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#Shopping ♪Mitsukoshi Ginza CANDY GIRL! Rediscovery the premier department store in Tokyo

#Shopping ♪Mitsukoshi Ginza CANDY GIRL! Rediscovery the premier
department store in Tokyo

This time we make return trip for CANDY GIRL!

What kind of department store is Mitsukoshi Ginza?
With reasonable prices it offers a wealth of high end fashion shops,
 practical shops, and products with a wide range of trends.
Mitsukoshi Ginza also breeds a colorful
"culture" of enriching people's lives and through outstanding
service. Department stores in this world famous city perform their
 role faithfully giving patrons a more enjoyable shopping experience
and Mitsukoshi Ginza is no exception...

But ... if this really is Tokyo...?
If the fashion capital of Tokyo is Ginza....??
If these are all signs of 'Mitsukoshi (三越)' department store in Ginza... ???

The giant banner must be something of great importance! Here we
stand to find a new fashion and culture being less than subtly
displayed on a giant banner outside the building.

Written in bold print <DISCOVER! TOKYO> has been found.


A project created by a Tokyo-born designer presented on each
 floor of the department store featuring products made in Japan.
You can find a collection of a variety of products in these interesting

In the current campaign, attracting the attention of the world ...
 Tokyo Ginza Mitsukoshi is presenting "Pop (POP) culture.
The key element to the project has got to be the unique art style.

Yoshitaka Amano (天野 喜 孝) Known for his artistic contribution to works
 such as Speed Racer, Gatchaman and the popular video game series
 Final Fantasy now supplies the character art for <CANDY GIRL>

While calling it pop culture of Japan, it presents a special opportunity to
 broaden the spectrum of Japanese culture to many people around the world.

Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store <DISCOVER! TOKYO>
Date: Tues, February 2nd to 16th (Tues.)
Location: GINZA MITSUKOSHI held in each layer
Main events

Sweet Candy Girls gather in Ginza ~ ^^

<CANDY GIRL> Yoshitaka Amano's style of art is a contemporary
 take on neo-Japonism and easily recognizable anywhere you go.

Right after entering the front door, we can already spot products from
 Ginza Mitsukoshi's 'DISCOVER! TOKYO at Global Message on the
first floor ; CANDY GIRL collaboration items.

It seems strange, yet familiar Let's face bore the impression of a
work of art intimately the collaboration of the items that Mr. Amano!

  [Global Message (グ ロ ー バ ル メ ッ セ ー ジ) 1F]

Everything from fashion to household goods

Bags, shoes, handkerchiefs, scarves, hoodies, cell phone cases, etc.
The shop offers a wide selection of fashionable goods.

My own UNIQUE, fun designs

Not quite your typical tote bag.  ~
An interesting line of items that'll make you stand out in a
crowd if you choose to!^^

Create your favorite style!

Attach your own favorite combination of art pieces on your bag.
You can create an original bag and change the configuration each day!

Art pieces from ¥ 1,620 - (tax included)

Bringing Velcro back!?

Velcro is used to stick the designs on these creative Mini Cross
Back bags.

Mini Cross Back: ¥ 31,320 (tax included)

Laptop cases and coin pouches as well!

Strange Characters

Add some charm to your key chain or stylize your card case.
Uniquely designed characters on the go. Snatch yours up today.^^

- From top left
Card Case:  11,880 yen
Character keychain: 4,968-5,400 yen
(tax included)

Plenty of Variety - Fashion Accessories

Cases for mobile phones and sticker covers to add a little bit of
flare to your mobile device. Who says phones can't be fashion

left side:
Mobile phone case:  4,860 yen (tax included)
right side:
Mobile phone sticker cover 4,536 yen (tax included)

Flashy Colorful Scarves

Let your true colors POP and enjoy the feeling of being comfortable
 and colorful in your own style. Feel free to mix and match because
with CANDY GIRL you can't go wrong.^^

Unfold to unleash beautifully rendered characters!

A wide selection of uniquely designed umbrellas to make you
standout on the next rainy day. Is that rain I hear?

A handy Handkerchief

An edgy avant-garde fashionable handkerchief with just the right
appeal to even lure men into it's grips. Imagine such a stylish
scarf draped around your neck sporting a leather jacket. #Winning^^

Handkerchief: 3,240 yen (tax included)

Collaboration with Mikio Sakabe ...

A CANDY GIRL expanded area of collaboration!
MIKIO SAKABE joins in on the fun to present us with a hoody, parka and scarf with similar avant tastes! Lovely^^

Scarf: ¥ 19,440 (tax included)

Meet the masters, the best combination!

Yet another set of collaborations:
Popular brands of designer Yohji Yamamoto with CANDY GIRL
These aesthetically perfect creations are 2-of-a-kind but for a whopping price of 1,000,000 yen each!!

A Man of Ultra

On the 6th floor of Global Message you'll find....Ultraman (?) Say what!?

Childhood dreams are coming true allowing kids and adults alike to dress up as their favorite character as a kid. The  <A MAN of ULTRA POP UP SHOP> is a limited time men's pop-up store you must see to believe.

Global Message Shop sixth floor
Open from February 2nd to February 16th

Paying homage to an eternal hero
Fashion-themed clothing for our eternal hero Ultraman has been a long time coming. The store is decked out with fashion items (ties, eyewear, underwear), accessories (purses, bags etc) and everything is super powered!^^

Ultraman inspired Fashion Accessories

Next to a rock-solid posing Ultraman figure these nice black glasses adorned with red and blue, ties and more look amazing.
The Just as Ultraman was called to serve justice to all, so will you with these stylish accessories!^^

Glasses: ¥ 50,760 (tax included)

Pay a visit to catch a glimpse of a real life Ultraman!^^
February 6 Ultraman
February 7 Ultraman Zero
February 13 Ultra Seven
(Scheduled at 1 pm,  3pm, and 5pm)

Original design

Original Logo t-shirts from A MAN OF ULTRA.
What do you think? Stylish right?
In addition to the T-shirts there's also other products like parkas,
 polo shirts, sweatshirts, etc.^^

Yoshitaka Meets the World

<CANDY GIRL> creative artist, Mr. Yoshitaka Amano exhibition
 featuring signed pieces on the seventh floor gallery is open.
Inspirational pieces ranging from different points of his career
are displayed here.
- Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1952
- at the age of 15 joined his first Japanese animation company working
on the popular Speed Racer. He's made many (fine art) contributions
 highly regarded throughout the world and also having held
a solo exhibitions in New York, Paris, London, and received many
awards for his works.
 <CANDY GIRL> projects

[Event 1] Yoshitaka Amano exhibition (天野 喜 孝 展)
February 2 to February 9
7th floor gallery
※ last day of the event opens at 6:00 pm

[Event 2] Yoshitaka Amano signings (天野 喜 孝 サ イ ン 会)
February 6 2:00 p.m. to 3:00
7th floor gallery

※ Event 2: first-come, first-served basis limited to 50 people
※ event information is subject to change, check the website for updated information.


The 7th floor gallery next to the household goods, stationery,
and fashion accessories you'll find a unique space
Traditional Yukatas and pop culture surprisingly harmoniously
coexisting? Not only surprising, but it also blends together quite well.
Feels like some new kind of unique hybrid ...


Found some CANDY GIRL themed Yukatas!!
This is one item you can't help but indulge in it's appeal.

From left
yukata ¥ 46,440 / ¥ 14,940 belt
 yukata ¥ 37,800 / ¥ 14,040 belt
yukata ¥ 35,640 / ¥ 10,584 belt
(tax included)

Yukatas and Trendy Geta

The traditional floral and geometric patterns seem to call back
to older Japanese designs while still holding on to the modernity
 of nowadays. Definitely picking up some!^^

How lovely is this!?

Painted aprons characters by CANDY GIRL.
Lovable pink girls with matching moods too!

Aprons 9,180 yen (tax included)

Great additions to your household

All in good taste! Check out this line of unique kitchenware.
Although food may be on the table everyone's focus will be on your
plates and cups! ...

There's also other household items like notepads, masking tape, notes,
post cards etc.. ^^

Oops, almost forgot about Valentine's Day! ^^

The second floor basement is dominated by CANDY GIRL themed
food. This is the season to prepare special foods such as macaroons,
lobsters, cakes, and chocolates for your significant other and DISCOVER!
Tokyo: CANDY GIRL has got you covered.

Ginza may be the scene for cutting-edge fashion, but it has also been
the source of pop culture in Tokyo for a very long time.
To have a department store so concerned with preserving and sharing information on a countries culture is on the world's stage is truly amazing.

In that sense, If you visit <DISCOVER! TOKYO>  I think you'll come across
 a good opportunity to learn more about Japan during your Tokyo trip.
Take your chance to experience a stunning 'DISCOVERY' in Ginza.
(Also don't forget to pick up Valentine's Day Chocolate^^)

Date: Tues, February 2nd to 16th (Tues.)
Location: GINZA MITSUKOSHI held in each layer
Main events

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