RCWB, 

This may just be my favorite style.^^

2016! The year of the minimalist

This year try to make an effort to keep your style very minimalist.
 Doing so will line you up with the latest trends of 2016. Personally
 I’m going to pick up my new wardrobe here at Karuizawa Mall!

High casual women's wear shop Edit
Location: NE (New East) - 17


The big event of the evening has just started!
The crisp, cool, piercing night air of the Karuizawa Prince 
Shopping Plaza gave way to beautiful ILLUMINATION.
The shopping town in the evening, surrounded by nature, 
showed it’s true harmonious nature.
This particular tree is the symbol of the seven lights striking 
the surface of the lake producing a dreamy atmosphere.
There was quite a bit of camera technique involved in capturing 
this image because by the naked eye, you can’t really see all these
 amazing colors until you really focus.
Imagine eating a meal with this amazing backdrop?
A view like this is quite humbling. Makes you even forget all your 

Period: 2015/11 / 1-2016 / 2/29
Time: 17:00 to 21:00 (times may vary)

Light to decorate the end of the day

Snow and shopping. Great combination? That has yet to be 
determined, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. Not a bad idea to 
enjoy the dreamy illumination though.
Keep stacking up those good memories in Japan..

Karuizawa’s fresh powder is beautiful

The overwhelming wealth of Japan's tourist attractions, and
 resort spots in Karuizawa is just what the doctor ordered. Also, 
the great scenery around Karuizawa really speaks volumes to 
Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza’s nature and charm.
Did anyone else feel as though you wanted to visit more and
 more while reading the article?!

It’s already a fast growing tourists destination for many visitors
 to Japan from Taiwan and Hong Kong for the past several years.
 To make things easier, it can also be accessible via the Shinkansen.
 While staying at Prince Hotel and Cottages, located just next to it, 
all the element of a great trip seem to come together nicely.  
Perhaps the real luxury is in the openness. The level of space
 you have to just exist in nature (as pictured above)

Anyway, it’s time for our short trip Karuizawa from Tokyo to come 
to a close.It’s a fantastic place where you can experience new 
shopping venues, trendiness and style, but I hope you go see 
for yourself what this article couldn’t convey. Later, when you’re 
surrounded by the beautiful and rich natural environment that
 is Karuizawa’s plateau resort you’ll understand.

Just a one hour trip back to Tokyo, perfect end to a day trip!^^

Until our next journey, stay safe and warm during the winter!

* Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza Official Website 


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