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#Travel♪ Hakone hot springs - Enlighten yourself with Japanese Culture &enjoy Onsen @ Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

Hakone hot springs - Enlighten yourself

 with Japanese Culture &enjoy Onsen 

@ Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

Recommended Hakone travel spots!! ^^
Tourist attractions, hot springs and culture
@ Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

When traveling to the spa during winter, make sure
it's a hot spring! The famous winter hot spring theme
park  Hakone Kowakien Yunessun has a great
variety of themed hot springs for you to choose from
during these cold months. Not to mention a flurry of
luxurious rooms in the hotel for your relaxing pleasure.

The wonderful spa/ hotel "Hakone Hotel Kowakien"
is a beautiful place to come and relax in the beautiful
nature surroundings and participate in some unorthodox
 fun you won't get at your typical hot spring.

Let's go and warm our chilly winter bodies in this unique
getaway from the mundane and the norm! ^^

Yunessun Hot Springs
(Mori No Yu non-swimsuit open-air hot spring area)

Enjoy a warm air bath overlooking picturesque scenery.
The best feature is the outdoor bath giving you sizzling hot
water with a cool breeze blowing overhead. Words can't really
describe this bittersweet feeling that'll overcome your body.
Perhaps the word we're searching for is heaven?! ^^

:::Hakone Kowakien Yunessun:::
Location: 250 - 0407 Kanagawa Prefecture,
Ashigarashimo district, Hakone-chō Ninotaira 1297
Google Maps
- Tel: 0460-82-4126
- Hours:
Yunessun (swimsuit area) 9:00 to 18:00
                   Mori No Yu (non-swimsuit open-air hot spring area)
11:00 to 20:00
- Charges:
Yunessan (swimsuit area) Adult ¥2,900 /
child ¥ 1,600
                   Mori No Yu (non-swimsuit open-air hot spring area)
Adult ¥1,900 / child ¥1,200
                   Yunessun & Mori No Yu Entry:
Adult ¥4,100 / child ¥2,100
Hakone Kowakien Yunessun official website (English)

Hakone Free kimono Experience

This time Hakone Hotel has come up with a new
Japanese culture experience in front of it's spa facilities
for foreign tourists.

The Japanese Culture Experience Room, where you're
able to experience the traditional culture of Japan,
includes a chance for you to dawn your own kimono
and experience "OMOTENASHI", the Japanese word for
hospitality in the "Information & Activities Room".
The rooms feature a Japanese traditional play yard, with a
 setup for taking pictures, and seats equipped with a variety
of Japanese traditional games so tourists can easily try.
It's such a great chance to not just see traditional Japanese
clothing up close, but also experience how it feels on your
body! Time to build some memories.

Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en
- Location:
1297 Ninotaira, Hakone-machi,
Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa 250-0407 Japan
        Google Maps
- Tel: 82-4111 0460

Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en Official website (English)

A tale of Yunessun (Mori No Yu)
Where you can bathe in the healing

An open-air bath in a garden with views of the mountains
countryside of Mori No Yu (森 の 湯). The open air feeling
 gives you a sense of the true Japanese style open-air hot
spring. Enjoy the variety of Jacuzzi baths including Uta
seyu (打 た せ 湯), neyu (寝 湯), etc. In this hot spring you
can free yourself of your swimsuit and really let it all
hang loose.
* Uta seyu (打 た せ 湯):Here the water is flowing from a
high place and creates a massage like effect.
* Neyu (寝 湯): Here the water is at the proper temperature
to sleep soundly in the hot springs.
* Jacuzzi: Jets of water shoot from various parts of the
pool creating a very relaxing and healing effect.

Mori No Yu (森 の 湯)
(non-swimsuit open-air hot spring area)
- Opening hours: 11:00 to 20:00
- Fee: Adult ¥1,900 / child ¥1,200
※ At Mori No Yu swimsuits aren't allowed.

Attraction Mori No Yu Onsen

Kawari Yu (変 わ り 湯):
Each month the flavor of the hot spring changes
providing a whole new atmosphere to the hot springs.
In January guests were treated to a lovely mix of
fragrant herbal healing baths and aromas.
(Note that in February they told us that the fragrance
is akin to that of a pepper soup! ^^)

Kawari Yu (変 わ り 湯) of Mori No Yu (森 の 湯)
A significant portion of the Mori No Yu
hot springs
January: Herbal Bath
February: Pepper soup
※ Ongoing information about the month's aroma
 can be found on the entrance signs for Mori No Yu.
※ Please check to make sure you don't have
allergies before arriving!

What do you think?

How do you feel about the open-air bath in the
relaxing natural setting? Men and women are
separated to ensure that nobody has anything to
 worry about in terms of privacy.

Maximum Pleasure

Whether you're traveling alone or in a group
you're sure to have a good time when you visit..

 Enjoy open-air bath, properly

In the land of hot springs, Japan words can't express
 the wonder, and enjoyment of open-air hot springs.
Just to soak in the hot springs you feel all the stress
dripping off your shoulders and neatly disappearing
 into the water.

One of the drawbacks or positives depending on
how you look at it, could be the inclement weather.
For example if it's snowing, personally I don't like being
that cold and hot at the same time. But for the most
part you'll find the perfect balance of hot and cold
on a regular chill day and then it's just like heaven! ^^

The Bathing Suit Area
Should I drink the tea?

Experience world famous hot springs in Japan with various
themes that'll make you lose track of time.

Take a bath in sake! Sake-fū ryo (酒 風 呂 = Japanese
 Sake Spa)! If drinking it provides longevity imagine what
bathing in it will do? A giant fake keg is drawn onto the wall
 with the faint smell alcohol in water. Though it feels good
just don't make the mistake of drinking the water! ^^

Just to the left was the Ryokucha-fū ryo (緑茶 風 呂 =
 Green Tea Spa) There's something a little strange about bathing
in vivid green hues with the subtle aroma of green tea, but it felt
good anyways.

The best part of these attractions is they have positive
effects on your skin, so please go and enjoy!

* Yunessun
(Swimsuit area)
- Opening hours: 9:00 to 18:00
- Fee: Adult ¥2,900 / children ¥1,600
※ Mori No Yu must wear swimsuits.
※ Swimwear rentals available.

For bathing not drinking!

What flavor is this fragrance?
Something for all the coffee lovers out there!
 Hon kaku kohi fu ryo (本 格 コ ー ヒ ー 風 呂 = Coffee Spa)
Taking love of coffee to a whole new level! If you love
coffee as much as we do you'll want to get into this spa.
Soon as you walk in, the deep aroma of freshly brewed coffee
fills the room. The coffee is brewed using real coffee brewed
using the hot springs' hot water. Each day visitors can delight
in seeing real coffee poured into the pools several times a day.

Yunessun's Most popular bath ... !!!

Though they may have a great deal of variety in terms of
different baths, there is one that stands out from the rest
and that's the  Ba-ra-fū ryo (ば ら 風 呂 = Rose Bath).
Yearning to bathe like the once great Cleopatra?
Only running until February 7, 2016 you may have missed
this event but hey there's always next year!

According to a survey conducted recently during the spa's
15th anniversary, guests were asked to fill out a survey based
on their experiences in the spa. To the critical acclaim of many
the Rose bath was heralded as one of the best themed baths!!

Rose bath
- Event Period: Until 02.07.2016
- Held in Yunessun <Midori No Terrace (緑 の テ ラ ス)>

New Theme: Until February 29 2016
Let's get sticky!

With the transition of the times comes a new and
interesting way to bathe, but this time it's a bit more
sticky... A chocolate bath isn't exactly what we pictured
as a great relaxing time in a spa, but it still works. For the
adventure seekers who want to try something for the first
time, you can't get more original than this! The chocolate
itself is very brown and sticky and almost more like a soup
than anything else. ^^

Chocolate bath
- Dates:
 10/02/2016 - 29/02/2016
- Times: 11: 00/14: 00
- Held in Yunessun <Midori No Terrace (緑 の テ ラ ス)>

Get all Sauced Up!

Nothing better than getting melted chocolate poured
on you after a long hard day traveling. ^^ I know what
you're thinking... this can't be real. But it is!!

Chocolate saucing times: 11: 00 and 14: 00

Become healthier chocolate

If you extract the ingredients used in the chocolate baths
you'll be surprised to know that they promote moisturizing,
blood flow, and better skin. In particular, the polyphenol
ingredient used in chocolate helps with waste and emissions,
and helps to clear cellulite!

Did you enjoy the chocolate?

It's not a terrible idea to get all sticky and wet
with your best friend right next to you. ^^

Off to the WATER SLIDE

Bring back your feelings of youth with "Rodeo Mountain",
 a haven for those thrill seekers out there wanting to
experience a real waterpark.

(Be careful not to be stripped of your swimwear!^^)

Don't forget to enjoy the food

A great restaurant to end up always going to is a small
delicious Italian shop called Auntie Pasta on the first floor
 of the Yunessun restaurant area. The good taste and
heartwarming hospitality hit us right in the feels.

Auntie Pasta
3rd floor Yunessun <Mio Mall>
 11:00 to 21:00 (LO 20:30)
Average price:
1000-1800 yen

Various menus by season

We love a restaurant that isn't afraid of change.
An example of which is this months "homemade sausage
 and spinach cream Doria" and "creamy chowder type of pizza."
Any thing with cheese has us hooked so you already know
 we're in! The dish also comes with plenty of vegetables and a
 creamy, soft and gentle taste.

Homemade sausage and spinach cream Doria
(pictured above) 980 yen + TAX
Creamy chowder style pizza
(pictured below)  1,470 yen + TAX

A slice of sizzling hot pizza

Freshly baked pizza with a healthy twist. The pizzas come with
plenty of vegetables sliced and grilled making the dish a healthy
choice for the more health conscious people out there.

It's interesting to look into the calorie consumption of the
average Japanese male and female. You'll be surprised with just
how efficiently people eat over here.

Hakone Hotel Kowakien's 3rd Floor

Special rooms like this where you can experience
Japanese culture first hand are available for free!
At the Japanese Culture Experience Room you can get a
chance to try on a kimono as if you were really about to
attend a special event.
There's also everything from origami, comic books, a TV,
to kendama and other Japanese traditional games.
The truth is this room became very popular with visitors
to Japan since it's opening towards the end of last year.
To make a long story short, stop by here for a special
experience you can't quite get anywhere else.

“Omotenashi Lounge" & Activity and Information Room
- Hours: 9:00 to 20:00
- Location: 3rd floor multi-purpose gallery (front)
※ Opening hours may change depending on the situation.

Introduction to Japanese culture

A kimono experience is often thought of as required
as an essential introduction to Japanese culture for women.
Size wise something that reaches the ankles is an adequate
size to be tasteful by Japanese standards. These long pieces
of fabric are held in place using a wide waistband and once
assembled correctly, make you look quite classy!^^

The truth is in Japan, aside from people living in highly
cultured cities like Kyoto, the kimono isn't worn very
often aside from major events like weddings.

Steps to kimono beauty

Trying on a kimono directly is the only way to know what
it really feels like to be in ancient Japan!
However it is a free service so sizes and availability will
be somewhat limited. Be sure to come early to ensure you'll
get a chance try one on, because lines can get a little long
at peak times!

Are you ready for the Kimono Experience?

1. Wear underwear inside the kimono.    2. Overlap the left side over the right

3. Line up the skirt to your hip.      4.The skirt also folds the left over the right

5. Use the straps and wrap around the back. 6. Make a knot on the front.

7. Place the top on and wrap left over right.  8. Secure with Velcro to the waist.

9. Move the ribbon to the back. 10. Secure the ribbon by using the attached Velcro

How do we look!?

You'll never know the true joy and excitement of
putting on a kimono by yourself until you finally finish and
check yourself out in the mirror! Simply stunning!^^

Most visitors to Japan are crazy about the clothes
and designs of ancient Japan that still exist in mainstream
culture today. With more experiences like this maybe we'll
see globalization take it's course and see more of Japan's
ancient clothing such as this making it's appearing in
cultures outside of Japan in daily life... One can hope..^^

One commemorative photo before leaving!

Japanese toys and games

Ayatori (あ や と り= Cat's cradle ) Brings back childhood
memories! Did you ply with these the firs time you visited


Kendama (け ん 玉) is a toy that tests your ability to
balance, and your hand eye coordination. It's kind of
like a yo-yo in which you're trying to land the yo-yo
in very exact and difficult positions. At first glance it may
seem easy, but it is surprisingly difficult. Take a look
on youtube when you have time and you can find the
many different levels of advanced players.

Refresh those origami skills

Needless to say when doing origami, time simply ups and
disappears. The whole concept of it goes out the window and
next thing you know you're making a paper crane or a lime
 green frog for the next 2 hours! This fun past time is a
great way to spend your downtime while chatting with a
couple of friends.

Did you know that the art of origami has been past
down for generations originating in the 19th century?
This is one traditional game that people of all ages the
world over can come and enjoy together!

Paper Creations

Origami can be akin to science, with it's methodical pace
and also pinpoint exactness necessary to create functional
designs. Use your skills wisely. ^^

Tax-free Souvenirs for Foreigners

The 3rd floor multi-purpose gallery of the Omotenashi
Lounge includes the Activity and Information Room's
area hiding some great tax-free souvenirs. Check it out!

Your stomach will make you return

Whatever you do, don't forget your souvenirs!! Steamed buns
with cookies, crackers, crab crackers, bread and a host
of unique variations!

The most popular souvenirs are buns!

The culture of giving and receiving souvenirs in Japan
is incredibly important in Japan so be sure to stock up
before leaving!

According to the staff this is the current favorite:
 "Toki long bun (金 時 ま ん じ ゅ う)"

8 pieces: 594 yen (tax-included)
12 pieces: 864 (tax included)

Tasting specialties

These buns are popular enough to be called a specialty
 of the hotel. The steamed buns are made of bean paste placed
into soy-based bread perfectly made for a trip to the hot springs.

Good news!

The emergence of Wi-Fi at Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
is a great way to show off to all your friends the amazing
time you're having at this resort!

Spring into travel immediately!

Beautiful Hakone (箱根) with one of the best hot springs
in all of Japan. In particular, Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
located in the midst of beautiful long picturesque stretches
of mountains will satisfy your nature and relaxation fix
at the same time. If you're feeling the desire to experience
a bit of Japanese culture, and a little bit of something
unique then we recommend visiting Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
as your next vacation destination! ^^

:::Hakone Kowakien Yunessun:::
Location: 250 - 0407 Kanagawa Prefecture,
Ashigarashimo district, Hakone-chō Ninotaira 1297
Google Maps
- Tel: 0460-82-4126
- Hours:
Yunessun (swimsuit area) 9:00 to 18:00
                   Mori No Yu (non-swimsuit open-air hot spring area)
11:00 to 20:00
- Charges:
Yunessan (swimsuit area) Adult ¥2,900 /
child ¥ 1,600
                   Mori No Yu (non-swimsuit open-air hot spring area)
Adult ¥1,900 / child ¥1,200
                   Yunessun & Mori No Yu Entry:
Adult ¥4,100 / child ¥2,100
Hakone Kowakien Yunessun official website (English)

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