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#Shopping ♪ Shinjuku's own Secondhand luxury boutique: Rodeo Drive Hermès Selection!

Shinjuku's own secondhand luxury boutique: Rodeo Drive Hermès Selection!

 High quality used luxury brands:
Rodeo Drive's Hermès Section in Shinjuku

Many times we've introduced you to this marvelous shop
offering brand names at a great rate in Shinjuku.

<Rodeo Drive>
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Once again let's dive right into the heart of Shinjuku and 
find a place warm to all our hearts, Rodeo Drive Shinjuku.
Today's feature includes a special dedicated section to the world-
renown popular Hermès collection. Sure to draw your attention,
please try to hang on to the end of the story before rushing out
to get it ladies! ^^

Evolutionary nice, strong brand shops in Shinjuku city

Rodeo Drive (RODEO DRIVE) in Shinjuku is no different
Many of Tokyo's wealth of shops own luxury goods
 but don't hold many rare items among their collections.
Boasting over 60 years of experience in secondhand shops
 it puts new meaning into the words "Finding new value in 
the brand'' and is hands-down one of the premier brand
 shops in Shinjuku, not to be exaggerated.

[Rodeo Drive Shinjuku]
 11:00 to 19:30, seven days a week

1 min walk from Toei Oedo Line Shinjuku Station's West Exit

JR "Shinjuku Station West Exit, Exit D5" 4 minutes walk

Today heroine, HERMES

Thierry Hermès, born into the saddle and harness 
business in the early 1800s after having moved to 
Paris, France in 1828 and establishing Hermes as a 
harness workshop in 1837. His high quality creations 
would win him fame and high acclaim winning several 
awards including first prize at the Expositions Universelles
 in Paris twice. He became known as a  'celebrity' of the time,
 receiving love as if from nobility, and the family business
 flourished  over the centuries expanding into wider and wider 
markets over time.

So Hermès doesn't so much represent a luxury brand as it
encompasses a dedicated high quality family business perfected
over several centuries. Amazing huh? ^^


There is an abundance of value in the material delivered in 
Hermès handbags. Pieces from Hardy, Kelly, Birkin, Evelyne, 
Bolide, you name it and they've got it Rodeo Drive considers
 the type and color, and quality of all goods to be sure they 
are good enough to be featured in this Hermes top class 

Too good to believe it's used ?!

These are definitely a collection you'll want to get your 
hands on. Better hurry and get yours before it's gone

Let's take a closer look... 

Truly a work of art ...

This was an expensive luxury that many people purchased as
a collectible, and it somehow made it's way here in near perfect
condition! You might think for a second that Rodeo Drive is a
 museum with such beautiful works of art such as this.

Black Croc Birkin 5,240,000 yen + TAX


One important element of the beauty of the Hermes is revealed: color.
It uses only the finest Hermès leather goods, and in all kinds of vivid color.

As long as it's ... Pink ♡

With Birkin, you may only have the same shape, material and 
color, but depending on the size and tones, you can produce a 
totally different personality! For the youth, a colorful big size 
is profound and gorgeous. Come spring, you can strut your stuff with 
Birkin's youthful vitality!^^

Elegance intact, freedom. BIRKIN

Hermès Birkin supports a practical yet free-spirited image, 
however, despite the flush of elegant hot pink it doesn't lose 
a sense of luxury. How do we explain the appeal in terms 
that's understandable by everyone?... This is like the 
dream car for a man, it's the dream bag for women.
Yeah that seems right. ^^

Queen of the bags, KELLY

In 1956, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco used the bag 
to hide her pregnancy, landing her images snapped by 
paparazzi on the cover of Life magazine, skyrocketing 
the fame of the bag and giving it it's name. The best-
selling line represented by Hermés Kelly is a minimalist 
and luxurious design that is at the pinnacle of femininity.
Regardless of the generation, bags such as this that employ
the basic fundamentals of luxury items will be to be loved.

Azure Blue

A quiet, yet delicate Azure Kelly bag, which which cannot 
possibly be mistaken as unfashionable. Just look at the 
sparkle of gold in this luxury Hermes item.

There are also new bags!

Rodeo Drive is not only used items!
How exactly they got new items in the store is beyond us, 
but perhaps someone bought but never used it? Anyways 
a good chance to pick up new items at a good price.

Huge variety of Hermès

The walls are lined with various Hermès bags for as far as
 the eye can see! Because all of the items are in good condition
the prices are relatively in reach, but still join ranks of the 
true luxury.

Can't spell love without LV!

The rich lineup of Louis Vuitton items are, of course 
available.^^ From what we can tell of the arrangement, they
 seemed stocked mostly by season, popularity, and separated
by men's and women's lines. So exciting! ^^

Brand-name purses and accessories

Popular small items for men and women with a price 
that'll leave you satisfied. These Louis Vuitton wallets will go 
nicely with the bag you're planning on buying. ^^

The popular choice, Christian Louboutin!

The overwhelming look of the Christian Louboutin 
Studded Wallet. We just can't take our eyes off of
check please!

- A solid Tory Burch

Perhaps it's a bit too basic? Well there's beauty
in simplicity don't you forget. Tory Burch wallets are very 
durable and look good!^^

Sunglasses ?

Following suit with the rich brands you'll
find at  Rodeo Drive, you can choose from a 
wide selection of glasses to fit your own personal
style. An essential accessory.

Don't forget about the jewelry boxes!

Shop for jewelry and you can now benefit from luxury style.
Relatively affordable Tiffany & Co. is also available!!^^

Used goods are kind of amazing ^^

Jewelry and other accessories will be like-new this year!
The professional quality of how they keep their products
say it all in terms of the high standards in which your
merchandise will be treat at Rodeo Drive.

Bling, Bling!

Find your pot of gold with accessories from Cartier ~ !!
Brand value is important, but the real value is in the beauty of 
the sparkling gold.

How about you? Have an eye for brand name goods?

It's worth it to make a visit to the store just to see what 
of the Hermès brand they have available before it's all gone.
Perhaps our crave for these brand name goods will never be
satisfied, and we are destined to chase them until the end of time. 
Well be that as it may, at least we can find respite in the 
affordability and kind will Rodeo Drive. A store that is making
the intangible to most, tangible to the masses, one happy 
customer at a time. 

So next time you're in Shinjuku, pay them a visit!

[Rodeo Drive Shinjuku]
 11:00 to 19:30, seven days a week

1 min walk from Toei Oedo Line Shinjuku Station's West Exit

JR "Shinjuku Station West Exit, Exit D5" 4 minutes walk

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