Tuesday, February 16, 2016

::SPECIAL:: #Travel♪ Lighting up TOKYO , Winter Illumination at Tokyo Dome City

#Travel♪ Lighting up TOKYO , Winter Illumination at Tokyo Dome City

The holiday season has come and gone but there's still
 reason to celebrate the changing of the seasons in Tokyo.
Until February 14th (Valentine's Day) Tokyo Dome City is
seeking to keep the magic alive and inspire people with
winter cheer as the official end of winter draws near. This
venue would actually be a great place to bring your date so
to all my Valentine's Day lovers out there, write this one
down on your list!

Tokyo Dome City's Winter Illumination event is an annual
event so even if you miss the opportunity to go this year you
can also plan ahead for your chance next year. Today we
will check out how the illumination stacks up against the
 other multitude of illumination events in Tokyo. 

Tokyo Dome City Winter Illumination
Adress: 1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo 
Website: (Japanese)

The mighty Tokyo Dome

The event takes place at the Tokyo Dome, famous site
 for everything from baseball games, music concerts,
 basketball games to monster truck races. All the illuminations
are outdoors and it's a bit chilly, so I recommend bringing a
 coat as you enjoy the event.


There is no entry fee and you can walk across the whole
 venue freely and unobstructed. There are a number of
 different activities you can partake in and some that will
cost money (such as the rides at the nearby amusement
 park). For more details refer to the website.

Bright as Day!

The lights are really amazing when you consider they had to
 place each one, one by one! There are so many lights it
almost feels like it's daylight out.

Crystal Ave. Collaboration

In a startling collaboration with Korea's internationally acclaimed
 popular band BIGBANG, an animated light show entitled "Blue"
 is provided with the BIGBANG's popular hits streaming in the
 background. This is one attraction that's sure to get the kids
 talking. The animations are limited but the music is catchy
 so it's fairly entertaining!

Show details:
Hours: 5pm to 11:40pm
Show plays every 15 minutes at: 10, 25, 40, 55.

*The show highlights the featured concert at the Tokyo
 Dome during the given time.*

Not Your Ordinary Set of Lights

One of the things that took me back the most about the
 light display was the fusion of music and creatively designed
 illumination. If you look close enough you can see the
painstaking detail in each exhibit. For example the towering
 prism above when viewed up close gives you this interesting
 arrangement as it changes colors every 5 seconds.

Walk in the Park

The whole concept of the Tokyo Dome Winter Illumination is
like a gentle walk in the park. A truly magical atmosphere is
created without much effort, and it's easy to fall victim to the
charms of the open space and ample seating. Walking along
the path, couples littered the walkway, each arm in arm
whispering sweet nothings into one another's ears. Ah~

Valentine's Day love is in the air...^^

Tokyo Dome Access

Although there are no exhibits located inside of the Tokyo
 Dome, the space is still well-lit and you're welcome to
walk around the outside and admire the unique architecture.
Tokyo dome is the World's largest roofed baseball stadium
nicknamed the "big egg" due  it's egg shaped appearance.


Located right across the street from Tokyo Dome is a very
 bright and inviting grouping of buildings known as LaQua.
 This center houses a spa, fitness center, shopping mall, and
 amusement park rides! For all my daredevils take a ride
on the roller coster in the cold to really get chills rolling
up and down your spine.

Illumi ride 3 Deal
2015/11/10 (Tues.)〜2016/2/14 ( Sun.) Until 5pm

3 free ride coupons (all rides)
1 person: 1,600 yen
Must be used after 5pm

Goodbye Winter

Events such as these always make me nostalgic as I begin
to think about the holidays and how they've come to an end.
 The winter has come and gone, and while it is still a bit chilly
 you can't help but miss it right?!^^ If you are in Tokyo and
 have the chance to check out this unique display pay
 the Tokyo Dome

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