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#Shopping ♪Japan's Hauntingly Delicious Traditional Snacks: Karinto with Nihonbashi Nishikihorin

#Shopping ♪Japan's Hauntingly Delicious Traditional Snacks: Karinto 

with Nihonbashi Nishikihorin (日本橋錦豊琳)

In Japan they have a saying for their innate sense of hospitality:
“Omote nashi”(おもてなし). This phrase is more or less a culturally
symbolic saying that relates to differentiated service, extending
beyond the bounds of what most would consider great service.

Japan’s Omiyage Culture?
Have you ever heard of “Omiyage”? It’s actually a Japanese
word meaning souvenir, and it’s used quite regularly in Japan.
Traveling to the home of anyone in Japan empty-handed is like a slap
in the face. Therefore one must buy omiyage and bring it to express
gratitude for the invitation to their home. Understanding this
concept of putting another person’s feelings before your own is a
key point to understanding the culture of Japan.

With the rise of domestic as well as foreign tourism in Japan,
Japan seeks to extend it’s Omiyage culture beyond the open seas
of it’s borders. One such omiyage setting the forefront is
"Nihonbashi Nishikihorin (日本橋錦豊琳) "

Japan's Cultural item: Omiyage

People who have been traveling or visiting relatives and friends on
 special occasions usually bring gifts. (tea, snacks, drinks, etc.)
Nowadays the enormous influence of souvenirs in Japan
especially during the holidays, can be felt.
Why not reach for the gift of traditional "Karinto" to
make a good impression?

The leading brand of Nihonbashi Nishikihorin

Point 1: One of the points to take notice on this new product
is the difference in size. The the proportions of the cookies has
been made with emphasis on an ideal serving size.

Point 2: A coat of sugar is added to the dough only after it has been
 fried in order to insure the taste doesn't change.

Point 3: A luxurious gift.
Although it's a traditional snack, the creative variations in cookies,
the logo, the sleek black box, and luxury packaging make it one
sought-after gift.

* Nihonbashi Nishikihorin (日本橋錦豊琳) Official website (Japanese)

Nihonbashi… Karinto’s history begins…

Did you know that the Nihonbashi Bridge has been a center point
 of Tokyo linking the two sides of the Nihonbashi River since the
17th century? A great deal of history is linked to the bridge and
the area itself so in order to pay homage to the good brand
name Nihonbashi Nishikorihorin was born (日本橋錦豊琳). .

Japan's tourist attractions: Skytree & Solmachi

The world's largest radio tower , the Tokyo Skytree (634m) is a
great place to visit not only for a high altitude view of the city,
but also to take care of some shopping. On the second floor of
the building you’ll find Solamachi, a "shopping town" with several
 floors of unique products.

The main part of Solamachi, "Nihonbashi Nishikihorin" !

 Located on the second floor of Solamachi the Karinto
shop "Nihonbashi Nishikihorin (日本 橋 錦 豊 琳)" is a colorful
display of assorted snacks. This location serves as the main
location however there are several others located in the Tokyo
area as well.

[Nihonbashi Nishikihorin Store Information]
Oshiage 1-1-2 Sumida-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Sky Tree Town Solamachi 2F
TEL: 03-5809-7261
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00, seven days a week

Nihonbashi (Head Office)
Tokyo, Chuo, Nihonbashi, 3 Chome−5−12, Yoshino Building 1F
TEL: 03-6225-2952
Hours: 10:00 to 19:00 (Sunday and holidays closed)
Directions: walk from Tokyo Station: Yaesu Central Exit 7 min / 5 min
walk from Nihonbashi Station: Exit B1 / Kyobashi Station: 6-minute
walk from Exit 7

Gransta (Tokyo)
Tokyo, Chiyoda, Marunouchi, 1 Chome−9−1, Gransta, Tokyo Station
Gransta B1F
TEL: 0120-284-240
Hours: 8:00 to 22:00 (Open year-round)
Directions: In the basement floor of Tokyo Station near the "North's
long (silver bell)" in front.

Tokyo Adachi-ku Senjuasahi-cho 42-2 LUMINE Kita Senju  Center 1F
TEL: 03-6806-1350
Hours: 10:00 to 20:30
Directions: Kita Senju Station LUMINE 1F

Ikspiari (Tokyo Disney Resort shopping mall)
1-4 Maihama, Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture 279-0031 1F Courtyard
TEL: 047-305-5836
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00

The Diamond, 1 Chome-4 Minamisaiwai, Nishi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 220-0005  B1
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00 
Directions: Near Yokohama Station West Exit B1

On the rise!

Lately, domestic reporters can't get enough of reports of this
new dazzling snack food, voted number one most popular by
a number of media outlets, 'even being featured in stories
on ZIP!', aired on Nippon TV.
Maybe the reason for all the spotlight is the brand, Nihonbashi
Nishikihorin or maybe it's just the taste. You be the judge!^^
It's actually ranked #1 out of all snack foods! impressive!!
  Give Kimpira gobo (き ん ぴ ら ご ぼ う) a try!

Different package, different taste

Taste some, take your pick, then repeat!  It's possible to
sample every single flavor before purchasing to make sure you
 get the right set. Buy one bag of the same flavor, or choose
 your favorite flavors and make your own assortment.

Karinto Prices:
one package: 340 yen (tax included)
2 pack: 760 (tax included)
3 pack: 1,130 (tax included)
6 pack: 2,263 (tax included)
9 pack: 3,394 (tax included)

Our own special 3 pc set!

The pre-set styles tailored to your own taste comes in a
beautifully presented box!^^

Choosing your favorite flavor

Have fun picking, and eating your favorite flavors.
Don't be afraid to mix and match!

★ Nihonbashi Nishikihorin (日本 橋 錦 豊 琳) Most Popular Ranking ★
1st . Kimpira gobo (き ん ぴ ら ご ぼ う) fried burdock
2nd. Kuro-to (黒 糖 = sugar) brown sugar
3rd. Arai so-to (洗 双 糖) double sugar

Gifts Ranking ★ ★
1st . Kuro-to (黒 糖 = sugar) brown sugar
2nd. Shoga (し ょ う が =) ginger
3rd. Ume  shi-so (梅 し そ) plum & shiso

★ For friends, lovers, colleagues Ranking ★
1st . Kuro-to (黒 糖 = sugar) brown sugar
2nd. Arai so-to (洗 双 糖) double sugar
3rd. Yasai (野菜) vegetable flavor

btw: Chocolate Karinto is by far the winner as selected by women
 so it'll make a good Valentine's Day gift.^^

English for foreign tourists!

Afraid of what is actually inside these snacks? Have no fear,
English is here! Handy English explanations are available
for those looking to confirm the ingredients. The descriptions
coupled with English pronunciations make ordering your favorites
 way easier. Due to the high influx of foreign tourist they also
includes descriptions of the different flavors.

It sure does beat blindly tasting when you don't know
what it is !!!!! ^^

Wondering how it tastes?!

One of the good points about Nihonbashi Nishikihorin
(日本 橋 錦 豊 琳) is the ability to try free samples of the various
flavors. How can you really get a feel for the  variety without first
 sampling each for yourself? The staff are so friendly and genuinely
 willing to serve you, you can't help but leave with a smile on your face.

* Karinto's most discussed flavors
1. Kinpira-gobo (き ん ぴ ら ご ぼ う) (fried burdock)
2. Yasai (野菜) (vegetables)
3. Murasak-imo (紫 芋) ( purple sweet potato)
4. Goma (胡麻) (sesame)
5. Kuro-to (黒 糖) (brown sugar)
6. Ume shi-so (梅 し そ) (plum & resona)
7. Arai so-to (洗 双 糖) (double sugar)
8. Shoga (し ょ う が) (ginger)
9. Yuzu goshi-yo (柚子 ご し ょ う) (yuzu pepper)

Just by the names it's tough to really get a feel for the
differences between the products so feast your eyes on this...

Kinpira-gobo (き ん ぴ ら ご ぼ う) (fried burdock)
1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included)

* Kinpira-gobo (き ん ぴ ら ご ぼ う) is a type of burdock root
 finely sliced and roasted in oil seasoned with soy sauce. It's no
wonder it's a popular favorite in Japan. Just thinking about the
flavor reminds me of the snacks I used to eat as a kid.

Yasai (野菜) (vegetables)
1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included)

5 types of dry vegetables light in texture and mixed with
dough to create a delicious balance. You can almost guess the
 type of veggies used based on the color. This simple yet delicious
 taste makes you wonder, Just because it's a snack doesn't mean
you don't have to feel healthy eating it!

Murasak-imo (紫 芋) ( purple sweet potato)
1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included)

This Japanese purple sweet potato flavored snack is, according
 to recent opinions, somewhat strong in taste but very savory.^^

Goma (胡麻) (sesame)
1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included)

Black sesame seeds stud the surface of this snack providing a
unique harmonious balance of color from the black sesame
seeds, white sugar, brown grains and texture.
The strength of the flavor and sweetness of this snack will register
 with your taste buds immediately.

5. Kuro-to (黒 糖) (brown sugar)
1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included)

Widely known as the general taste of Karinto, brown sugar is often a choice of discussion. A little extra batter is used to create these thicker pieces and personally they're my favorite taste!^^

 Ume shi-so (梅 し そ) (plum & shiso)
1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included)

 Are you familar with shiso? A plant widely
used in Japanese cuisine as a receptacle for wasabi and other
garnishes. The unique plant, adds a dash of Japanese tart flavor
 into the mix to tickle your taste buds and nose with it's distinct
aroma. Real raw ingredients such as these being included in Karinto
 is definitely something we could get used to!
The sweet and sour pungent taste is palatable to people who enjoy stretching their taste bud limits.

Arai so-to (洗 双 糖) (double sugar)
1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included)

The flavor of Arai so-to is deep, a bit thicker than the average Karinto snack, and the added sugar is noticeable. Honestly we were a bit curious as to how it would taste with the added sugar but it turned out fine.

Shoga (し ょ う が) (ginger)
1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included)

Yeah, ginger flavored! It's healthy and it tastes good!!^^

Ginger itself represents warm character in Japan.
It helps to eat ginger during the winter because a variety of
confectionery and other products consumed during the winter
can get flushed out of your system naturally. After opening the
package, you're greeted with the aroma of ginger powder,
and the flavor transitions to your mouth as you eat giving off a
pretty strong after taste.
Left us feeling warm all over.

Yuzu goshi-yo (柚子 ご し ょ う) (yuzu pepper)
1 bag = 340 yen (tax-included)

What's the best way to describe Yuzu pepper?Lol
It doesn't exactly sound very appetizing? hmmm...
In Japan, actually it's a commonly used pepper when cooking, and
you'll probably be able to find an izakaya (tavern) that offers chips in
 it's flavor. The sweet and sour taste of slightly prickly hot peppers
lingers in the aftertaste.
An interesting taste worth trying in our opinion!^^

Limited Edition ♡

The limited edition section of the shop offers limited edition
 seasonal products that are currently number 1 in terms of

※ Because they are limited edition products they may be out of
stock. Please check in advance.

Limited Edition: Yakisoba Karinto

340 yen per bag (tax-included)
* Yakisoba (焼 きそば) : A dish usually eaten during festivals in Japan
consisting of vegetables, meat, and boiled noddles fried in a pan.
The very same taste has been captured in each bag. The spices
stuck to the surface of the Karinto when chewed releases a rich
 taste that melts in your mouth.
People who are interested in a salty taste, will really enjoy it!

Limited Edition: Ume Zarame Karinto

340 yen per bag (tax-included)
* Ume zarame (梅 ざらめ) After biting into it, the first impression
we got was the intense taste of the sweet Japanese apricot
shinning through. Recommend this product for anyone
seeking that ancient Japanese flavor.

The creative and color coded packaging of each product makes
it somewhat easy to detect the flavor in our opinion. Something
to keep in mind!^^

Limited Edition: Mitarashi Karinto

340 per bag (tax-included)
* Mitarasi : (みたらし)
Have you ever heard of famous Japanese rice ball cakes called
Mitarasi? They are extremely delicious and so are this iteration
of the popular treat. At first bite you can almost imagine the sweet
soy sauce dripping from the Karinto.
This is possibly the one limited edition taste you'll like best!^^

Solamachi limited edition Ume Wasabi Karinto

340 yen a bag (tax-included)
* Ume Wasabi (梅 わさび) (Plum wasabi)
Taking a bite into the Ume wasabi flavor Karinto the taste
refreshingly shoots straight up to your nose. Not for the faint
of heart because the zesty flavor will wake you up after
eating but delicious nonetheless. Seconds please!^^

Karinto dressed in CHOCOLATE!

As the milk chocolate-dressed Karinto sat there, we couldn't stop
thinking it's really a fusion of traditional and modern. The classic
 chocolate flavor mixing with the newer shape and design of
Karinto snacks, truly lovely.^^

* Chocolate Karinto (チ ョ コ か け か り ん と う)
Flavors: Strawberry Chocolate / Milk chocolate / chocolate
Price:  567 yen per box of each flavor (tax-included)

※ The strawberry chocolate and chocolate matcha are seasonal
The different flavors will change with the seasons so make
sure before you purchase.

Happy Valentine's Day from Karinto ♡

As if we could forget about the impending lover's day, themed
 products are already making their debut on store shelves to
welcome the special day. Visually stunning chocolate rice cake
cookies come in a dedicated red sealed box. The sweet exterior,
and chocolate puffed rice interior gives off a gentle variation of
the 3 main flavors: almond, strawberry and milk chocolate.

When the occasion calls for it, you can never go wrong with
choosing chocolate for a significant other. Make your valentines
day a special one with these delectable treats.

* Edo no Manmaru Shokora (江 戸 の ま ん ま る シ ョ コ ラ) in the
Flavors: Almond flavored chocolate / strawberry flavored chocolate / milk chocolate flavor
Price: 1080 yen per box (tax-included)
Sales Period: only available from Dec. to Feb. each year.

Chocolate rice crackers

Don't be afraid to indulge yourself !
But the packaging is gorgeous and wouldn't hurt as a gift either.

Goods:  Karinto Rice cracker in the shape of Mount Fuji

These bite-size cookies vary in flavor but all feature Japan's
iconic symbol Mt. Fuji. While eating we kept thinking about how
cute little Mt. Fuji looked...^^ Lol. The size makes them almost
too convenient to eat and they come in 7 different flavors for
 your enjoyment.

* Edo Fuji-san Nanakei (江戸富士七景)
Flavors : White sugar  /  red pepper / purple potato flavor /
colorful sugar /  sesame / macha / ginger
Price : 594 yen (tax-included)

3 Snacks to take note of: Senbei

Senbei biscuits are also available!
 As you stuff your bags full of omiyage, a trendy Japanese snack
 that has gained popularity abroad as well is also on sale at
Nihonbashi Nishiki horin(日本橋錦豊琳). These senbei snacks
 (like rice krispies), also work great as okakiーsomething that
is added over a dish for added flavor or taste. Just like croutons
 are added to salad then can serve the same function.^^

Wrapped in many different tastes

By now you're probably well aware that most of these treats are
 made with soy sauce. But for those of you who don't believe us,
go and grab a sample yourself!
In comparison to crackers which are baked, these snacks have been
 fried in order to preserve their flavor. The above snacks are not
 so much like senbei (rice crackers) but instead more like rice cakes.

Create your own Omiyage!

A stylish black on black design covers the packing of the  2, 3, and
6-pack , it is divided into nine sets of configuration
Delicious to eat, I was able to freely configure the number set by
 the taste you want to present.
Japan travel freely within constitutes a gift ... That's an interesting
 idea indeed.

* Set prices (Karinto 75g bags)
one package: 340 yen (tax included)
2 pack: 760 (tax included)
3 pack: 1,130 (tax included)
6 pack: 2,263 (tax included)
9 pack: 3,394 (tax included)

* Karin Sat 6 sets, 9 sets of products are laid Karin sat for
 coming up with a package of paper packaging Limited Solamachi
point, such as a picture!

Special Solamachi Packaging

Aren't regular bags 75g?

At the Solamachi main shop you can also enjoy smaller
 23g packs of "Nihonbashi Nishikihorin (日本 橋 錦 豊 琳)".

The packaging is so cool with a full scale picture of the Tokyo
 Sky Tree!^^

* Sets: (from left)
Karinto small bag set (23g) 5 types 702 yen (tax included)
Karinto small bag set (23g) 10 types ¥ 1,404 (tax included)

Get your Karinto from the 2F @ Solamachi

After seeing the majestic Sensoji Temple, the architectural marvel
Tokyo Tower, and now the observation deck of Tokyo Sky Tree,
we've worked up quite an appetite. The Sky Tree is heralded as
 Tokyo's landmark and a place you can find all the best types
 of food at the nearby Solamachi shopping center. Pick up your
modern trendy packaging Karinto on your way to your next destination.

Finishing your day with a glass of beer and  Karinto

After a long hard day, take a load off, relax and enjoy some
 of your favorite Karinto. Everyone has their own method
of relaxing, but everyone can come together and agree that
enjoying a nice cold beer (or juice) with a tasty finger food is a
great way to finish a long hard day.

As you organize your day, making joyous memories from
 traveling, filling your shopping bags to the brink, don't
 forget pick up an unforgettable savory omiyage, ..Karinto^^

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