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#Okinawa Shopping ②♪Discover Pikachu & Friends' secret hideout! @ HAPiNAHA on Kokusai-dori Street in Okinawa!!

Discover Pikachu & Friends' secret hideout! 

@ HAPiNAHA on Kokusai-dori Street in Okinawa!!

Amongst our travels we became privy to key information
about about a hideout for the cute and lovable creatures
from the world of Pokémon!

"Okinawa and Pikachu ?? '

Yeah we were thinking the same thing when we first heard it,
but it's no joke. It's true!!^^ The first ever official Pokémon
Store in Okinawa has at last broken ground bringing
 Japan's total number of stores to to 9 shops. Where exactly
is this shop you may be wondering? Well we'll give you a hint...
it's in a very happy place!

HAPiNAHA on Kokusai-dori International street in Okinawa.

HAPiNAHA is a grand mall featuring stunningly popular
top class shops for Okinawans as well as foreign travelers.
Widely publicized as a shopping destination it's nice to know
 that they'd put in a shop dedicated to a brand with a
hobbyist appeal! As to how the shop will fare in the
Okinawan market, well only time will tell but one thing
is for sure... WE LOVE IT!^^

Pokémon Store Okinawa Kokusai Dori Street

Google Maps

Official Okinawa travel costume: 'Kariyushi' feat. Pokemon!!^^

Is that a Hawaiian aloha shirt? Well yes and no... in Okinawa
 it's referred to as 'Kariyushi (か り ゆ し)' and it represents
formal business attire for the islanders (no joke)!
For good times in Okinawa dawn your Pikachu branded cute
 kariyushi before you hit the road!

With Pikachu shining on our chests! Let's go!

Kariyushi can be purchased at almost every tourist store
and personally we used to pick one up each time we
 visited Okinawa!^^

Off to a Happy Place

February 2015 marked the opening of a new kind of shop in
Okinawa. The well-known  department store Mitsukoshi opened a
new branch on Kokusai under the name HAPiNAHA. The store
serves as a collection of the many special items that can be
found on all of Okinawa’s hundreds of islands. There is a
Japanese sweets making experience, a tasting corner of the
 Okinawan traditional liquor "awamori", restaurants where you
can enjoy healthy regional cuisine, and fresh seafood BBQ.
There are also live performances that unfold before your
eyes featuring "Yoshimoto Kogyo", and a real life haunted house.
Most importantly there’s a duty free area for tourists to
 enjoy all the benefits of travel.

 Naha, Okinawa Prefecture Makishi 2-2-30
 10:00 to 22:00
2F Restaurants:
 11:00 to 23:00
3F weekdays: 14: 00〜
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 13: 00〜
4F~6F11: 00~21: 55 (last admission)

Official Website

HAPiNAHAs most popular! <Pokemon Store> in OKINAWA

Pikachu is like a youthful spring of vitality in this Okinawan
 Shop proving that you can never quite be too old to enjoy
Pokémon. Oh!! Just look at the cute marine blue Kariyushi
wearing Pikachu!


That's right! These original Pokémon shirts can only be purchased at the Okinawa shop, so let's choose colors different than the cool Pikachu.

An Exceptional fit!

If you look carefully you'll notice little Pikachus meticulously
embroidered into the fabric. These solid shirts are easy on
the skin and soon as you try one on you'll realize
why they're so popular in Okinawa. If you're going to travel in
Okinawa, the first step is finding good Kariyushi wear!

The original Pokemon Kariyushi
Men's (Pink, Blue / S, M, L, LL, 3L) 6,900 yen + TAX
Ladie's (pink, blue / S, M, L, LL) 6,400 yen + TAX

Pokemon fanatic? GET the "leaf" medal!

A medal vending machine is setup across Japan at
every Pokemon Center (MEDALIEF) where you can
insert coins, and have an original metal created.
There are a number of different designs so choose
your favorite Pokémon to design it yourself!

Three kinds of designs

The Pokemon Leaf medal machine is divided into three
 kinds of designs labeled, A, B, and C, with 3 legendary
Pokémon to choose from!

Pokemon Leaf medal 3 designs: 200 yen each

Okinawa Limited Edition !

Some of the most popular items in the shop are made
up of the various limited edition products you can't get
anywhere else. Shall we have a look?

Diverse and Varied!

Key holders, socks, stationery items, sweets, etc ... At first
glance, almost  every corner you look, seems like most of
the items are limited edition. Pokémon is well-known
 so even if you're not a fanatic, it is still full off fun
 products that help this eye-catching store to maintain
 its cuteness.

Okinawa-related one character mechanical pencils

Have fun writing with a cute character hanging
off your pen. Each character comes with it's own
unique piece of Okinawan culture.

Okinawa Limited Edition Pokémon mechanical Pencil:
500 yen each + TAX

Cute Mini Towels!! ^^

Similar to the mechanical pencils, you'll also find Pokémon
straddling  goya (bittermelon) ^^ These handkerchiefs are a
]little tricky to use because do you really want to dry your hands
on your favorite characters!?

Okinawa Limited Edition Pokémon Mini Towel: 500 yen each + TAX

Hungry? Grab a Noodle Pokemon to go!

Now you can enjoy your favorite character in bite-
sized proportions!

One for now, and one for later!

These soy sauce flavored treats are fantastic, containing five
different types of Pokémon (including Pikachu) and 54 collectors stickers ^^

Pokémon Noodle: 130 yen each + tax

And the best part ... Pikachu!

Have we mentioned how much we love PIKACHU!?
These very special Pikachus come with stylish blue
kariyushi shirts making this cutie so much more cute!^^

Just lovely ~>. <

Even those not interested in the cutesy look must admit! ...
It's true, these plushes will grow on you and you'll soon
want to take them everywhere you go! But don't worry,
JAPANKURU supports you and won't judge.... much... ^^

  Okinawa Limited Edition Poké Plush:
 1,500 yen + TAX ~

Let's Battle! I choose you!!

Depending on your taste, in addition to Pikachu dolls,
there are also a lot of different characters. Choose your Pokémon
wisely, the battle is upon us!

[HAPiNAHA 2F] "TAX FREE", duty-free counter!

After shopping, trying all the unique activities and enjoying
 delicious meals, you’ll want to finish your journey on the
 second floor at the <Duty Free counter>.
You can receive special colorful HAPiNAHA bags
free of charge!

<General goods>
Total amount purchased in the day must be over
10,001 yen (excluding tax)
* Clothes, bags, shoes, watches, accessories, etc.

Applicable towards purchases between the amount of
 5,001 and 500,000 yen (excluding tax)

* Food, cosmetics, chemicals, etc.

* 1.1% of the tax refundable item price will be charged as a handling fee.

January to March 2016 ... The affordable Okinawa
travel window continues ...

The Pokémon store in HAPiNAHA is a store that's used to
having visitors from other countries so they are prepared to
help you with your every need, no matter where you're from.
Perhaps one of the best characters of not just the Pokémon
 Store but outside as well would have to be Okinawa's own
 mascot, the Shisa (シ ー サ ー).
Anyway, enjoy this short video of the Pokémon Store
one more time!

Wanna know more about HAPiNAHA?
Click below↓

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