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::SPECIAL:: #Love♪ Lovers Unite, Japankuru's 5 Interesting places for Valentine’s Day in Tokyo

Lovers Unite, Japankuru's 5 Interesting places 

for Valentine’s Day in Tokyo

Love is in the air, and every store you walk into now is selling
 something to present to a significant other. Though it’s widely
 revered as an overblown commercial holiday, some of us
 (let’s face it, just the hopeless romantics) still do believe that
 there actually is “the one” out there. Time has proven that love
 can bloom even on battlefields so why wouldn’t it happen to
 everyday people like you and I?

Here at Japankuru, we want to wish you all a happy Valentine’s
 day, but first would like to impart some advice for how to spend
 your special day in Tokyo. We’ll give you some suggestions for
 places to visit and activities to partake in to enhance your
 chances with your significant other or even enjoy a nice night 
out with a friend (that’s right, this isn’t just for couples!)

First and foremost let’s set some ground rules.
1.     Just because it’s Valentine’s day, doesn’t mean you need a date.
2.     A night out with a close friend is just as good as a date.
3.     Expensive places are overrated, choose the most bang for your buck.
4.     Always try something new.

Okay, take a gander at our recommendations within Tokyo for
 Valentine’s Day 2016

#1 Seal your love with a Kiss in the SKY @ TOKYO CITY VIEW

Tokyo is known for being an extremely large city with a bit of
 a light pollution problem. Everywhere you go at night the city
 is lit up brighter than a Christmas tree making for very safe
 city overall (no irrational fears of dark alleyways, but poor
 visibility for viewing say the stars for example. Fortunately 
while it may still be a bright city some of the towering sky 
scrapers are wising up and allowing people inside to take in 
unique views of the city 

The "Tokyo City View" and  "Sky Deck"  at Mori Tower in 
Roppongi, you can sit above the city lights and enjoy a clear view
 of the stars with your significant other or friend. Why wouldn't
 you want to spend a valentines day sitting in the stars?

The standard entry price will get you to the 52nd floor viewing
 area (pictured below), with the "Sky Deck" getting you to the
 actual roof of the building. ^^


52F Roppongi Hills, Mori Tower, Roppongi 6-10-1, 
Minato-ku, Tokyo  

Weekdays & holidays:  10:00 am-11:00 pm
 (last admission at 10:30pm)
Fridays, Saturdays, days preceding holidays: 10:00 am-1:00 am
 (last admission at midnight)
Sky Deck: 11:00 am-8:00 pm
 (last admission at 7:30pm)
Website (English)
※Sky Deck is subject to closure without notice in the event
 of rain, dense fog, strong winds, and other inclement weather.

#2 Dining Between Train Lines @ N3331

"Nothing can escape, true lover's embrace" -JAPANKURU

Love being squeezed? Having trouble letting go while hugging? 
Well if you're like us and you enjoy the warmth of a tight
 embrace or even just tight spaces, you'll definitely enjoy dining
 at a restaurant where you're wedged between train lines!

Enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner as you feel the vibrations of 
trains whizzing past at a dazzling pace. The cafe itself turns into
 a wine bar during the night so not a bad idea for a date 
that neither of your will forget.

•2F (U1)
• Open Hours 
11:00 ~ 23:00 (Last order 22:30)
Sundays and holidays 11:00 - 21:00 
(Last order 20:30)
• Phone 03-5295-2788
• Number of seats: 24 seats
• official website http://n3331.com

Wait! Valentines Day Gifts:

How could we forget recommendations for a Valentines Day
 gift!? As cliché as it may sound, chocolate is still one of the 
best Valentine's Day gifts in our opinion. It kind of has this 
old-fashioned feel to it (but in a good way).

Japanese culture is a little different than that of western cultures
 in the fact that February 14th marks the day for women to
 give gifts to men! The following month, March 14th, on a day
 called White Day, men have a chance to reciprocate the gift
 received a month earlier however they are not obligated to. 
Those who get a reciprocated gift can find that their love is 
reciprocated as well and the happy couple will move 
forward from there. 

Sounds very rough right? You have to wait a whole month
 for a response!? 

The gift of Karinto

Nihonbashi Nishikihorin offers a special box of Valentine's Day
 inspired chocolate rice cake cookies in a dedicated red 
sealed box. These yummy treats are sure to put a smile
 on anyone's face so please handle with care.

Edo no Manmaru Shokora 
(江 戸 の ま ん ま る シ ョ コ ラ) 
Flavors: Almond flavored chocolate / strawberry flavored
 chocolate / milk chocolate flavor
Price: 1080 yen per box (tax-included)
Sales Period: only available from Dec. to Feb. each year.

Edo no Manmaru Shokora can be found at the many 
Nihonbashi Nishikihorin shops but we recommend checking
 out the Solamach shop!

[Nihonbashi Nishikihorin Store Information]
Oshiage 1-1-2 Sumida-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Sky Tree Town
 Solamachi 2F
TEL: 03-5809-7261
Hours: 10:00 to 21:00, seven days a week

More info:

Website (Japanese)

#3 Smokeless Good Times @ Yakiniku Boucherie

Ever go into a barbecue restaurant, have an amazing 
time enjoying the food, leave and head to your next 
destination only to found out you still wreak of the 
barbecue smell? We can relate!^^`

An interesting take on this problem is being combated by
 Yakiniku Boucherie in Lumine Est Shinjuku. At this
 restaurant they offer smokeless grills ,meaning you can
 enjoy all the BBQ you like without actually taking 
smell home with you. 

How does this help with dates you might be wondering? 
You know what they say about smell being tied to memory?
 If you're going to make a good first impression, simply
 not smell up your next destination, we recommend
 enjoying delicious food and staying smelling fresh.

YAKINIKU Boucherie: 焼肉ブシュリ (8F)
Tel: 03-3353-0290
Hours: 11: 00 ~ 23: 00 (Last order 22: 00, 
 Last drink order 22: 30)

< LUMINE EST SHINJUKU store information > 
Address: Tokyo Shinjuku Ku Shinjuku 3-38-1 
Telephone: 03-5269-1111 
Hours: 11:00~22: 00 (weekdays) 
10:30 ~22: 00 (Weekends/Holidays) 
Restaurant:11:00 ~23: 00 

#4 A Rousing Good Time @ Hakada Hanamidori Ginza

Located in Ginza Velvia, our next destination is a place that is 
great at cutting the tension in any situation!^^ 
(Shoutout to all my awkward people!) 

At Hakada Hanamidori you can enjoy a meal that requires two
 to participate. The restaurant offers hot pots where
 you can make your meal together at the center of the table. 
From this Japankuru Love Guru's perspective, it gives 
your fidgety hands something to keep themselves occupied
 with while you and your date talk. Give it a try and tell 
them the people at Japankuru sent you!

Hakada Hanamidori- Ginza-2-chome 
Ginza Velvia Hall 7F
11:30~14:30 (Last Order .14:00) 
17:00~23:00 (Last Order .22:00)
※ lunch is only available on weekends and holidays
※ No smoking during lunch
TEL:  03-3562-9725

website (Japanese)

Gift Idea #2: Cakes!

Before we get to the moment you've all been waiting for,
 the reveal of the final date location...let's take a look at
 one more gift idea.

 Cakes are never a bad idea for Valentines Day. 
Nothing better than showing your significant
 other you care about them more than filling their belly with
 something that'll bring a smile to their face. "La Maison
 Ensoleille Table Patisserie" in ITOCiA Yurakucho has just the
 right cake or pie for you. 

La Maison Ensoleille Table Patisserie @ ITOCiA FOOD AVE B1F
Business hours: 11: 00~21: 00

Last but not least we have come to the end of our list, but do
 you still remember the 4 rules we set out before?

1.     Just because it’s Valentine’s day, doesn’t mean you need a date.
2.     A night out with a close friend is just as good as a date.
3.     Expensive places are overrated, choose the most bang for your buck.
4.     Always try something new.

Keep these facts in mind as we proceed!


We've saved the best for last! Tokyo is known the world over 
as a concrete jungle with not much greenery to be found 
everywhere you go. So our advice for you is to bear the chilly 
weather and get out and enjoy a slice of nature. Spending a nice 
quiet Sunday with your significant other in a park is the perfect
 relaxing getaway for the two of you. 

Bring games you can play together like a frisbee, or even plan a picnic!^^

Shinjuku Gyoen Garden
Address: 11 Naitomachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0014

from the Ministry of the Environment website

We hope you enjoyed our quick list of interesting things to do
 in Tokyo during Valentine's Day. Keep the 4 rules in mind
 and above all try to have a good time! It may just be an 
overblown consumer holiday but it's a great chance to act 
super lovie dovie and get away with it^^

Happy Valentines Day! 

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