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#Beauty♪ Just 2 hours from Tokyo! Take A trip to a Winter Paradise with CANMAKE

Just 2 hours from Tokyo! Take A trip

 to a Winter Paradise with CANMAKE

Ski Trip in JAPAN
Taking to the Slopes
with CANMAKE ♡

Although we're still out battling the bitter chill of winter
the good news is it's almost over! Hard to believe but we're
already almost finished with February! Trying to make the most
of this winter season before it's over let's journey to the slopes.

Have you ever visited a winter resort in Japan?
Those wanting to glide down pure white slopes at dizzying speeds
will all agree a winter sport is the best way to spend the winter 
season. Even if sports aren't your thing, you can still find 
enjoyment watching others. Before you set out, make sure
you have or know:

-Essential items for skiing.
- Know how to safely enjoy winter sports.
- Tips for what to do at a ski resort.

With these three things in mind you can find the passion and 
freedom even in the cold frigid air.
  Off to the snowy ski resort of endless pure white we go,
it's time to truly enjoy winter properly ...!

Naeba Ski Resort! 2 Hrs. from Tokyo! Perfect for 1 or 2 day trips

Approximately 2 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo by car, 
Naeba Ski Resort is one of the most comfortable ski 
resorts around. Head down the steps after leaving your room,
throw your belongings into a locker, head out the front door
and wham! You're already on the slopes and the lift is right in
front of your face!

- Naeba Ski Resort 

Skiing must-have item for sun protection and beauty

Don't be fooled by the cloudy skies, the snow slopes are an
 extremely hostile environment for your skin! Granted most
people don't show a lot of skin on the slopes besides their face, 
your exposed face can actually get sunburned! Snow reflects 
up to 90% of the sun's UV radiation and rays. Imagine the 
shock of coming back from your winter vacation sunburned? 

The over-production of the skin pigment melanin,
due to overexposure to sunlight can cause blemishes such 
as spots and blackened or scorched skin.
Overexposure to sunlight will also lead to the destruction of
 collagen and elastin in the skin causing wrinkles... Yikes!..

Luckily we got just the product to save you from these problems.

Say hello to Canmake!!!^^

♥ Express your beauty, even in a Ski Resort

So what if you're in a ski resort, you can not give up on 
how you look! Some of the best advice we've ever gotten is 
always dress up and look nice before leave your home. You 
never really know who you'll run into.^^

Some of you may be thinking that although we dress nice and 
get our makeup done, it won't matter in the end because when
doing snow sports your makeup will be a disaster by the end
equipped with a unstoppable runny nose. 
"It's too bad there's nothing we can use to cover our faces
like a mask is there"?

Makeup was tired and haggard ...

Winter white and transparent like a completely new person!

The transforming power of this revolutionary class of makeup
should be easily apparent. Ready to give it a try?

Keep it Natural!

To match the clean and pure white look of the snow
resort, it's only fitting that the makeup should fit the theme.
We're fighting agains the elements so if we were to use a 
heavy dose of makeup, any small changes over time would
 be noticeable. That is why this time we suggest CANMAKEs 
winter makeup during this cold winter.

When's the last time you've seen a woman stop to check 
a mirror on the ski slope? Nope?... We didn't think so

For a brief description:
Cover the skin using marshmallows thoroughly but with 
only a lighter finish and no base or foundation. Follow the 
contours of your face shading and highlighting! Create a 
natural complexion applying redness below the eyes
giving a softer and cute appearance! Cheek and Lip 
completes the look brightening up your cheeks and lips.

Today, we'll work hard to turn that haggard look around!^^
(See the video below for a close-up view!)

Ascending to the clouds before your very eyes

Up, up, and away we go.^^ A piece of advice for first timers,
be careful of the more advanced skiers boarding the lift.
There's no need to be anxious, everyone was new at it at some
 point in their life. Just ask the friendly staff for help.

Good to know! ① Ski Tips

If you're thinking of spending a substantial amount of
time on the slopes, be sure to apply some sunscreen to
protect your skin. It's recommended that you apply before 
you venture outside and start snowboarding and sweating.
Paying special attention to the skin exposed outside of the 
goggles and other clothing, use a step higher than (SPF 30 ~ 40)
such as a special sports sunscreen (SPF 50).

Good to know ② Ski Tips

- Temperature Control at the Ski Resort -

Maintaining proper body temperature during outdoor 
sports is one of the most important safety requirements of 
winter travel. Adding in the fact that you sweat while 
doing a sport like snowboarding and skiing, makes it fairly
 difficult to find a good balance of clothing to wear. Therefore
what we recommend is something that is thin, yet waterproof and 
windproof. Luckily technology has provided us with hot packs
which come in handy and fit conveniently within a pocket.
Oh and don't forget to regularly consume WARM water to
stay hydrated and keep yourself warm on the inside!

How to safely enjoy winter sports

It's truly a magnificent sight to be at the summit of a class of 
 2000m tall mountains... As far as you can see, soaring rolling
hills and snow capped peaks in the distance. There are several
different snow routes to choose from and it almost goes without
saying but please choose the one that best fits your skill level. 

Be aware of your surroundings

Being on the beginner's route you'll have skiers and
snowboarders of all ages including children, whom
if in an emergency situation may not be well equipped
to handle it as well as an adult might. For this and many
other reasons, exercise restraint when using these courses.
Most people here fall frequently as well so be on the lookout.

If all else fails if you have any questions concerning the different
routes, ask the staff and they'll set you on the right direction (They
are amazingly good!)^^

You can't grow until you learn to fall!

First thing you need to know about snowboarding or skiing,
you're going to fall, a lot! No point in making excuses either, 
because it's all part of the learning process. Pay attention 
to the way you fall more than anything else. The snow is mostly
 power depending on the time of year you go so it'll help 
break your fall so no need to worry about being in pain.
Another thing you won't have to worry about is Canmake's
products letting you down no matter how wet you get. 

Preventing injury on the slopes

There are a variety of large and small injuries that can 
arise from participating in winter sports particularly 
wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries for beginners as well
as professionals. Novices going down the hill getting faster
and faster, unable to control their speed, they make a rash 
decision to try to suddenly stop and fall down. With that speed comes
a great deal of kinetic energy often resulting in forces  2-10 times
 the person's weight?
(I had a whole bunch of reasons wrist the next day ...)
Meanwhile, the experts, knowing about the risks of wrists injury
 will take more falls using their body resulting in elbow and 
shoulder damage when the arm or shoulder hit the floor first.

Long story short, be aware of the injuries that may occur and
make sure you have the necessary skills in place to avoid it
before setting off in a more difficult section.

Which safely beyond the law

Ski accidents are mostly caused by collision or fall due to
 unfamiliarity with equipment, so we'll try to explain the best
way to fall on skis and snowboards.

For skiing
Sometimes you'll find yourself in a position where your hips are
 below your knees in what is known as the "phantom foot"
position. If you find yourself in this position and you hit a bad
patch of snow, the most important things to remember are
to keep your arms forward, feet together, and put your hands over
your skis. Do not reach out to try to stop yourself no matter what.

For a snowboard
When falling while snowboarding it's important to to brace in 
a very specific way:

Falling forward:
-do not reach your palms out in front of you.
-absorb the impact using your forearm

Falling backwards:
- do not stick your arms out behind you
-if possible turn your body slightly and absorb the impact
as much as you can using your whole body.

Using these tips you should be able to prevent injury!^^

Take a break when you're tired

Most accidents occur when people have been participating
 in snow sports for an extended amount of time without a 
break. Usually for every two hours of exercise about 
10-30 minutes of rest is necessary.
Wanting to ride a little bit more, although you know you
 should take a break, your ability to concentrate is lowered
 affecting your ability to respond in emergency situations.

Do everyone around you a favor and take a break.^^

Curry is by far recommended for lunch!

There's something about curry that just warms the soul. 
maybe it's the sizzling hot curry sauce or vegetables boiled
just right, it's our favorite for a cold day on the mountain.
By the way, it' somewhat of a tradition in Japan to eat curry
at a sky resort in Japan. It's not exactly a rule but well, 
everyone does it! Come to think of it, people in Japan eat
curry about once a week!!^^

A Hearty Meal

Relating to what we said earlier about keeping up your 
body temperature, well this dish will definitely warm you up.
Eating curry at the snow resort is actually better than just eating
it normally. The delicious taste of a homemade dish served with
love and care. Enough explaining just go and try for yourself!

Are you properly equipped?

Protective equipment is required at the ski resort rather 
than suggested. Helmets, goggles, wrist guards, knee pads, 
etc. equipment such as these must be worn on the ski slopes.
Realistically it's quite cumbersome when you're wearing all 
the gear, not to mention not the most attractive.  As a result
 some people don't take some or any protective measures. 
However the aim of the equipment is to reduce the risk of 
injury so why would you not use it?

Admiring practice

Have you gotten your form down?
It's tough to ride but nothing beats finally learning how
to do it the right way..^^

The charm of Night Skiing

Hit the slopes at night for a special treat. You can 
expect there to be less than half as many people when
compared to daytime. You use the extra space for practice
and also enjoy the tranquility of the night. 

Japanese Style Dinner

Enjoying an illumination filled mountain view with a warm 
glass of sake and fresh sashimi ...! Stave off the mental and
 bodily fatigue of the slopes for just a while longer. ah~!

Illuminating the Night

A dreamy night sky illuminated with christmas lights and the
yellow lamps of the slopes. Exciting scenes like this make
all the travel worth it.
Glad you came yet?

The high point of the evening

Take special care in following our suggestions for
a great ski trip and your trip should turn out awesome!
Be sure to drop us a line in the comments about your trip!!^^

Pay special attention to our advice about managing your
skin with sunscreen.  If the skin is continuously exposed
 to the dry, cold winds of the ski resort for a long time,
dryness, as well as spots, freckles, pigmentation, etc.
 can occur. Skin tissue, especially on the lips can become
weak and even burst

Of course moisturizing before and after winter sports is
 important but what if there were a way to allow the skin
to be natural and still give us all the protection we need?
 By mastering the techniques with CANMAKEs new winter line
anyone can produce a smooth, transparent skin.

May we give you a transparent like snowflakes make-up suggestion?
click below↓

This February is a greater time than ever to get out
and get on the slopes while the snow is still around.
Take a look at these ski resort options:

Naeba Ski Resort, approximately 2 hours 30 minutes
 by car from Tokyo (on a non-traffic time or day).
Booking hotel accommodations for a ski trip is recommended
at Naeba Prince Hotel.
Soon as you get down from your room, make your way to the
first floor lobby remove your equipment from lockers and step
 outside you’re right in front of the snow lifts.
Naeba Ski Resort

Interested in a skiing day trip from Tokyo?
Take a car to Kawaba ski resort! (about two hours and 10
minutes from Tokyo) Cars are welcome with a car elevator-
parking garage connected to the ski area. Oh and have you
heard about their famous hot springs??!^^
Kawaba Resort

If Shinkansen (bullet train) is more your thing then sink into
 a ski resort in Yuzawa. (1 hour and 30 minutes by bullet
train from Tokyo)
Gala Yuzawa Snow Resort

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